Scam letter(s) from Alexandra Erasova to Cato (Norway)

Letter 1
Hello Cato! Thank you for your letter. I am pleased that my proposal to show you a tempting :-) Thus, for our friendship, it would be necessary that we know more about each other.
I try to write about me a little more detail. My name Aleksandra, but you already know about it. I was born June 20, 1982, I am 26 years old.
I am blond, and this is my color. :)
I like a lot of walks, I often spend time with my friends, I love to read, ga pa bio, but my real hobby - it is the kitchen.
I like to prepare a range of delicious dishes, but still I managed to keep themselves in good shape.
Every day I go in for sports - I run in the park every morning!
I have no bad habits, I do not smoke and do not use alcohol.
What can you say about you on this occasion? Naturally I am very happy person, I'm trying to find good things and accept defeat with a smile.
I have never been married and has no children, but I like very much to stay on course.
Be sure to write me if you have children! I would like to know why you are seeking knowledge via the Internet? How long do you want to do it?
I would also say that I am not looking for a friend that goes, I'm looking for a partner for life a man who we can be happy together, sharing joys and sorrows.
I thought that the Swedish side, and it is only for Swedish, so I wrote that I live in Sweden therefore fear that my profile was deleted. I hope you do not have any immigration are? I am not looking after him in Russia because I could not find a good man in Russia.
Finding a good man in Russia, it is very difficult.
Russian people - the gross amount and LOWBROW people .... I hope you understand me. Okay, now you have an idea about me. In the next letter I write more about you!
I think you have some questions for me, I will be glad to answer it.
What do you think of my photos?
I will be happy to see your pictures again:) I look forward to your reply! See you soon! Aleksandra:)
Letter 2
Hello Cato! I am very happy to get a new letter from you! I am glad I have a chance to write to you! I'm looking for true love. I want to have rights that are to live. I ask you to be honest with me, I think that these feelings may arise only if we are honest with each other.
You - the person I announced. I ask you to write more about yourself, your life, how you spend your day?
It will be very interesting for me to know. I will also try to write to you about me as much detail as possible.
I want you to understand me as much as possible and make the right choice. I would like it.
I am very happy to talk to you. E-mail - a great way to communicate, it reminds me of old times, when you send messages via the pigeons. This is so romantic ... Do you agree? I would like to see your pictures, read your e-mail as often as possible! I told you I was writing from Internetkafeer is close to my house. Before I came here not too often, because I had no reason to do it, but now that we know you, I will do it every day.
I believe that if we want to take a closer look at each other, we must write to each other as often as possible. Do you agree with me? I will talk about my life. I was born and grew up in the city Volzhsk. This is a beautiful small city in central Russia.
To learn more about my town ask me about it and I will write to you in the next letter. Now the story about me. I have graduated from high school and Economy College, said I have a university degree.
I speak your language choices and understand English. I work in a cafe. My profession - culinary chef. I cook different dishes, I love my job. I have never traveled outside my country, but I went to several neighboring towns, along with my girlfriends.
Every day I read a lot of new people and I like it.
I think that if someone does not like his own work, he should find another. Do you agree with me?
Now I live in an apartment in one of their parents. My parents live separately from one another.
It happened that they were divorced. Their life was accompanied by constant scandals, said they could not live together.
We will not talk about bad things. Okay? Now my life is not very different, my days in the morning rush, I said go to work, after work I ga to Internetkafeer, or socialize with friends, sometimes on weekends, we will be wild. I hope that my long history of not you tired? I am very glad to our dialogue. I await your reply! Aleksandra!
P.S. Now I will try to answer your questions:
I want to tell you that I have never been in your country. But I am very interested in your country.
I just want to tell you that my name Erasova.
Letter 3
Hello! This is very pleased to receive your letter again. You are very interested in me.
I want to know more about you.
Tell me about your family, friends, interests.
In a previous letter I had written things about me, now I will write more about my friends. When I was growing up my parents very rarely squabbled among themselves, in each family was very warm atmosphere, we could call itself a happy family.
My mother worked as an accountant and father worked in a small company. It was good times.
Later, in 2001, my dad lost his job. After that each family was happy DECLINE ...
His father was a frequently consumed alcohol, came home *****.
Between him and my mother was getting gral, which is becoming more and more ...
My parents did not find other ways but to divorce. After their divorce rates, my father left the legality of us, and we lived with his mother and grandfather.
