Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Slavnina to Bart (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Bart! I have read through your letter and it very much was pleasant to me!
Fine that you live about the sea I never was on the sea but very much I wish to visit there!
To float I too I love even one year ago went to our pool 2 years on end but have then got ajob and absolutely time began to not suffice! What about my work?
I after school have entered the university studies as the physician, there I have studied 5 years, and already as 1 year I work =) here.... And at me mum recently very hard was ill!
Doctors have told that operation and it very dear to me is required!I at all do not know that to me to do =( well all right pleasant to you of day!
From the bottom of the heart with love
sincerely yours Katya!
Letter 2
Hello my dear Bart!
Thanks for your help.
My mum will be very glad to you and it strongly thanks you!
I would not know that I without you did! A life of my mum your hands!
There will be the best company of use the Western Union.
It is a fast and safe way for, send money.
You should know my data, and I should know yours, that I can receive money.
Also, when you do transfer, you receive number of the control and send me it.
My data:
My full name Slavnina Ekaterina
My address: Russia, Cheboksary, Krasina 12 - 8
Now I require your full address and a place where you will make transfer to me.
Hope, that you will not have any problem with it.
I shall hope very much for you and to you I shall be very glad!
I love you! I wait from you with impatience of news!
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