Scam letter(s) from Aelita to Gene (USA)

Letter 1
Hello My New Friend Gene!!!!!
I am glad that you have not forgotten about me and that you have written to me. It is very pleasant to me to receive your letter. Now we with you can begin our acquaintance. We with you can learn each other better.It seemed to me that we with you are created to be together.
Gene, my name is Aelita. To me of 28 years, i never was It is married. At me normal character, i live in mum in apartment. I live in city Kazan. It in the central Russia in republic Tatarstan.
Except mum, the grandmother and the girlfriend i was not present close people. The father i never saw and Mother speaks nothing about it.
Gene, tell to me about that whom you you work? I work nurse in our hospital. I love the Work. I the first time write to other person and i do not know that to me to speak. Gene you can It is more to tell about itself? I wish to know much about you. Why you have solved Gets acquainted in the Internet? What do you search in the girl? What character at you?
How you like to have a rest?
I with pleasure will answer your questions. Ask also i will be To tell about itself. I simply do not know what to tell. That to you Interestingly? Gene i hope that you will write to me tomorrow. I send to you Photo.
I hope that tomorrow i will come in the Internet of cafe and i will receive your letter and yours
New photo. You will send them to me? I will wait.
Your new girlfriend Aelita
Letter 2
How you feel yourself? You have received my photo which i have sent to you? What do you think about my appearance? I so am glad that you again to write to me. It is very pleasant to me to know that you have not forgotten about me and that you have written to me.
Excuse that long did not write! I was ill and could not descend to the cafe internet. I had a heat
It is pleasant to you washing a photo? I hope what yes. At me today it is a lot of
Questions to you. I want serious relations and at once i wish to warn you. I do not wish to play game and if you wish to play simply with me,
Or you communicate with me for the sake of a photo that i, i think that is necessary for us
To stop our dialogue. I wish to learn you more and better. I too not
I will hide from you anything and i will inform everything, that you ask.
Gene, i hope, that i do not need to describe myself in detail, you saw
Me on a photo. I will send them to you often, that you could is better
To learn me. My growth 170 sm, weight 54 kg (120lbs). A ******, a waist
And hips accordingly 89 - 64 - 92. I hope, that you will inform me
Also about itself. Because i cannot see it on a photo.
I search for the man with whom to me it will be good. Which will be happy,
If i is with it which i can make happy. I want, what
We with it were always together and were happy, Gene, you can be
Such man? How you think? That i should do that
It is pleasant to you? It is very interesting to me to learn it.
I hope, that i will receive your photo tomorrow and the new letter with answers on
My questions.
I already with impatience wait for your letter.
I wait.....
Yours faithfully and sincerely Aelita
Letter 3
Hello my friend Gene.
To me it is very sad that i do not receive from you news.
I very much would like to see yours letters if i have interested you, write to me.
I will be very glad to see your photo and your letters.
I am lonely and i want love understand me correctly.
Your girlfriend Aelita.
Letter 4

Hello Gene, My Far Friend!!!
How you? Gene, what mood at you? What did you do today? I hope that all that you wanted, all has turned out.
Gene you know, what i saw today? When i went along the street i have seen small a cat. It to purr, and looked at me. I have lifted it and have carried it home. Now i do not know, what name to it to give. At me never was a cat. You can to me will help?
Gene i wish to learn from you how you like to have a rest? You like to go on the nature? You love what songs? What films? What dances? You would dance with me? I not so well dance, but with you I would agree to dance. Theatre, the sea? What do you love? Gene tell to me.
I adore, films and cooking. The grandmother has learnt me to prepare many dishes, and i am assured, that it would be pleasant to you of a dish which i have prepared. I am able prepare such pizza which more can to prepare nobody. I am assured, that you would estimate my skill.
Gene you were on the sea? I was only once in Sochi. Very much it was pleasant to me. As the cool wind shrouds a body as cool water gives freshness and pleasure. There is no only one. Men, with which all it can enjoy. You would go with me Gene??? I THINK, THAT we With YOU NEVER WOULD forget SUCH TRIP. HOW YOU THINK?
And as i send you greetings from my mum and girlfriends.
I will wait for your photos and the letter. They my pleasure every day. I am happy, that have met you. I can discuss all with you that i want.
I wait for your letter.
Yours Aelita.
Letter 5
Hello Gene!!!!
Gene i worked today and waited time when a smog to receive your letter. When i have received its that to me it became good. Gene and how you? How your day?
I am glad that you understand me. I with impatience wait every day for your photos and letters. Gene, tell about the friends? At us in Russia to have the saying, tell who your friend, and i will tell who you. And at you?
At me it is not a lot of real friends. At me to have the girlfriend who calls Nastya. We are on friendly terms with it with the childhood. We together went to school and always together. It very good friend and always and in all supports me, on all knows about you. I have told to it about you. It is very glad, that i have met you. She says, that i have very much changed after a meeting with you. Says, that i became happier. And mum too speaks so.