In 2003, my grandfather died. It was a great sadness for us. He was a very nice person, has always wise advice, and although he was a sick old man, he always said with a smile.
It is always difficult to remember this, but I think it should tell you that you had a picture of me. My parents raised me strong character. I always treat all difficulties in life. Whatever was the problem, there are always ways to solve it.
I am pretty calm-alecky, sometimes rebellious but operation. Almost always, I have a good sense of humor. What can you tell me about your character? I love sports. Each morning starts with my probezhki, on weekends, I go with a friend Elena in a fitness center, Sometimes we have to play in the Ice Palace and skate. I like sports, I like to listen on a slow beautiful music, I love to read novels about love, I love spending time in the circle of his friends.
I can not drink alcohol and I do not smoke. And what are you looking for? Okay, now I will tell you about my town. Volzhsk is over 750 km from Moscow.
The population of the city of 100 thousand people.
My town has a enough interest, you may have heard of it.
It is located on the shores of the Volga. This is the largest river in Russia, it created a lot of poems and songs.
And what is your city? Tell me will be interesting to know about it. Do I want to end my letter, I hope you do not utomila their history? I will await your reply eagerly. Aleksandra!
P.S. I just want to tell you that my name is Aleksandra. I shall be very glad if you will call me by name.
Letter 4

Hello! Receiving your letter to me is always a great joy.
Even at such a great distance, I know your good nature. You are very nice to me.
I want to have a dialogue with you forever, but unfortunately it is not possible.
When I go to Internet cafes, for me, probably is most pleasant hours in the day.
But how do you think of our dialogue? I love to read romantic stories and lyrical poetry. I like to watch romantic movies.
I cry when watching Titanik, because I am very intense, starting in childhood.
I was struck by this great love for both characters. I dream of the same great love.
But all this sadness sometimes leads to me, not really have a shared love.
In the past, I was in love with people. His name is Alex. We are well spent time together. At first everything was fine, but after his install ning to me by others, I was almost indifferent to it. He spoke to me rudely and with height, but when he raised his hand to me.
He took all our savings and left. I was in a depression some time.
There was no money that I appreciate very much, my soul was poranena such a betrayal.
I can not see anymore. In the last for a while and I forgot. Such a saying: Time - the best doctor.
This is - the truth, now I remember it as a test, which I presented what happened and I passed this test. My first real love has become for me as before.
It was 3 years ago and all the time in my life was not all.
With a man I did not communicated as well as a number with you.
KONECHNO I had a flirtation with people, but it was very easy and very fun.
Sometimes I have a very strong sad, for my personal life adapts 0! My mother, my rugaet town time ... Of course in Russia, good people (mainly traders and policy :))...
But these people need the best girl ... These girls, like me, they are not interested. But I am very humble, did not follow the necessary rich man. I want the man I love, I want leleyal me and cared about me ... I do not want any contact with the Russian people ... gross I is very sensitive and unstable girl I need a good and considerate gentleman. Simply, I believe you. I also think that you did something ******.
I tell nature of my first love. Tell us about you? I can assure you that it will be interesting for me. Do not be long, I look forward to each day in your letter. Do not think.
Your letter to me is very significant. I wish you a nice day! Aleksandra!
Letter 5
Hi! I am very glad to your letter! How are you today? Today I walk in the park and thought about you, thought that maybe if you were beside me. I was as we go next to each other holding hands, looking into the eyes of each other and talk, then we go to cafes to sit and drink a cup of coffee and talk again!
Then we go to the cinema, looking horror film, I became afraid and you cuddle up to me and say Fear not, dear, I am with you and hug me. " Then we walk again and again, we say!
But it was only a dream and by the end of my walk, I felt terribly lonely. I wrote to you because I want to find love and be happy. You - the right candidate!
And why did you answer me? I often see couples in love, they look at each other, kiss and tell each other about love.
At the moment I am so sad and very lonely, because I do not have such rights, who could support me in difficult moments. I very much hope that I can find it ...
My mom tells me that it would be the man who will love and protect me.
I very much hope so. And you want to find true love? For love, I would be willing to make any sacrifices ... And you? I will send you a picture of my apartment. Do you love? I look forward to you reply. Aleksandra!!!
Letter 6
Hello dear Cato! Can I just say to you that we are getting closer, getting each other a new letter. I am happy that you met. And you?
