Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Zvereva to Patrice (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hello Patrice!!!
Today I to receive your message and is very glad to it. Know I to wish to tell to you, that I am very happy, that you have decided to write to me. You already know, that my name is Tatyana and that to me of 28 years. I when was not married and I do not have children. You also know why I to address in the Internet. And I to think, that at us something can in the future it will turn out. I the beautiful girl who weighs all 52kg and growth make 165cm. I live in Russia and you probably it is the nobility. I was born on August, 5th, 1980 under a sign a lion. I work in hospital. My job very much is pleasant to me. Here that I while can tell to you about myself. To me too it will be very pleasant, if you to me to tell too about yourselves. In the following letter I to you will tell about the family in the following letter. And I will think, that you on me will not take offence at it. You make upon me very strong impression. I wish and to continue further with you correspondence. I think, that shortly we will start to communicate more better, than simply friendship. Understand I very much to get tired from loneliness. I very much to wish to find the happiness. I to wish to give pleasure to the liked person. After all it is perfect, when the person lives not only for the sake of itself, but also for the sake of the partner. I to think, what is it and there is that happiness which we to search. I to frequently ask to myself a question earlier. Why I have started to search to myself for the partner on the Internet? Why I cannot find the happiness at myself in Russia? Now I to find the answer to this question. We in Russia do not have such man who can present happiness and create a good and strong family. At us almost all men deceive, having thus full calmness. At us so it is accepted, whether that at men. Certainly we have also good men, but it only units, and these units are already borrowed. Or were not born yet. My girlfriend has met on the Internet the man and at all of them it has turned out, now she lives in America and she's fine. She says, that here the people very good and kind. All of them try for the house and for a family. Here so to her has very strongly carried. And now I too not against to find to myself very good man. It is possible to tell, that I too would like to find to myself such man. I not to know you have understood me or not, but I to wish to tell, that I am very happy what to find you in the course of correspondence. I simply to write you that I to think. I also to wish to learn your opinion concerning all that I you to write in this letter. I with impatience will look forward to your reply. Yours Tatyana
Letter 2
Hello Patrice!!!
It is very pleasant that you me so soon to write to me the answer. I to you wish to tell now not much about the family. And I want that you knew, that I am vulnerable after my situation. When you to read my letter up to the end all of you to understand why I am vulnerable. And very strongly to trust people. I live one with my mum. The daddy at me has died, when I was 15 years old. But let's not speak about bad, to me simply painfully to recollect it. When my mum very strongly cried and there were after his death almost two years itself not the. To me then it was very sick on it to look. I helped it whereas could, but what from me fifteen summer help. I then too felt uneasy. We with mum have lost very close person for us. You forgive me, but I cannot speak now about this all. What at us speaks. All that the new, forgotten old. When I have told to my mum about you, it was certainly in a shock. As I so could. Then she to me has told, that I was cautious, that me there have not deceived and have wished my of good luck in all. The main thing that I was happy and all at me was good. Here that I to you while can tell about the family. About that that I could arrive to you, we all then will well think, that we did not have what then problems. We then will in detail consider all. I will finish the letter and forgive, if that in me was not pleasant to you. I wait from you very much for a fast reply. Yours faithfully to you Tatyana
Letter 3
Hello patrice!!!
Thanks you for for your answer. I am a little excited by this fact. It is pleasant to me to read your letter very much. For me is especial, to have conversation with the person whom to have desire to get acquainted with me. I wish to continue dialogue with you and to learn about you and about your "good" qualities and interesting the facts from your life much more. With you we will learn each other, and hope we have happened on the Internet not, and that from our contact the friendship will grow good, or that is possible that still :-). We should have overall aims, after all differently we not to meet on the Internet - to find to ourselves of the partner in life, or very good interlocutor or the friend. And consequently let's agree at once to be fair to each other in sew to correspondence. I do not force you, but it will be simple first of all the guarantor of the good relation to each other, respect. First of all about letters. This way for dialogue, for me is the most accessible. Let's arrive fairly to each other - to write similarly a principle "letter-answer", if who or cannot write long time to me then to warn about difficulties or about employment affairs that there was no excitement about absence. As in advance to inform about forthcoming difficulties for the answer. As it would be good to answer all questions which we will set each other, after all if nevertheless the person something to ask in other person it means this a thing interests and consequently not to answer this question or to speak what is it "not important", it would be not polite. All it will be good enough sign of respect each other, and the good deposit of trust, after all these qualities are a basis for building any relations, and before friendship. My best regards for you.
