Letter(s) from Svetlana Kirillova to Jose (Spain)

Letter 1

I am very glad, to begin dialogue with you. And so it is pleasant to me to get acquainted with such pleasant person, as you. I think, that we can find the general themes and our acquaintance will be pleasant for both of us.
When I have seen your structure you at once me have involved with something me in you. I wish to get acquainted with you more close. My name is Svetlana. To me of 27 years. I live in such country which name Russia. Our country very huge and to you it will be difficult to find probably on a card such city, as Volzhsk. But if you will try, can find it.
I work as the seller in shop of clothes. My work very much is pleasant to me.
Now I shall tell to you about the character. As you have already understood by my first words I am the romantic girl. I despise lie and insincerity. For me it is always very pleasant to communicate openly, without secrets and lie.
Now I shall try to tell to you a little about my appearance though you will see much from my photo which I shall send you. My growth of 170 centimeters. My weight of 54 kgs. I have grey eyes. My color of hair blonde. My figure harmonous. Tell to me in the letter on your impression. Also I want that have told about myself, about your work?
Except for work at leisure I have a small hobby. I very much like to read books. In the house library I have read through already all books when studied in 8 class. But later already it is so much time, my passion to books has not decreased at all. It delivers me weight of pleasant emotions, for me there is no more pleasantly a rest, than to esteem the book. Earlier I read a lot of fiction, encyclopedias. But now at me more increasing gravitation to romanticism, to various novels. You tell like to read the book?
Also I love pets. I have a favourite cat whom call Matros. When I am houses it on a step does not leave me and constantly rubs about my legs. And when I read it jumps on my knees and so lays until while I shall not rise.
I shall well finish the letter and I shall look forward to hearing from you very much. Do not forget to write to me! I very much would like to know about you as much as possible!
Happy to you of day!
Yours faithfully Svetlana from Russia!
P.S My friend excuse if I do not answer all questions my English not so is good.

Letter 2

Hello! How you today? How your weather? I am very glad, that you have written to me again. To me became so pleasantly. I am very glad, that you have become interested in my ideas and I have caused in you interest. I very much hope, that this interest between us will not cease but only on the contrary to increase. It was pleasant to me to learn about you more. Thanks, that you tell to me it. If it is fair, I thought, that you will not write to me, but you have written to me also me it very much pleases. I hope, that I have found the ideal partner on correspondence. I think, that we should write each other every day and learn about each other more. I wish you to tell a little more on myself. As I already informed you in the last letter I very much I like to read. But you understand, that I read changeably. Except for reading books I have also other employment. I very much love sports. But unfortunately so it turns out, that I can be engaged in it only in free days from work. My favourite kind of sports is track and field athletics, in particular run. Earlier I every morning I rose and ran. Run brings not only a lot of health, but it helps to relax, be forgotten and concentrate the ideas on something and to think of it. Usually I ran on 15 - 20 minutes. But now when I began to work, I run only in target. Also at school I loved volleyball. Earlier I went in for sports with such pleasure and pleasure. I often went on various competitions from the school and sometimes even borrowed prize-winning places. And in the winter I ski. We behind city have very good and magnificent places where it is possible pleasantly, and the main thing with advantage for health, to have a rest. Tell and you love sports? If yes, you are engaged in what kind? For many now the big place in rest borrows a computer and the TV. But I at all do not support their point of view. I sit down a computer, only when necessary on work and now to write to you this letter. The TV I also look seldom when there show interesting cinema. for me important health and I do not wish to ruin it. Therefore I prefer sports and simple reading of books. Tell and how you spend the free time? For many young men such actions as discos and other entertainments are now important. Earlier I and itself went on discos. But now I have matured and I do not have such desire, I do not wish to visit such noisy and even not safe places. You tell to me love discos and you prefer what music? To a regret my free time has come to the end also I should finish this letter. I very much, even shall wait very much for your answer. To me it will be very pleasant! Kissss Yours Svetlana! P.S. I send you one more my photo and very much I hope, that it to you is pleasant also you to me will send in exchange the photo!