Gene thanks that you do me happy. Nastya the teacher at school now works. We with it together studied well English. You understand what i to write? I hope what yes. Teachers said to me, that i talk better, than to write. But i hope, that you understand everything about what i wish to tell.
Gene at you to have the best friend? How his name? You have a rest together? How? You are on friendly terms for a long time?
You can send me a photo you and your friend together? I wish to see your friend.
I hope, that i will receive your photo with the friend tomorrow.
Gene you know, how i named a cat? I have named it BRAVE. Mum very much was surprised to such name. But i think, that so it is better. By the way the BRAVE sends you regards. He wakes up every morning and at once starts to purr.
What dreams you see? I began to see many interesting dreams. I will not speak, what now. I will tell just they about us with you. I would would like that they became a reality.
I hope that you will soon write to me. I very much wait for your letters every day.
Your far girlfriend Aelita.
Letter 6
Hello My Gene!!!!! I hope, that you will tell about the friends more in the following letter.
Also what for rules? Instead of how it is impossible without these rules? You do not wish to communicate with me and tell to me!
Gene i wish to learn more about your work. It is pleasant to you? At you it is a lot of colleagues? What do they think of you? I am assured, that is good, because you very good man. I hope, what you do not make advances to the colleagues? I am jealous.... i joke.
I love the work. It very much is pleasant to me. I can help people, and they thank me. For me there is nothing better, than a smile on the person of the patient. Sometimes i work two days on end, at us it is called watch. Also it is necessary to spend the night on work. What to help those to whom it became bad at night.
Gene as whom you work? When at you weekend? What do you do in weekend? I, for example, go to the cinema or with Nastya we go to park and we walk there. In last weekend we sat on a bench and talked how it would be good if there were no borders and all people could meet, not overcoming the big distances, Gene that you discuss with the friends, when you together?
Yesterday we with mum watched cinema on TV. It is a foreign film and i think, what you saw it, you looked TITANIC? Such beautiful film. I even did not cry nearly when looked it. You know, what has made the BRAVE? It has escaped on street to walk, when has seen that the ship sinks. You represent?
I am glad to learn about you more every day, we as sportsmen who climb up mountain. The more we learn, the we become closer. The truth? And soon we learn one about the friend all and between us there will be no barriers, and we will rise on the top and we will meet. How to you such comparison?
Your sincere Aelita.
Letter 7
Hello My Gene!!!!!!!!!!!
Forgive, that i cannot answer your letter today. My colleague was ill, and i should replace it in hospital. I have not time to answer your letter now. I hope, that you will not be offended. I will answer your letter tomorrow and i will send you the photo.
Gene forgive, i, the truth, should run.
I hope, that you understand me.
Sincerely, Aelita.
Letter 8
Hello My Gene!!!!!!!!!!!
Forgive, that i cannot answer your letter today. My colleague was ill, and i should replace it in hospital. I have not time to answer your letter now. I hope, that you will not be offended. I will answer your letter tomorrow and i will send you the photo.
Gene forgive, i, the truth, should run.
I hope, that you understand me.
Sincerely, Aelita.
Letter 9
Hello My Dear Man Gene!!!!!!!!!
I want to be engaged in *** only with the beloved. I want to enjoy passion and tenderness and i want to try all in *** and only with loved man.
Gene i hope, that you understand all and is not offended on me. At me such work and i should go to hospital and help people. I hope, that you are not offended on me for it. I am very tired today. I did not sleep almost one and a half day. I all night long worked also day too.
And now i in the cafe Internet.
Gene when i on work i think of you. I am happy, that have met you, and i wish more and to learn more you. I wish to be more often with you. I the first time meet such person as you, and you very much like me. When i worked at night, i have fallen asleep and had a dream. In it a dream, i was on seacoast and sunbathed. I laid on a back and read, what that the novel. And here the shade has closed the sun and i have turned back. It was you Gene. You have told, that such a skin as at me what not to burn it would be necessary, to use a cream for sunburn. I have told, that it to have at me. But i cannot put it on a back, you have told that will help. Gene, at you such good and soft hands and i enjoyed when you to use a cream for sunburn.
Gene you would help me if i have asked to help you to me? I think what yes. I have woken up and did not know than have ended, but i think, that i can see continuation of this dream.
Gene that you to eat today? You know what Russian dishes? You tried borsh? Pel'meni? Blini?
I am able to prepare very well dishes and i am assured that you liked if you mg to try them. You would like to try them? I think, that i can to surprise you with the skill. And what you are able to do well? Tell to me.
I do not know, i will receive your letter tomorrow or not, but i hope, that you are not offended and will answer me tomorrow and will send me the photo. I very much wish to receive more than your photos.