I tell you the memories of my childhood. Childhood - this is the happiest time of life.
The small age are very impressionable. They absorb everything positive and also negative.
Therefore, it is necessary that the child was surrounded by good people and smart people.
My mom and dad were loving parents, they are very good care of me. From my mother I learned that you should always listen to your heart, and not always rely on reason alone. From the Pope, I learned that there is nothing to fear, and if met in life is a problem, it must be immediately addressed, rather than trying to forget about it or put aside. From the grandparents, I learned to be fair and sincere.
Tell me more about your relatives? I studied in secondary school N 11. This was one of the best schools in the town, I was lucky that I went there.
This is where I learned to life. There were friends, were enemies, had a quarrel and was a real human friendship.
At school I have known first kiss, exams, bad for good ratings .... The school is always associated me with these things.
I remember as if it were yesterday how I was first led to the board and I am accountable to the whole class.
Sometimes I did not know the material, and cried when I received the first deuce. At school, I rejoiced and sadness, love and hate.
What people are well arranged. In my soul the school will remain forever. Tell me about your school? Believe me this is really interesting. I think that I had a happy childhood, although I did not have expensive toys and beautiful dresses.
But I was brought up in the good and happiness. I am grateful to God that got a happy childhood on my family. Please write me about your childhood! I wait your letter. Kiss, Aleksandra!!!!
Letter 7
Hello my dear Cato!!!! I am pleased to receive this letter from you. I want to say that I love to read your letter.
I read and read your letter, and each time it makes me smile ... You're a real man with a very honest soul, and good principles ...
When I received your letter, my mood immediately rise.
My dear, what are you doing with my heart? Every day I feel a new sense to you every day and these feelings have become stronger than last time.
I never saw you in reality, but I still have those wonderful feelings. And it is strange for me.
I know you a little time, but you stayed in my heart. I like the tenderness and care.
I do not like abuse. I like when someone is paying attention to me. And I love when I give flowers, because I think that the most beautiful gift for a woman - it flowers.
But I think that the important thing for women - the attention and care, instead of a gift.
Many Russian women marry rich people whom they dislike. I really want to meet you! They are not to marry a man, but on the money. When they create a family, they have a rich life.
But the women soon realize that they are unhappy because they do not love their husbands, but their money.
I can not be like them, I think that this is the main thing in life - to be happy and make happy someone else.
I think that money brings only grief man, but is also true that it is impossible to live without money.
I want to find a man whom I truly love for me is not important it is rich or poor. My dear, I can speak with you about my feelings in my heart.
I feel that you are the man with whom I can discuss many things that I did not speak with the close friends. This surprised me very much, because I know you very little time, but it seems to me that you and I know for a long time.
When I receive a letter from you, it becomes a good for my soul and warm heart. I read your letters every day. In any case, I think that should stop writing about my feelings and tell you something else. :-) As a child my mother told me that I should be good to learn that in the future to find a good job.
In our country, education is not valued. Many people have a good education have a bad job. They have very low incomes because in our country it is difficult to find a really good job.
Therefore, many Russian people go to work in other countries.
And how you value education? Tell me what your opinion people have about our country?
What do they think? I hope that one day we'll meet with you on this. I hope that it will be soon. Exact, Aleksandra!!!
Letter 8
Hello Cato! Expensive Cato, I can say that when I receive your letter, my mood has lifted.
This is very cool! Recently, I live only hope that we will ever meet. And you? I like to read poems about love. I especially like the Pushkin's poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila". The story of endless love.
I've read it several times and every time I am more and more aware of the importance of love in human life.
Life without love is not real life, this is like a living plant. It is very difficult for me to live without love, especially after I learned from experience the consequences of not mutual love. I would not want to repeat the mistakes anymore.
I dream to find love. My dream is gradually sold. To you, my dear, I feel such a sense as to anyone anymore. I think about you all the time. And you?
I ask that you responded to me very much! I am writing to you from the bottom of my heart and trust you. Every second of my feelings for you accumulate.
Now I most wanted to meet with you. This was for me a particular purpose.
I do not notice other men, I think only about you. I ask you to answer me as soon as possible.
Your letter brought me great pleasure.
I will send you the photos when we walked with our friends in the courtyard of our house!
I hope that you liked it. Your Aleksandra - Kiss!