Your friend Tatyana
Letter 4
Hello Patrice!!!
Today I to receive your message and is very glad to it. Know I to wish to tell to you, that I am very happy, that I have met you. You have made upon me very strong impression. I wish and to continue further with you correspondence. I think, that our relations can shortly turn to something more than simply friendship. Understand I very much to get tired from loneliness. I very much to wish to find the happiness. I to wish to give pleasure to the liked person. After all it is perfect, when the person lives not only for the sake of itself, but also for the sake of the partner and children. I to think, what is it and there is that happiness which we to search. I to frequently ask to myself a question earlier. Why I have addressed in service of acquaintances? Why I cannot find the happiness at myself in Russia? Now I to find the answer to this question. I not to know to understand you me or not, but I will try to formulate the answer. I always considered, that the person can be found out well by means of letters. In letters it is possible to pass the feelings, the thoughts it is much better, than in dialogue it is direct confidentially. I to think, that in personal contact the person gets to psychological dependence on the interlocutor and thus it is impossible to understand the person, to see its true nature or to glance to it in soul. More often people at direct dialogue deceive themselves. Try to affect somehow the person, to prove to be from the best side, and actually they show that the falseness. And in letters it is possible to state all what to be in a shower of the person. I not to know you have understood me or not, but I to wish to tell, that I am very happy what to find you in the course of correspondence. I simply to write you that I to think. I also to wish to learn your opinion concerning all that I you to write in this letter. I with impatience will look forward to your reply.
Yours Tatyana
Letter 5

Hello patrice!!!
I am indefinitely happy, that I again have an opportunity to read your letter. Hope we and we shall communicate henceforth what as is possible better find out each other. Know, I want to admit, that it is sometimes much easier to tell to the stranger about about what it will begin seems to not speak at all with close friends. Believe, it is valid so because with the girlfriend you communicate considerably for a long time and already beforehand know his reaction to any display of your feelings. And from the unfamiliar person you wait for sincere interest and understanding. Understand, the understanding is important for me, but only not pity. In fact in dialogue with the stranger it is possible to go through anew all scale of feelings of pleasant expectation something new, bewitching, tempting, what never occured earlier. Though certainly I understand, that there can be disappointment, and disappointments really bitter, tearing oppress and breaking heart. But in spite of on anything, I the optimist on the nature and consequently I want to trust in the best, want to trust that there are still men who can not lie, not dodge, and openly express opinion on the sights, on the intentions, on the feelings. I very much want, that you would understand, that I hate men who lie and dodge in the ideas, in the acts, in the feelings. And still I never and there is nothing I shall not forgive treachery because also itself never to betray to me the close person, I shall not leave his one alone with the trouble, with the problems. In fact I think, that at each person there should be a mercy and compassion. Everyone should be ready to come to the aid to the close person, and sometimes and be capable to go on a victim for the sake of close him the person. I think, that everyone should be ready to giving a particle of the soul, a particle of heat to the that person for the sake of whom it is capable of everything, down to self-sacrifice. I very much would like find out, what you appreciate in people? What human qualities draw to you people draw to you people and what push away. On it I shall allow itself to finish the letter, and I leave behind myself the right with impatience to look forward to hearing from you.
Yours Tatyana
Letter 6
Hello my Dear!!!
