Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Giuseppe (Italy)

Letter 1
Hello Dear
I am glad, that you have interest to me.
I have looked your structure, and you have liked me.
You should know, that I on the Internet search first of all
The person who could become my husband and with which I can create
Strong family. To understand you it or not, we need to learn
Each other better both I think, and I think, the further correspondence will enable us this.
I wish to remind once again, that I am not interested in long correspondence because I consider, that letters cannot replace a real meeting.
Now I wish to tell a little about myself personally.
I was born in the city of Perm' in which till now I live. My parents have divorced very much
For a long time. My dad live now in Usa, and we see each other
rarely. My mum lives abroad with the husband. We seldom see, but we do not forget to communicate by phone. By its advice I have decided to search for the husband on the Internet.
I have already finished university on a specialty the manager and last 2 years I work in firm
On manufacture of plastic windows. I was trained in English language at school and I have no problems in dialogue. I more recently am engaged in search of the man on the Internet, I have decided to make it because I do not like the majority of the Russian men. They are frequently rough and inclined to the use of alcohol in lots, besides I do not wish to continue to live in Russia because I do not see prospects of use of the university formation on advantage. Now I have reached age when the woman wishes to find the favorite person and to get family. I wish to reach this purpose. I shall certainly wait from you for the letter in which it will be interesting to me about yours city, trade and work, about your family?
Also it is interesting to me, why you search for the woman on the Internet and how for a long time you do it?
What the most important for you in family attitudes? And the most important
On how many you are serious in the intentions to create family?
And also it would be pleasant to me to learn than I have interested you personally.
I hope to receive from you the answer in the near future.
I shall look forward. I shall look forward.
Your Ekaterina
Letter 2
Hello Dear
I'm glad see your letter.
I hope, my previous letter was no bored for you.
You know many people try to learn each other asking a question, I think that it is very formally, I do not speak, that I will not answer on your questions which you will ask, so my letter will contain the answers to all your questions that you can understand my feelings and thoughts.
I think now time has come to learn more about each other.
I wish to tell, that I rather ambitious girl, but also kind and sympathetic, but during too time rather loyal and certainly think of family.
My ambitious consists that I am ready to enjoy life to the full and achieve it, now from me rather a hard time, but I try to struggle with it. It seems to me such character trait has given me modeling business where it is possible to become successful if only to have individuality. In a previous letter, I have not talked to you, that I was also a successful model career. If it is fair, I wish to leave this country and again to try myself in modeling business, I it well am able and I feel, I only wait for the moment when the black ***** of my life will end.I spoke, that I the ambitious girl and I shall try also spend time to work and career growth, but also to not forget about family and children. For me also it is important to know about your character more. As you see me in a role of the wife, how much you are jealous. Education of my mum has given me quality of fidelity to the elect
And consequently I am not capable to give an occasion for jealousy. But there are men whom I do not supervise myself and their jealousy has no motive. For me it is important to know it because it will define the further development of attitudes.
I as any woman wish to have ideal family and for this purpose I need to find excellent the man.
Probably the most important in the today's letter, will be a question about a children and family,
Whether you wish to have children, me as interestingly how many and approximately when. Also it is interesting to me to learn, that in me it is pleasant to you?
And I have a small question, I cannot keep and I wish to ask, you feel, that at us can receive something serious?
I hope to you pleasantly to receive my letter.
I shall look forward to hearing with impatience.
Kiss and Hugs Your Ekaterina.
Letter 3
Hello dear
Thanks, that you answer on my letter.
This is very pleased that you are really serious about me.
Because i really start to feel what you mean in your words.
I really want to tell you what for me is a serious relationship.
I want you to know about my previous bad experiences.
understand please, at me romantic relations were natural much and not one of them has not given me satisfaction. As the malicious destiny, are always damaging lies and mistrust.
I decided to tell you about it, because you needed to know. I really want to love, and the ability to love a lot, but many simply do not understand me and my inner world.
Previously I had lived in Poland, and left the country after the completion of my modeling career. There, I had real serious relationship, I felt so
He was one of the founders of model agency, where I worked.
I always suspected him of telling lies but was afraid to admit this to itself. I believed him. If I believe the man, I will never check it into honesty.
And I had it very seriously Senses, I can say it was even love. He always talked to me about love, was gentle with me. And this I have to comfort myself ....