P.S. I want to tell you that I am writing to you from internet cafe and the administrator told me that they do not have such a program, MSN, so I shall be very glad if you write to my email address, I hope we can continue to communicate.
I just want to tell you that I have a cell phone, but he can not receive international calls. Since I have very cheap tariff plan.
Therefore, I can not call you. I am very sorry. I shall be very glad If you're able to write but my email address.
Letter 9
Hello my dear! My dear Cato, I am pleased to see a new letter from you.
As always, I am sending you the photos when we went with my friend in the cafe!
I am glad that you can understand me and my feelings to you. My dear, I understand that hard to love people, that you have never seen. I think you are really one and the same person, and your letters.
My dear, I think we should meet.
Although I am sure that my feelings are real to you.
What do you think of this? I think it is also necessary for you.
I understand that in the letters, it is difficult to express their feelings to the man.
I am writing this from the heart. I am sure that when we meet, I can tell you in the eye, that I write in his letters. But you must tell me what you think about this? I feel great excitement when I wait your new letter every day.
I feel like a princess, which the prince. What are you my dear!
You are my prince, and the meaning of my life! This is indeed a great pleasure for me your letters.
Every day I think about you. For me, it's difficult to express in their letters.
I am confident that we should meet. My dear, I'm sure you feel the most.
Please tell me what you think about it. It is very important to know your opinion.
Because of our meetings, we need mutual desire to meet, it will depend on both of us.
You understand me, my dear? Write me as soon as possible. Exact, Aleksandra!!!!
Letter 10
Hello, my dear! I am glad to receive your letter today.
I send you photos. I hope that you enjoy! :) My dear, I want to tell you that I have serious intentions to come to you. I would like to see, feel ... I hope that you see your life, which is very important to me.
I would like to have your family, your home, your work, your leisure time. I want to feel it.
This is so important for me.
I think we deserve each other.
For me it is very important to come to you. This is - very serious to me. Do you understand me?
How do you imagine our meeting???? I have a dream to meet with you at the airport:
I'm looking for in a crowd of people, and I can not find you!
Then I heard your voice "Aleksandra". I looked up and see you.
You ask me how was my flight.
You give me a bouquet of flowers .... :) I say "Thank you".
Smile, and I once again want to say something but it would be impossible for me because I am a bit worried .... :) As you my dream? I am very glad that you think we need to meet you ... My intention for more than serious.
I thank God for the day when we meet. Today I talked to my girlfriend. I told her I want to come to you.
I said that I want to meet "my" people on the internet ...
My friend told me certain things.
She told me that the trip cost a lot of money ...
It is a challenge for me. Believe me, this is very inconvenient for me to talk about it.
But I really do not know what to do. I have money to travel to you.
I think that if we go together to solve the problem of my trip, This will be very correct. We must care for each other. This is the foundation of any relationship.
If there is no trust and no one cares about each other, then there would be no relationship.
This is a very tough life. Write what you think? I hope you understand me correctly.
I apologize if I wrote today that something is wrong. Exact, Aleksandra!!!!

Letter 11
Hello, my dear Cato!!!
I am very happy to receive your letter.
I am very happy that we understand each other! :)!
You are a wonderful person! :) Cato, Do you understand our situation now! We must prepare for our meeting!
I want to tell you that I will find out about my trip to you.
As soon as I know all about the arrival to you, I write to you immediately. I have a lot of questions for you now:
1 - My dear, you want to meet me?
2 - Today I talked with my mother. My mother is happy that we meet. What do you think of this?
3 - Where we live? In the hotel or at home? Can you give me full address?
I would like to discuss this with my mother, so I want your full address.
Tell me how far is international airport from your home??? 4 - What do I have enough clothing to take with them? I think that these issues would be enough.
I hope to receive news from you. Your Aleksandra!!!
P.S. My love I am happy that you want to arrive to me and we will enjoy eternal love, Today I reported this to my aunt and my grandmother and mother and they told me that the tradition in our family that I was going to you, my love, as this is a very ancient tradition in our family, so did all the women in our age, well as did my mother and my parents were happy.
I can not violate my tradition, I can not sin!
Favorite me in tears, what can I do? I can not deceive their loved ones.
Do you?
Letter 12
Hello, my love! I am very pleased to receive a letter from you! You made me very happy.
My dear, I hope. that we will soon be with you together, or that will not be able to place our happiness with you.
It gives me great happiness to see your mutual desire to meet!
