Scam letter(s) from Olga Kuznetsova to Jay (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello my dier Jay! I fell happy because of your letters! I think that the Internet is a remarkable system. It gives to people the opportunity to meet each other, to communicate and does not allow to feel like lonely. I am grateful to those people which have invented the Internet. It is very pleasant for me to know that somewhere away in other country there is a man whom I `m not indifferent and who thinks of me. And this man is you. You become more and more important man in my life. Let be between us now only friendship. But I want to hope that our friendship becomes someday more serious relations. Friendship can always be ground for more strong feelings. Though such feeling as love can not always constants. The love is changeable, is not constant and sometimes cruel . When we fall in love with someone this person becomes like a trigger mechanism opening our heart. But in course of time the mechanism wears out , and at later stage of mutual relations, we are surprised, why we do not feel so much love, as we felt earlier, and problems usually begin here. But when we have ability to open our hearts consciously and also to send love to other person, the love can continue to grow instead of drying up as a pool under the hot sun. That means, that there is no limit to volume of love which people can feel and to which they permit to be shown in the life. It means, also, that if we now are not in romantic mutual relations, nevertheless, we can feel love and we can feel ourselves as loved, we have no need to wait day by day that someone has come and has opened our hearts. We have ability to open our hearts, to fill ourselves with love and to become radiating love. And in such way we can attract more love. And I think it is not necessary to be afraid of love. It is necessary to give love to other person. Thank for your kind words about me. It is very pleasant for me to read your gentle letters. I am very glad that our feelings are mutual. I agree with you in that that we can to learn each other closer only at a meeting. But we can agree upon our meeting in our letters. At me soon holiday. My holiday begins with July, 20 till August. I very much would want to spend my holiday with you. I told to my mum about you much. She is glad that I at last that have met to myself the man. Though she is a little surprised with that that you live far from me. But she very much wants that I was happy and considers that I have made a correct choice. You write would like to send you a letter through regular mail. I have not understood you a little. You have in a kind of the letter by hand in an envelope? It is certainly pleasant, but I think what much more conveniently and more cheaply to send letters on the Internet. But if you want that I have written to you my post address I can write to you it in my following letters. Thank you for your photos. I like you. I love you. I`m thinking of you every day. Yours Olga.
Letter 2

My dear Jay! I want to tell you, that I love you very much. And though we know each other during a short time, every day my feelings to you become more and more and more strong. I love you for all. I love you for that you are the kindest, the most favourite, the most tender, the most dear, the most beautiful, the most attentive, the most careful, the most gentle, the most sweet, the most good and unique. But most of all I love you that you are, and you are always with me in your letters. My God, I really practically do not know you, and may be I have invented you? I have not seen you yet. But I love you. And I would like that we were with you together. Together, but not only. I want that we were as a unit. That my friends - became your friends. That I had the right to please you, to give you good mood, to care you, to make you happy and to love you. That I could carry out all that I want - only for you. And I regret much that I can communicate with you only in my letters. Every day, I think of you, every night I think of you before falling asleep. For me you are all the world - you are the best! My mum only also speaks about you. She is very happy for me. Yes I very much would want to visit other country as I should to time in other country. I would be happy if it happened. It is my dream from the some people to visit other country. I `m waiting for your letters. Yours Olga.
Letter 3

Hello my love Jose! With every day I understand more and more that I can not do without your gentle letters. And my desire to be with you to touch you, to see you become more strongly. I cannot without you. You are very necessary for me. It has bored to me to be one, to carry out evenings and holidays in loneliness. I want share my life with my favourite person. My love is you. I`m sick at heart becouse I`m constantly one. Yes, your letters help me in my life. But I have not enough of it. I have told to mum that I am going to go to you. She agrees. And even she is very glad for me. I told her about you much. She thinks that you are the good person and trusts you. Though she certainly worries for me a little because you live very far from me. But mum thinks that all is in my hands. And I should create my happiness myself. She sees that I love you. I always come happy from the Internet of cafe. She understands that only you can make me happy. I have today all the day long thought of you and about that day when I shall meet you. It will be the most wonderful day in my life. Today I have gone to agency to find out what it is necessary for me to arrive to you. I need to know your home address and the address of the airport nearest to you where I should arrive. Please write to me this information. I really want to be with you. To create family and to have children. The administration of the agency have told me that I should make a photo the size 5*5 of the passport for travel abroad. I must get the reference with the indication of my post and the date of my reception to work, my income with a stamp of the organization. It will take me some time, about two days. When my documents are ready, I can begin registration having placed money. My visa will cost 396 $. And I need your letter in which you will indicate that you live in the USA and that you agree to cover the expenses, connected with your visit .It is usually a sufficient proof. You can type it on your computer and send me by e-mail. I will receive it and send to agency when I shall do my registration. I ask you to send me on my mail the hand-written letter. It is necessary to confirm that you are ready to take all charges about preparation of my flight to you. I will take from my work the information of my salary. I have spoken with agency and they have told me that I am not capable to pay all my expenses, as my salary makes 115 $. To make registration of my visa my salary should make 600 $ for one month. In this letter you confirm that you agree to take all charges connected with registration of all documents for my arrival to you. You can send this letter on a mail of agency. You also can send money directly to the agency to the person who works in agency. It can be made through the western union. Credit cards are not accepted, as the agency has been more than once deceived. When I receive from you this letter I will do the registration of my visa. If you disagree with something I ask you to inform me about it beforehand. My visa will be preparing during 4 days. When the visa will be ready you should remit money for the visa to me or to agency. Do how it will be more convenient for you. It is very pleasant for me to receive from you letters. I from them simply fly. I went to agency and have found out that is necessary that I have arrived to you. It is necessary to make the visa and the passport for travel abroad. Now it is necessary to search money to the visa and to the passport. For the present I do not know where I shall search, but I think something it is necessary to think up. I love you very much. I`m waiting for your letter. Kiss you. Yours Olga.
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