I send you the kisses, and i hope, that they warm your heart, and you forgive me.
I MISS......
Yours Aelita.
Letter 10
Hello My Dear Gene!!!!!!
Your letter again brings pleasure and happiness to me. I am glad, that you have not forgotten about me and have written to me. I very much waited for your letter. I hope, that your day too has passed successfully and all is good. Gene we communicate not the first day, and i feel, that our top on which we will meet soon. I much that have learnt about you. You like me. But i would like to learn more about you. At you to have the secret from me? To have something, what you hide from me? Tell to me, please.
Gene i do not have from you secrets. I can speak with you about what i want. I do not know, why, but i think, that you understand me. I do not love lie, i do not love people who lie. I since the childhood am brought up so not to lie. My grandmother says, that for this purpose what to lie it would be necessary, to have very good memory, what not to get confused. But i think, that it is better not to lie at all. And then all will be good.
Gene i do not know, that for us waits at top of mountain, mountain on which we for climb. The happiness, love, passion, tenderness can, and the disappointment can. I do not know. But i hope that the first, Gene yesterday there has arrived my grandmother. She has told, that i necessarily would send you regards from it. She asks, whether you wish to try pies by which it does? With a strawberry or another a berry? Gene, you would like? Tell also i to transfer your words the grandmother.
Gene i hope, that you do not get tired of my letters and questions.
I wish to know about you more, you more and like me also i is glad more, that have met you. I already spoke you it. But i hope, that you are not has got tired of me. How to you my today's photo?
I hope that is pleasant. I will wait for your letter...
I wait and believe, that i will receive it soon

Letter 11
Hello Gentle Gene!!!!
Gene your letter as the sun beam warms my heart and lifts my mood.
You like my photos? I like you? What in me it is pleasant to you? I wish to ask you Gene, very important questions for us. I wish to learn from you about your last relations with other girls. If to you painfully to recollect it then so to me and tell. I will not ask you any more about it. But i very much would wish to know. Gene i will tell all about myself. I communicated with guys, but all that they want it only *** what then to tell to the friends, that he was engaged with me in love. I do not want so. I want love, sincere and gentle. In college i was on friendly terms with the guy who very much liked me. I too liked it. But it with parents had to leave and i cannot find it in any way. His father military men and they have left in other part of the country and did not write and did not inform anything on itself.
Then i at me was the guy who, having learnt that it is loved by a daughter rich the man, has left me at once and in a year married on that daughters of the rich man. He loves money and more it is necessary nothing for it.
Then there were others, but many drank, someone simply wanted ***, and i have decided to wait the man. Now i communicate only with you, and you like me. I cannot touch to you, but i can to feel you under your letter.
You can tell in detail about the relations?
You when looked at stars? Gene, you walked at night? I would like to go along the street, to hold you for a hand, and to talk under night stars.
I with impatience wait for your letter. Mum, the grandmother, and my girlfriends with BRAVE transfer you huge greetings.
I send you the gentle kisses, and i hope, that they give to you feeling of tenderness, caress and to you it is good.
Your gentle and sincere Aelita.
Letter 12
Hello My Lovely Gene!!!!
Gene your letter again to bring pleasure and happiness to my heart.
I feel heat which spreads on my body when i receive your letter.
I understand that you cannot tell to me more about the relations.
Probably they very strongly touch your heart. I will not ask you about them time they hurt for you.
I in search of love. I want to find love not money. I want to love and be love, i do not want to live one more.
Yes i quite seriously talk to you! If you have not liked me that i on you would not began to waste time! You have very strongly liked me also i want more about you the nobility! And if at all of us well that goes it will be possible to meet!
Gene as you feel? I wish to learn, how there passes your day. What do you do? In how many you wake up? As you think, how would put has changed, if i have arrived to you and was with you? What is the time we would be together. I would like, that we would spend time together, could enjoy our love and passion, kisses. Would like, that we would wake up every day in embraces of one another.
Gene as you think, how there will be our first kiss. I think, that it will be fine. I can feel your love and yours touch, your tenderness and passion. I very much would wish to try your kiss. I am assured, that it is fine.
Gene i do not know why, but after acquaintance to you i feel well. I had many forces, it would be desirable, that that to do. I am happy. I do not know why, likely because at me to have you. How to you my yesterday's photo?
Gene you looked at the night sky? You saw the big she-bear? It is similar to the big she-bear. I send to you of kisses, much much which will not go in even in it a ladle. I hope, that they bring to you happiness and success in a new bottom. To you like my kisses? You wish to try them in a reality?
I will wait for your letter tomorrow.
Gene i already miss, and i wish to ask you, you will come today to me in my dream?
I will wait for your answer as.
Your gentle and sincere Aelita.
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