Letter(s) from Daria Krupenko to Zhe (China)

Letter 1

Dear, I feel a little not conveniently before you, As I had to address to you for the help. I always thought, That I the independent woman also that I can cope with any problem Independently. I thought, that to a smog to pay all cost of travel Independently. But this my erroneous opinion was visible. When I Left the country earlier, it costed for me less. But now I It is happy, that near to me there is such strong and clever man, Which can come to me to the aid at any moment. Dear, I not I cease to admire with you! Earlier I considered that I strong, but now I understand that actually I the weak woman who requires in To support of the strong man, such as you! Thanks you for it, dear! By the way, the darling, thanks that you has sent me the co-ordinates, I Has already given to their agent. It has made all necessary calculations and Has informed me the second part of payment, it will make 650 US dollars. In this Cost tickets, insurance, cost of road to the airport enter and Some other necessary expenses. I already said, that at me is Some sum, it somewhere 300 US dollars. And now it is necessary for me To pay 350 US dollars within 5-6 days. I hope dear, that you not This sum will frighten. Certainly, it is not planned expenses for you. And very much it is not convenient me, that I put you in such inconvenient position. I believe, that you will not become angry about me. I look forward ours Meetings! Every day we all become closer and is more close to each other! I I hope that these thoughts as you warm as well as me!