Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Batuhtina to Larck (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello my gentle, the beloved of my dream Larck!!!
I with pleasure read your letter, my loved Larck!
How has passed your day? Lovely, how your mood?
Lovely, today I met the tourist agent. I went to travel agency to learn the information concerning our meeting! Today I have bad mood.... I even cried a little... But I believe in you and I hope for you... I hope, that you can understand me...
Larck, I was a little inconvenient for me also think, that it is the request of you will confuse. You understand, I not too well understood all charges on my travel to you... You Understand, I very free person and do not like to be dependent. Understand me correctly. Now I am dependent from you because on you depends as quickly we we shall meet! It is very a shame to me and even it is hurt to speak it to you, but I do not have not enough money to pay my travel. When I travelled earlier, for me it costed much less... And the more so now at us in family financial problems... To me did not give my wages... In Russia always detain wages... Therefore I now have no big monetary accumulation to pay for my arrival to you... But I am encouraged with an idea, that I have such person, as you Larck. I hope, that you can help me with my problem. You understand, I simply weak woman for whom the help is necessary.. .. I feel protected when I feel, that I have such strong person, as you! I very much would like to be near to you Larck to feel like more protected. I have told to my tourist agent a place of arrival and it has told, that for me it will cost 429 Euro. Air tickets, medical insurance, the passport for travel abroad, the visa and some other costs are included in this sum of money for my arrival. Larck, the treasure, 429 Euro is for me really very huge quantity of money... All my hope only on you... Lovely, do not think of me poorly... I do not have other choice, therefore I ask the help you... You the person closest to me, therefore I have nobody to ask the help... My friends too cannot help me such plenty of money... I was in the big despair... But I do not lose hope as I love you... Lovely, I love you and I know, that you too very much love me.. .. Larck, it is unique difficulty, which to us is necessary for overcoming to be together!!!! Loved if I shall have the sum 429 Euro I can legalize all necessary papers for my arrival to you and reserve air tickets! And then we can be together as we and planned... Larck, I really very much love you and I hope for you... Larck, I hope, that for you it is not too difficult. I need to pay this sum of travel agency during 8-9 days. My treasure, I hope, that for you it will not be the big difficulty... I understand, it unplanned charge, but please can for you was be not angry with me.
I really very strongly love you and I want to be with you....
Larck, I very much hope, that you can soon answer me... I ask you that you were not angry with me... In fact when we shall be together we shall be very very happy!
My treasure if you want I can write to you in detail separate cost of all documents and cost of air tickets!!!!
Please answer me it... I want to be with you, to love you and to give you my heart. I cannot live without you... I shall wait for your letter with impatience.
I hope, that in it I shall see the positive answer, lovely Larck.
I love you groesser lives and I send you 100000000 most sweet kisses!!!
Your long-awaited love Nastya!
Letter 2
My greetings Loved the man Larck!!! My angel, I was very happy to receive your remarkable letter!!!! And even more I am glad what be already fast we together we can also can take each other in ours with you firm embraces!!! Loved Larck, now I want to ask you how your affairs go today??? How your mood is??? It is necessary to pay now money for documents as I have already concluded the contract with travel agency! According to which I am obliged to pay money during 10 days. Lovely, I hope me, that at you everyone are in the order!!! I am very happy, that we could take gentle embraces each other in ours with you quickly!!! What did you do yesterday??? Yesterday I went to my girlfriend who works in bank and I learned from it as you can send me of money that I could open all necessary documents and tickets aboard the plane for my arrival to you. Lovely, as to a stage of my arrival to you I wanted to answer you it. Larck, which loved, hardly I can have the sum 433 euros I shall go in a tourist bureau and I shall start to open all necessary documents for my arrival to you!!! My documents will open alongside with 10 days!!! Hardly my documents will be ready in 10 days I shall start to reserve my tickets aboard the plane. But at the same time I my tickets on it The plane could reserve, you should write to me the name of the airport in which you will meet me!!! Hardly I shall be them The name of the airport know to meet more conveniently in which you I I shall go in a tourist bureau and I shall reserve my tickets aboard the plane. Larck, my prince, my tickets aboard the plane will open alongside with 3 days. And then I can inform you the exact data of my start to you that you can meet me at the airport!!! I feel really now from the happiest ******* the world as be fast I can with you, mine Larck!!! Simply! We shall be together very fast! Everyone will be good!!!!!!! The favourite, and now I wanted to inform you the exact information concerning remittance. I learned it from my good girlfriend and now I write it to you. Larck, it is lovely, unfortunately, I have no bank account...:-(Larck, it is lovely, unfortunately, in Russia is very much combined to create the bank account. On it some months can leave. Especially only rich people have in Russia the bank account. Lovely, in my country not ordinarily to store money in bank. People receive The salary from cash! Lovely, therefore in Russia few people have the bank account! Larck, whether I hope me, what you understand? That I could create the bank