It is good that you find cheaper tickets.
But, my love, you must buy a ticket here.
Because the embassy warning me if I did my documents here in Russia, without your invitation.
And buy a ticket must be here! This strictness of Russian customs, which would have no problems.
My dear, I just want you to say that I will buy a ticket to Moscow. So I need to have money for a hotel. If I arrive in Moscow, and there will not be the ticket. So what I will do it, I am there or who do not know. this is a very big city and there I never had. You have to understand my excitement.
My dear you can help me 605 euro?? If you send me money, I immediately go buy a ticket. When I buy an air ticket, I will immediately inform you about this. Understand, that depends on the decision of the emergency meeting with you shortly. I can arrive to you already this weekend. But you should give me a reply, whether you can help me with arrival to you???
I tell you about my feelings because I trust you are and think that you - people who make me happy.
I will make you happy, my dear. I show you my heart as best I can.
To have one - is to come home to that wants my hug and kiss, who cares about my day and, shares her day well.
This makes for happy people, who may have their creation of love ...
That was my dream, and I hope that this will be true soon.
I think that you'd like to meet me not less than I do.
I trust you my feelings, you can trust me all feelings, dreams and thoughts about me.
Hard to explain the words that I feel.
At the same time, I will finish my letter! I look forward to your early reply!
Letter 13
I am very pleased to receive your letter!
I am glad that you can help me with arrival to you.
I hope that we will soon be with you together, or that will not be able to hinder our happiness with you.
My love can you send me this money through the Western Union (instant money transfers). As I said, they are available in each branch of a bank and mail. I hope that you will not be problems with the transfer of money. And this weekend we will be with you together.
My dear, I give you the data on which you can Send me the money: Name: Aleksandra
Surname: Erasova
Lobachevsky st 34 apt 33
Republic: Mari El
City: Volzhsk I just want you to ask when you can send them??? You can send them to me today???
Because if you send them to me today, I immediately go buy a ticket. And in a few days we will be with you together. When I buy an air ticket, I will immediately inform you about this.
I told my grandmother of us.
She asked me what I really love you, but if I want to be near you.
I said so, that I can not imagine myself without you. I advised her about you, and she said, that you are very good people, and you can trust you. I always heard the views of my grandmother, and it has not told me anything bad.
On this I finish my letter! I look forward to your early reply! Aleksandra!!!
Letter 14
My dear, I am very pleased to receive a letter from you!
My dear Cato, I am pleased that we will soon be with you together.
My love, in order for me to get your money, do I need to know your data:
the amount that you sent
City sending money
Your name, surname
I look forward to your reply! Aleksandra!!!
Letter 15
Hello, my love! I am very pleased to receive a letter from you!
My dear, I woke up today with a very good mood. Today is a wonderful weather. I always think about you, I hope that the next few days we will be with you together. I am so happy that soon you will be able to hug and kiss. Every minute I look forward to our meeting with you.
My dear Cato today I can not get the money that you sent me. Because in our country today, a holiday and all banks are closed. This holiday is called Labor Day, you have a holiday??? When the banks opened, I immediately go to get money.
My love Cato I look forward to our meeting with you. I send you my photo, hope you like it. I am also very hopeful. that soon we will be watching each other's eyes and speak words of love.
At the same time, I will finish my letter! I now go to help his mom cook a tasty meal. I hope that soon I will cook for you.
I love you a fast. Your love Aleksandra!!!!
Letter 16
Hello, my love!
My dear, today I went to the bank. But it was closed, so I can get money only tomorrow.
My love I'm so happy that after a few days we will be with you together. I look forward to the moment when our eyes met at the airport. I want rather kiss your sweet lips and hug you tight.
My dear in a few days with you all our dreams become reality. I begin to understand that my life without you is not significant. Today, I just thought about you all day long. I want you to know that my love for you very strong and passionate. My heart goes to this letter to you and my love for you. I want to share my life with you I want to be always with you, feel your warmth and caring.
At the same time, I will finish my letter! I look forward to your letters.
Your love Aleksandra!!!!
Letter 17
Hello my dear!
Today I went to the bank and they told me that no such transfer. My dear what's the matter?? You told me a lie??? You do not want to be with me??
I am now very upset when my bank said that no such transfer. I immediately fell mood. I was hoping that we will be with you together. But all my dreams crumble.
My love, I look forward to your reply! Aleksandra!!!
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