Allow I you now I will name "my dear". Believe, I rejoice to each your letter. For me these letters are the true rescue. I am very glad, that we have met on the Internet. To me has really carried, that I have met such understanding, kind and cheerful person. It is very easy to me to communicate with you, and this dialogue fills my life with sense. You are so fair and frank interlocutors, that I to you can tell about all my problems and cares because I know, that you always will listen to me and will understand. You can always support me. Thanks you for it, that you are at me. I do not know, that at us will be in the future, but I wish to have hope, that our relations will proceed also we will find out about each other more and more. I am confident, that if our dialogue is long we will be lucky enough. And this happiness will be the hugest in this small world. And then our life will be so wonderful, that she cannot be distinguished from a fairy tale. And we never will want to leave this fairy tale more. And the greatest misfortune for us will lose each other. But I can assure you, that to me painfully to think even now about our separation. I do not wish even to admit such thought. Please, write to me, that you think in this occasion. You agree with my thoughts? I do not want, that my feelings were unilateral. I wish to feel reciprocity. I want, that you have opened the feelings which you feel to me. Let even they are very weak and uncertain, but I wish to know simply, that they are. I simply cannot present, that you are absolutely cold to me. Be not afraid, tell to me the truth, I do not want, that at us were incomprehensibility in relations. I want the pure relations cleared of falseness and pretence. I am confident, that at the given stage of our relations we have the purest relations. I want, that and further all proceeded how now.
At last, I have told to you, that wanted and have given vent to you to the soul. To me became so easily from it. Thanks you that you were typed patience and have read up to the end my letter.
I with impatience will look forward to your reply.
Yours faithfully Tatyana
Letter 7
Hello my dear!!!
I thank you that you continue to write to me. As you know, I already very much wish to get rid for a long time of loneliness. I wish to understand, feel, that such present female happiness. I wish to understand, that such to have children and loving husband. I dream of strong loving family. I continue to encourage myself with hope, that our correspondence is not vain, that we will have the joint future.
Concerning me I will do all from me depending that our relations grew, and occurrence of love, huge and pure became result of our relations.
You will help me to build our love? I want, that our relations were originally absolutely fair, and had no pretence. If to you something not to liking in our relations I ask to inform you to me on it at once. We will discuss this problems, and we will find the decision.
Certainly, we should know all parties of our life, the pleasant moments and not so. That at personal meeting we had no shock, having found out about the new facts of our lives. You agree with me? And I would like, that at the first personal meeting we communicated as if we know each other already one hundred years. I think, that it is important for true pure relations. What do you think of the given stage of our relations? We have any initial potential to build love?
We can have the present human happiness in the future? I will wait for answers. Yours Tatyana
Letter 8
Hello my dear Patrice!!!
I today have come to the Internet of cafe in bad mood. I have some difficulties in family. But when I have opened the box and have seen, that the letter from you my mood has a little risen there lays. Thanks you, that you continue to write to me. Your letters are necessary for me now, as air because only they can lift my mood. It is pleasant for me to realize, that I not one in this world and that I for whom that am necessary. I want to share with you with one I think. I already for a long time about it thought. Imagine, the person has lived almost 30 years and never saw such miracle in the world, as the sea. Yes, I was on the sea never. I already for a long time wanted to visit on the sea, to see its beauty really, to see a sunset above the sea, to feel a salty smell of the sea, to hear a surf and to feel as a wave caress my body. But each time when I already precisely decided, that then that I shall go, always something happened. So went year after year and my dream did not want to become a reality. I very much want on the sea. And you frequently are on the sea? I am confident, that is much $more often, than I :-) to you have carried!!! I also think, that one to be on the sea is to a lesser degree ridiculously. How you consider? I want to share with you one my dream. Present, evening, the sun to tend to horizon, reddening the hot light. Everywhere the ending of day is felt: birds have already got tired to sing, but their