account, approximately 1-2 months should wait and have a plenty of money for this purpose... The Favourite so I the bank account cannot create...:-(I hope me, that you understand me... And today therefore I met my girlfriend before which works in a tourist bureau and I learned from it as you can send me of money that I could arrive to you!!! My girlfriend very clever expert and they has the decision of our problem It is found! My girlfriend to me has told, that the excellent opportunity is, as you can translate money to me! Larck, my prince, you can translate to me of money remittances a western the union!!!! Whether you know a western the union??? Westerns the union are the fastest, reliable and reliable remittances worldwide!!! I can receive your money without problems and very fast!!!!!!!! I learned from my girlfriend as it is necessary to send money and as it is necessary to receive money. Larck, my treasure, my girlfriend informed me, that there are remittances a western the union in each country, in each agency of communication and in each bank!!!!! So for you the big problems do not form to find a western the union!!! I can receive mine lovely, your money in 30 minutes after you will translate them to me!!!!! So I can have your money very quickly!!!! So I at once can start to open all necessary documents for my arrival to you: The visa, medical insurance, information and the passport for travel abroad!!!, so, I shall write treasure to you as you should send me of money a western the union. The favourite, hardly you will find remittances a western the union you should speak employees a western the union, that you want to send money. Lovely, to you will give the data card in bank which you, are specified in the data card my full data should to fill. Loved, so I write to you my full exact data which you should designate in the data card in a western to the union if you will send me of money: My full name: Anastasiya.
My surname: Batuhtina.
The country: Russia.
City: Novocheboksarsk.
Post code: 429950.
Street: Vinokurova.
The house: 49.
Apartment: 31.
Date of my birth: 08.11.1980 My treasure Larck, I wrote to you my exact full data for which you should send me of money!!!! The favourite, if you of her To my full data specified, I can receive your money without problems!!!! Larck, but at the same time I your money could receive, I should know also it completely is given (your address, to full names and a surname). Treasure, and hardly you will translate to me of money will give you in a western the union a code of check from 10 numbers!!!! Loved, MTCN refers to to this code from 10 numbers!!!! Larck, you should inform also this code from 10 numbers to me!!! As without MTCN I your money precisely do not receive can!!!! Lovely, and if I shall have all to these data all also I become good I I am able your money without problems and to receive difficulties!!!! Larck, I assure you, that all are very simple!!!! My girlfriend informed me, that everyone occur very much slightly and quickly!!! So any problems will not be, if you will do by all thus as I have told to you!!!! You can learn mine lovely, the detailed information to send as money a western the union on web-page a western the union -!!! Larck, my treasure, I hope me, that you have understood me and you can do correctly by all!!!! My prince, would hope I of me, what you can go morning in a western the union and send me of money??? If you will be money morning translation to me I start morning to open all necessary documents for arrival!!!! Please, answers me it. Lovely, I can be at a computer tomorrow all the day long! I hope me, that tomorrow you can execute. Hardly I shall receive your letter with the data I shall write at once to you, that all also are good that I have received your data. Then I shall go in bank in a western the union to receive your money. Larck, loved, and to evening I shall inform to you, that all are good also I your money have received! I should write to you this letter that you do not disturb you! Larck, I spoke today to my mum, that we shall be already fast together!!! She is very much pleased for us with you and transfers many "GREETINGS" to you!!!! Larck, loved, I love very much you and I hope me, that you can do correctly by all!!!! I very much love you and I shall look forward to your answer!!! My angel, I shall be in the evening again at a computer!!! I hope me, that you write soon to me!!! I love you more lives and I send you 10000000000000 most of all sweet and gentle kisses!!! With love your most of all loved and expensive pearl Nastya!!!!
Letter 3
Hello my beloved on light Larck! I am very happy to receive your letter. It is always very pleasant for me to receive your letters. I always read them with the great pleasure. Larck, I have very closely read your letter. Larck, I at once went to travel agency and learned concerning all! That I created the account it a lot of time is required! I learned number of the account of the owner of travel agency! To me spoke the bank account of director of this travel company. Therefore you can send money necessary for ours with you meetings directly at once in travel agency. Larck, I am very grateful to you that you to organize ours with you a meeting. I understand your mistrust to me. The given accounts of director of travel agency: The owner of the account: Kolesnikova Tatyana Number of the account: 40817978100170000069 BIC: 048860718 Bank: "TRUST", branch in city Yoshkar-Ola. The address bank: country Russia, city Yoshkar-Ola, the postal index 424000, street Komsomolskaya 122. Larck, write to me then at once as soon as you can send money necessary for ours with you meetings. I shall inform at once in travel agency that money are paid! How your mood today? How you have lead today your day? I very much miss on you. I very much want to arrive as soon as possible to you. At us today remarkable weather. And at you what now weather? I with impatience wait for your answer! For ever yours Nastya.
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