Letter(s) from Irina Mova to Tazio (Italy)

Letter 1


How are you there today?? I hope good:) Dear, I write you this letter to say that I am lonely here and looking for a man to share my life with. I want to ask if you have any suggestions regarding it?) Please tell me if you have a woman in your life or not, may be you are lonely too??? If yes than we have no right to lose this chance to get to know each other better!!! Please look at my photo and make your decision if you are interested in me or not. Of corse I understand that only one photo is not enough to make such a decision, appearance is not the most important thing and it doesn't give all the information about the person (that is why in a man I value not his appearance but his character), but if you will answer this letter I will tell you a lot about me and my life here and also will gladly answer all the questions you will ask. I just want you to know that I am a decent girl with a calm character, I have a lot of friends and have not bad habits:))) I am looking for a good reliable man and if you are interested please write me here: vitaminka@globallovebox.com

I will be waiting for the news from you!!! Kisses. Ira.

Letter 2

My dear, hello to you!!

I am so happy to get another letter from you today!! I am honored with your attention. I rushed from work to the agency today to find out if there is a letter from you:)) Thank you so much for it!! I am glad that you have told me so many things about yourself in this letter!! It is very important to get to know each other and it seems that I know you much better already! You say you live in France, how is life there going?? It will be good if you will tell me more about it as I have never been there. But may be you will show it to me one day, who knows... Your Birthday is really on the 29th of March??? It is funny because it is the Birthday of my best friend Natasha:)) You seem to have a good family are you close with them? It is good that you value friendship too a lot. My full name is Irina Mova:)

My day was ok today, I had a lot of work, a lot of clients as usually who need to make their hair more attractive, so I worked like a bee over everybody:)) But my work brings me satisfaction so it is ok for me.

Darling, have I told you that I have a good friend Natasha? She lives close to our house and we became friends in a childhood from that time we still are very good friends and I am sure we will no matter how far I will live we will always be friends with her! I send you her photo, by the way I told her about your letter already and she asked to say "Hi!" from her to you:))

Something more about my hobbies. I like cooking a lot, haven't I told you?? I love different holidays like the New year or my Birthday and you know why?? Because I have an opportunity to cook different dishes for all my guests, it is always so exciting to create a little delicious miracle from common foods, so I like to serve dinners a lot, and my guests always seem to be satisfied:) I guess if I was not a hair dresser I would be a cook at a restaurant:))

So what do I like else? I like sport a lot, especially swimming and jogging, I think it helps to keep my body fit. Oh, another hobby of mine, I like playing chess!! My grand dad taught me how to play it when I was a kid but now he is gone and I miss him so much:( I play chess with my cousin brother we usually do it on the weekends when he comes for a visit. I also like animals a lot, we have a cat at the house, also a dog but he lives outside, and we have 10 geese and 15 chickens in the yard:) Also when I was a kid we had a cow and she gave a fresh delicious milk, it is one of a very nice memories from my childhood! So you see I am quite a country girl:)) It seems I have to finish this letter already, truly hope to hear from you soon!!! Don't forget to write me!! Kisses!!! Irishka.

Letter 3

Hello, my dear!!

I am so happy today to get your message!!! Thank you so very much for it!! But you are so short in your letter:(( Why? May be you are busy? Please write me a long letter the next time, ok?

You know may be it seems to be a little bit strange to try to establish relationships never seeing each other's eyes but I believe that Internet is a very good place to meet each other and strangers are just friends waiting to happen, are you agree with me?? If yes you have to continue reading my letter:) Hope it will not be too bore for you because I don't seem to be a good writer:)) Honey, there is one circumstances which I want to tell you honestly from the beginning and hopefully it will not be an obstacle for us, it is that I don't speak English, I speak only Russian and Ukrainian, I didn't manage to learn English at school and now I regret about it a lot. But I found the way to look for a husband in Internet: in our town there is a translation firm and it helps me to translate letters:)) I hope it will not be a problem for you? As for me I promise to learn English as sooner as possible!! I hope you like my photos, I was told that to find a husband in Internet it is necessary to have a lot of good quality photos so I had to make some special for it:)

So my name is Irina or just Ira, but friends call me Irishka:)) I live in Ukraine in Belolutsk town it is in about 900 km from Kiev close to the Russian board, my town is very small and green and I like it!! I was born on the 10th of July, 1982 so I am a Cancer by horoscope, and you know what does astrology say about Cancers? If you will open a book you will read that Cancers are very loving, sensitive and faithful, we are good friends and lovers and it is true! So it makes me to believe in astrology a little:))

As for my job I am a hair dresser at the beauty salon:)) So if you will need a hair cut you are welcome!!! I will be happy to see you here:)) My job is very nice, it is like an art to create something interesting on a person's hair so I feel myself like an artist sometimes:))) And feel happy when I see satisfaction on my clients' faces. My job brings me joy and I think I am lucky to have a job which I like!

As for my family I have only my mom, I don't remember my father at all and I don't have brothers or sisters unfortunately. But I have a lot of friends!! And I value friendship a lot. I guess I have to finish my letter for today and if you are not bored to death with my letter please write me soon!!! I will be waiting!! Irishka.