place was borrowed with crickets who not ceasing start to chirr, creating romantic evening conditions. Admiring a sunset and singing of crickets, we with you go together on the lonely beach, reddening from the sun. And having found, a convenient place where nobody can prevent us, we shall stop. At with themselves we shall be a pair of glasses and a bottle of Martini. You will get this drink and will pour on glasses. And I shall tell a toast: " it is not important that to happen at us in the future, but we are obliged to remember this evening for ever. " The ambassador the first drinks of Martini, at once is felt an easy relaxation on all body and inflow of bright emotions. I shall suggest you, to come nearer to sea and to sit so that the sea could caress our legs. And we sit so closely to each other, that already we start to feel heat of bodies each other. It is very pleasant for both of us to feel it. The sun already on half left for horizon and our shadows became so long, that it is difficult for us to see, where our persons inevitably come nearer to each other. For one instant our persons have stopped the rapproachement to each other, asking about the sanction to a kiss. Second of doubt and shyness has flown by, and....... Our FIRST KISS..... Know, that in the world there is a person who thinks of you and waits for your letter very much very much!!! Yours Tatyana
Letter 9
I have again come to check up my email today and I have not found out your letter. I hope, that at you all is good now and I hope, that you had good rest in last weekend. Last days I thought of our acquaintance much and I honestly wish to tell to you, that I in a shower had a small hope. :) I very much wish to hope, that we were not mistaken, when have got acquainted with each other and I will try to aspire to that we had very interesting correspondence that we could achieve good result. Both of us know, that we want from this life and we have mutual liking to each other. In my opinion we should try to be hooked for this chance and to try to communicate much more. I really am very strongly interested in our correspondence and I very much hope, that we can achieve certain success in our dialogue. I very much wait for your following letter to me and I hope, that you will write to me soon. I wish to wish you the successful beginning of week and the big mood for all week.
Letter 10
Hello my dear Patrice!!!
How there are your affairs? How do you feel? I'm fine. Your letters invariable I raise my mood, and recreate in me thirst by a life. I thank you for your words and participation on relation to me, and to mine letters. I want to admit to you that in result to our correspondence I relation to you becomes more and more predisposed. Know, last night, when I observed of the night sky and looked at stars, I have involuntarily thought of you. I shall not begin to hide, I would like to name your name the brightest star in the night sky as actually for me you and so be some kind of a star which bright light lights up to me a way to realization of my dreams, and warms me the heat, being for some thousand miles from me. Probably now, after our acquaintance I shall pay attention is more often to stars, and constantly to think of you and a real opportunity of an embodiment of my most secret desires. I very much would like, that our desires not only coincided, but also had under itself ground for successful implementation. I want to pay your attention that I have come to the decision to find the friend through the Internet, by long meditations and contradictions, and on this I would like, that you have understood all gravity of my intentions, and with understanding have considered my assurances about our friendship. I hope, you correctly estimate all gravity of the act accomplished by me as your opinion in this question certainly has for me huge value. Certainly, very much it would be desirable to hope and even to be confident gravity and purposefulness of yours relation to our dialogue. I ask to understand me correctly, and to appreciate my sincerity in relation to you. As I hope, that our dialogue further will be not less fruitful, and ours relation become more extensive and confidential. I hope you understand, that I not only would not like to lose in your person of such sensitive and sympathizing friend, but also I have the big hope and even more the greater desire and belief that as a result of our positively adjusted dialogue our mutually warm friendly relation steadily have developed into something more greater and light... I Hope you correctly will understand me, despite of boldness and an openness of my ideas and sights. Very much it would be desirable, what my frankness and sincerity has not been accepted for banal tactlessness and impudence. On it I want turn the revelations and to finish my letter inverted to you. I again have only hope and expectation of your following message.
With wishes of internal calmness and composure.
Yours Tatyana
Letter 11
Hello my dear!!!