Letter 3

Hello mine!!!
How you today? How your mood?
I was very glad to receive your message. To me it was very pleasant and even it is joyful. Your message is very fine. It is very interesting to me to know about you more and I very much hope, that we very well can learn each other. Your letter at once has changed my mood and it became much better. Today my day very heavy m I was tired. I was so is tired, but when I have seen your letter on the mail box all my weariness and grief have passed in a moment. I waited for your letter as during our acquaintance I have found the partner on correspondence and I wish to know about you more. I hope, as you have such desire.
I very much want, that in each letter we learned about each other more increasing and more. If you wish to know even more about what I do not write. But in the future I shall tell about myself everything about what I do not write in these letters.
Lucas today I wish to tell to you about myself and the family. About myself and I already a little to you have written to the work. Now, certainly if you not against I shall write to you about the family.
I was born and I live in the city of Kirov. In 11 years I have lost the parents. They were lost in a road accident. I remember the parents very well. My mum called Elena. It worked as the children's doctor. My daddy called Sergey. It also worked in hospital as the driver. So it has turned out that when they have gone on the next call of first aid they have got in terrible accident and lost.
But it was already for a long time and that terrible picture already for a long time has left my memory. Also I have my senior brother whom call Michael. To it now 30 years. It has a family. They live in other city and consequently we see very seldom. We meet only on holidays and when it has holiday. But when it comes with the lovely daughters Masha and Irina it we spend perfectly time. Most of all I like my lovely nieces. They very much love me and constantly ask me to play with them. For me it is very pleasant, as I very much like small children. In the future I also very much wish to have the same family, the beautiful husband, lovely children.
Now I write already about the present, when I already adult. And earlier after death of my parents we with the brother were sheltered by my aunt Valya. It became for me the present mum, it very much experienced and cared of me. It did not have children, the family. Therefore we became for it the present family. It carried out all our whims and desires. It was divine and for me there was a big happiness, that I have not got in a children's shelter.
So passed all my childhood, then I have left school and have acted in local university and in 5 years I have ended it. Then I have acted in one university, but there I have not studied up, as that there have come heavy times. My aunt was ill and more it could not provide me with all and consequently I have started to work as the seller.
Now I very much want, that you have written to me about yourselves and the family, about the childhood.
I shall wait very much for your fast letter!

Letter 4

Hello my love Jose!!! How are you??? I am very pleased to receive your beautiful and sweet letter! It is so pleasant for me! My love, I am very happy that you understood me, and also want to meet with me! It is so pleasant! Excuse me that yesterday I could not write to you. Yesterday, we have gone online and everything was gone. I was so unpleasant. I have been to you as much news and so much talk. My love, you really want me to come to you? My love of your letter I understood that you are serious to me, and I mean to you. So I am pleased that I met such a wonderful and nice person like you! This is happiness for me! My Jose if you do not mind, then in the near future I will try to get all the information about travel to you in your beautiful and sunny country. I ask you just tell me your exact location: the city and the airport at which I should arrive. This is important because I will contact the travel agencies. Tell me you do not mind? Are you ready to meet me at his house? Excuse me for such questions, but we are adults and therefore we should behave exactly as adults, not children. I love you and miss you !!!!!!!!!! Kissssssssssssssssssssss Your Svetlana !!!!!!!

Letter 5

Hello my love Jose!!! How are you? I am very pleased to receive your beautiful and sweet letter. I so waited for him and worried. I was so lonely without you, my dear prince! My love for you my dearest and wonderful people! I love you Jose!!!!! I am very happy that you also want to meet with me! I am also very miss you! I love you! I can not live without you, my sweet! You are my everything in the world !!!!! My Prince, today I saw a very beautiful dream, where we met with you. It was such a sweet dream! Jose I i?enieeanu only our meeting. I just dreamed that I came out of the airplane, and I waited for you at the bottom of the bouquet. I ran towards you, and you ran towards me. It was so sweet and so happy. When we were with you at a distance of only one step from each other we stopped. We were scared, we just could not believe his fantasy happiness. We stood and looked in his eyes, but then we did not pass and we are very gentle and kind to each other. We fled the tears from the eyes, but all were only tears of happiness, for which we have so long walked to this point. At the same time, we gave each other the first but very sweet and gentle kiss, the taste of which I felt even after awake. My love and then we took all their belongings and you are my prince carried me in his beautiful kingdom full of wonders and happiness. Then I woke up. But I so wanted to make this dream still continues. I lay down again and tried to sleep, but the more I could not sleep. My prince, it was the most wonderful dream and I really want to become a reality! My prince is truly could be a sweet reality. We need only to make small steps in our happiness! My Prince tell you really want to help me? I do not insist and I am very unpleasant to ask you for help, but only so we can unite our hearts in love and to be together! My love, if only I could work something out, I would not be asked of any assistance. But I have tried all the options. My Prince Jose say you can help me with the amount of 320 Euro? My love, today I learned at the bank how you can help me. Jose I have been told that now there are the most reliable and well-known company, which dealt with money transfers. This Western Union. Have you heard about this company? My love told me that everything here is very simple and convenient. You can send the money and had just 5 minutes I can get the money here. My Prince of Jose that you can send money through Western Union you need my following information: Country - Russia Surname - Kirillova Name - Svetlana My love Jose using these data you can send me money. This is all the necessary information! More than you absolutely do not need anything. But I was able to get the money I will need your data: your full name, complete address, city where you will make money and where the company Western Union, the exact amount and the most important ten-code translation. Jose When you priydesh in the Western Union agency, you are there to explain. When you complete a form, then you should write me a letter and report on all these data. My love me so unpleasant that I bring to you some inconvenience. But I so want to be with you as soon as possible, to be next! My prince is very unpleasant to talk to you about it, but now everything depends on you, my sweet. Tell me when you can help me? I very much hope that this will happen as soon as possible. I love you Jose!!!! I will wait with great looks of your letter !!!!!!
Kisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Your Svetlana !!!!!!!!!