But in one terrible moment, I learned that I was to him not only one, and that he was so close regularly with other girls. And it just killed me. And after all has gone
I am still very painful to think and remember about it. He used me and played with my feelings, just destroyed my love.
And I'll be honest with you, I am very afraid, be deceived again .. I understand that I will not put this again. And I very much ask you not to do it pains me to please than ever.
Now I have not words, because my emotions too strong.
I hope to read your letter soon. I think about you
Kiss for you
Your Ekaterina
Letter 4

Hello my darling
I am very glad to receive the letter from you. For me it is pleasant to hear, that the for you is very important thing.
I see that you feel what i mean in my letters.
And our desire to see the other friend has grown.
I again have great feelings when understanding that you think about me.
I'm tired lie of many people. I wish to tell the truth, that before to me was written many men. Yes I know, that I the attractive woman, But among them huge quantity of dishonest men which like to play with feelings .. I think that you significant other. And it is nice for me.
I do not know how explain to you my feelings, simply I wish to tell, be please always honest with me and if you start to love or you love already, show it, be glad to it, just as me. And I understand now, if I am wrong, it will be awful for me.
Therefore I hope, that your feelings very warm to me and as I spoke right at the beginning, that the desire to see each other alive will come and here it has come.
I understand that writing can not convey our feelings, and I can not say more .. I wait moment sure when I can see your eyes and feel your warmth and touch.
I hope that you have the same feelings. And what is your response will be very pleasing to me and fill my lonely soul.
I wait your answer.
Kiss you
Your Ekaterina
Letter 5
Hello my darling
I'm very glad receive the letter from you
Your letters very important for me, I read your words and I feel also your tenderness and care though it and apriori, but I feel for this reason I so is honest with you in my letters.
I always tried to open my private world in my letters. And it is very important. And you always understand me.
And I understand that as you think about me, and I am important to you. I see that my inner world is very similar to your. I believe that our meeting is very important, it will be a new phase in our relationship, and the logical conclusion of our correspondence. I hope that you agree with me.
Mine darling, I had call by my mum from Poland Yesterday, and she has told, that wishes to visit me soon. I was very glad to it, because I did not see her almost 2 years. Therefore, when she will arrive, i will need to lead with her a lot of time. Therefore, darling, I would like to meet you if you, certainly want it, before arrival of my mum, in this month would be wonderful
My gildas, tell to me please, what you think of it.
I wait your answer
Kiss and hugs Your Ekaterina.
Letter 6
Hello my darling
I understand, that it is very difficult to you to arrive to me absolutely soon.
But I nevertheless would like to see you before arrival of my mum.
Now I have enough free time.
That if I can arrive to you, besides it will be very important for me,
To see you and to see as you you live, to understand your way of life, I think it
Very well for our future relations.
But I think, what to me to arrive to you to me the visa is necessary.
It will be better if I can shortly go to travel agency
And to learn about it it is more. I shall try to receive all particulars.
And I hope what be fast we can together.
I shall wait also for your letter with impatience
I start to dream of us
Kiss you very hot
Your Ekaterina
Letter 7
Hello My darling
It is very pleasant to me to receive the letter from you again.
Darling really superb when I can feel desires of the person, simply reading letters.
Your letters such, I receive huge pleasure when again I receive the letter from you. My darling I also as well as you very much wish to be near to you, I would like to feel you beside with me. I think, that absolutely soon our dreams become a reality. Darling today I was in travel agency, I have learned what to receive the visa not so difficultly.
It will last also not so long. But darling I have learned, that it will be difficult enough to me to pay independently it.
But I think, if you invite me to yourself and we so we wish to see each other, for you problems my darling will not help me with payment of my travel to you. I shall wait from you for the answer with greater impatience
Kiss you very hot my darling
Your Ekaterina
Letter 8
Hello darling
I am glad to receive your letter again.
I am very glad, that you aspire to meet me to arrive to me.
But if to think logically I expect to live with you in your country, therefore ours the first meeting, should give me representation about your way of life, your house, your friends, I should all this see, that I could understand completely a life with you in your house and together with your way of life. Having arrived to me, nothing will give it, I will need to arrive in any case to your country so what for you to spend money for the travel, and then on mine if you can make it only once.
I think it really logically and you understand me.
I shall wait for your answer with impatience.
Kiss You
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