Sorry, that some days did not write you the letter. Last two days we had very bad weather and I in any way did not wish to go to the cafe Internet. Especially I did not have a mood and it would not be desirable to spoil mood to you. Today at me the day off and today warm and the sun weather. From it at me today good mood. Last two days I have become sad also to me it was very melancholy. I did not know where to get to and did not know than to be engaged. My girlfriend was at job and both evenings I was one. I sometimes so would like love and care. I really sometimes very much to get tired of loneliness and often becomes intolerable sadly. If I had children my life could be cheerful :). Good. I do not wish to tyre you with my thoughts on mood :). What at you new? How there pass your days in the beginning of week? Write to me about it because I really would like to present your way of life. Any person has lacks and it is necessary to search for it in itself and to try to correct. Too it seems to me, that at us it turns out to find understanding in some questions and I see, that we can be on friendly terms. Who knows, the future can will show, that the friendship can become not only friendship. :) I wish to say fairly to you. I very much would like to hope, that you can appear that man who is necessary to me in a life. Very much it would be desirable, because you very good person and I see, that you are capable to make the woman happy. But while it only hopes, which are very difficult for carrying out, because we understand what now it is not time yet to think of relations between us. All the same we yet so long communicate. I think of the future and I think much, but while anything certain I can not say. My future depends on that person whom I can grow fond and who can win my heart really. Then I can go with such person anywhere if only always together to be with this person. I hope, that you have understood, that I now wished to say. :) I also can say definitely one thing. You have chance and very an every prospect to win my heart but while about it to speak very much early because we never really saw each other and sometimes happens very difficultly to present an image of the person only on correspondence. My dear at us the chance for a meeting in the future and then we will see that will be further will really be given. Good. On it I will finish my letter and I will wait for your answer. I will wait for your answer. Tatyana

Letter 11
Hello my dear!!!
It was very pleasant to me to receive from you such sincerely letter in which you have responded full reciprocity to my recognition. I very much wish to apologise before you, for my long absence. I was very strong is occupied at job and I very much had not enough time. Now I have a free time and I have come at once to the Internet the centre. I am am overflowed with delightful feelings of delight from that consciousness, that we are not only close friends, but also we feed to each other sincere feelings. After all it is very important, what in relations with the liked person there was that tenderness which radiates loving heart. I hope you with me agree? As to me it is very pleasant, what even yet not having personal contact possibility, we nevertheless on became close to each other so much, that between us has appeared that big, light feeling for the sake of which it is necessary to live for the sake of which it is possible to transfer all burdens and deprivations to which I repeatedly was exposed. I consider, that all occurring to us can name one, but very capacious word on the sense - LOVE! Certainly it is very pleasant to me to receive your letters, but I in increasing frequency think recently of our meeting. Most likely, and you thought time and again of it, and can be even imagined our appointment. Please write to me about it. I really very much want with you will meet, and personally to express you those which feelings of gratitude you deserve, as the man released me from the loneliness and mistrust fetters, the hope which has given to my of finding of a happy and quiet life near to the beloved. It would be desirable to believe, that all that you write really are sincere feelings going from your heart as it would not be desirable to believe, that my illusions all it only, and that all it on is serious so much that will have continuation in a current of all life would be desirable to believe. I am assured that we will fine spend time, it is better we find out each other, and perhaps and at last that we realise our imaginations. I hope that you understand me :)? Therefore I also dare to insist that my arrival to you will be much more expedient, rather than other existing variants. Knowing you as the reasonable person and the man, capable to make correct decisions in various situations, it is assured, that you completely support my initiative. It I wish to finish the letter addressed to you my perfect.
With hope of a prompt reply, and your support of my offer.
With wishes of prudence and pleasant minutes of expectation of our meeting.
Your gentle friend Tatyana
Letter 12
Hello my dear!!!
I am very glad to receive from you a fast reply. Also it is happy, that you so quickly to give me the answer. I to read your letter and I am glad to hear, that you too not against with me to have a meeting. Now my dear I to wish to find out, when we can have a meeting? And when it will be convenient to us to have a meeting? I can have with you a meeting in the end of May. You to wish to have with me a meeting in the end of May? And you can meet me in the end of May? Now I very much to wait from you a fast reply. Yours faithfully to you yours Tatyana
Letter 13
Hello my dear!!!
I am very glad to receive from you a fast reply. And I am happy, that you so soon to write to me. I now to be in the Internet the centre to check up your letter to me. Also that as I already to say to you, that I am very glad to receive from you the next letter. I too very much to wish to have with you a meeting. Also that I will be glad, if we can meet in yours put a birth. I not to know my dear, how many from me will occupy time for registration to you in your country. Then to me I to descend today in any travel agency and to find out about a trip to you. Only I very much to want that you me to tell the exact data and the nearest to you the airport. And then I can to make all quickly. You probably the nobility about travel agency. It is the fastest and easy way of reception of all documents that it was possible to drive in other country. What you tell to me my dear about travel agency? You agree, that I to address in travel agency? Now I will wait from you a fast reply. Yours faithfully to you yours Tatyana
Letter 14
Hello my dear!!!
I am very glad to receive again from you the next letter which you as always it is very beautiful to write. At you very warm gentle words which I when not to hear yet. Now I to wish to tell to you in this letter now very important. I to descend in travel agency and to find out all about a trip to you my dear. To me to tell, that I can easy make all in travel agency. It is the most simple and cheap way reception the visa to your country. To start to make the visa and the ticket to your country, I at first should conclude the contract with travel agency. After I to conclude the contract with travel agency to me the visa and the ticket will start to make. But that I to me to begin official registration of papers, I should bring all sum of money. It is the sum of money which I should bring will be for the ticket and for the visa to your fine country. For registration the visa at me will occupy 1,5 - 2 weeks. And then I should go on interview in Moscow. After interview I should receive the visa. And then I can easy arrive to you my dear. Only I not to wish you to afflict strongly my dear. When I to find out the price about a trip to you, I of course to be a little in a shock. Because I not to know that so will cost much to you my dear and that I do not have such sum of money. I not to know, where I can get such sum of money to arrive to you my dear? I will be very glad, if you help me with this sum of money. To me to tell, that for registration the visa and the ticket to you will cost 1000$. Also that I not to know where to me to take such sum of money. My dear, you can help me with this sum of money 1000$? I will wait very much from you a fast reply. Yours faithfully to you yours Tatyana
Letter 15
Hello my dear!!! Certainly, I am very glad, that you have a possibility the help to me with my trip. It means, that we soon will together. Also I hope, that I can make this your birthday the happiest. I wish to be favourite and to give love to you. It seems to me now a fantastic fairy tale which I do not wish to leave. After such long loneliness, I feel now, that I now not one. Let you while are for thousand kilometres from me, but I feel your heat and care. I believe, that we will be happy. And I will make all from me depending that we could create loving and strong family. There is not enough time before your birthday. And consequently it is necessary for us to hasten. And I have thought, that it will be much easier, if we discuss all details of my trip in on-line. You have Yahoo Messenger???? We could communicate with you there. If you have no Yahoo Messenger you can pass under the given reference and to load Yahoo on the computer. Here the reference: Then we could have dialogue there. What do you think of it??? And also I wish you to tell, that I can communicate with you only in the evening, after work. It approximately 6,00 pm my time or later. I do not know, what difference in time between us, but I think, that for you will not present difficulty to find out it and to orient in time. I will wait for you today in Yahoo in 6,00 pm. Mine Yahooo ID: I hope, that you can with me chatter today. PS Unfortunately, I have no photo which you ask. But I will send you another. I hope to you it is pleasant. For ever yours Tatyana
Letter 16
Hello my dear!!!
I have only minute to check up mail. And me has carried. You already to answer me. Unfortunately, I have no a lot of time to write you the big letter. I only wish to inform, that I in our city am Western Union. And I think, that we can take advantage of their services.
My full name: Tatyana Zvereva.
The name of my city: Yoshkar-Ola.
It is everything, what it is necessary for you??? If is not present, write me that still it is necessary for you to know. I wait for your letter.
I love you, Tatyana.
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