Letter(s) from Maria Lebedeva to Jose (Spain)

Letter 1

Hello Jose!
I am very pleased to receive your response.
This is very pleased that our knowledge advanced.
I want to tell you that I am very pleased to read your letters.
Jose I will tell you about my childhood.
After I graduated from kindergarten, I went to school. Even in kindergarten, I was different because I was energetic and always tried to think of anything, and do. At this school, I was very evident among the other students. In high school I studied very well. I loved to learn for me it was very nice. In his free time, I visited the school more different classes. These were such as classes - singing in the school choir and gymnastics class. And free from the school of time, I loved to read books. I think that for this fixed for me a few habits from childhood until now. Now I like in their free time to read books and engage in gymnastics, as if on the street the summer and it's raining I like to walk in the rain. Because I love rain. And how do you feel about sports??? Here is that my hobby is sports and reading books. But as I like to watch TV. Basically this film. I love to watch movies, and romantic comedy. What kind of movies you like??? and what your hobbies??? In high school I graduated 11 classes. After school I went to learn more. I entered the Institute. For me it was not difficult, because I believe that I am smart and my knowledge helps me in this. I studied there for 5 years and I have received higher education. I now work as a hairdresser because I really like the cut of other people and they do hair, but I still can work the doctor because I went to the doctor and I now have a profession of a doctor. Jose Tell me more about your childhood. About your hobby and what work you are doing now because
I am very interesting for me to know what you like to do in svobolnoe time from work, and what you have a hobby. Jose I look forward to your next message.
Your new friend Masha!!!

Letter 2

Hello my dear Jose!!!
I am very glad that you responded to my letter on the site. Here is a hurry to respond to letter. I am sending you another picture.
I want to tell you about myself and what I am looking for.
I need a man who would hold me life and with whom I wanted to conduct their lives. My desire is seriously. I want to tell a little about yourself.
My growth 172 cm, weight 55 kg. I am 27 years old. I have never been married.
By education I am an accountant. I have a university degree.
Currently I am working. I do not have children. I have beautiful eyes.
I love sports, I try to keep themselves in shape.
It is necessary in our time. How do you see it?
I do not smoke and do not drink alcohol
I hope you like it.
I will help you get to know me. I
well speak English, but writing is not very good.
at the institute, I had a good assessment. I think that you can understand all my letters.
Jose If something you would not understand Tell me about
this. I try to speak more clearly.
I have a computer at home, or I will
write to you from an Internet cafe or a friend. My friend advised me to search only in Internet. Jose I do not expect you to answer me. I hope that we with you well learn each other. I want to know more about you. Tell me about your habits, hobbies. Tell me where you live. What do you love. I will wait for your reply. Your new friend Masha!!!

Letter 3

My sincere Hello to you Jose.
How are you???
As the weather in your city now?
I am very glad that you answered me.
I hope that you all are well.
In this letter I wish to tell you about my family. I have the mother, her 51 years. Unfortunately, I have only my mother, because my dad died 5 years ago. my dear, I want to tell you that my dad was a very remarkable and very fond of me and my mother, I want to tell you that my dad was a very nice person and polite. He loved me and granted me a lot of the childhood gift, so that I can say that my childhood was very good and my family was good, until I had grown up, and when I am grown up I was very little talk with him because when I had grown up and finished the study at the Institute, I went immediately to work. my dear, I wish you still say that I have the aunt she lives in Kazan and I vizhus it is very rare because my aunt is very busy man. Jose I wish to say that we have a garden with my mother. I want to tell you some words about the Russian gardens. Most Russians have a garden, in the gardens they grow cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, onions and many other crops, and many fruits and berries. In summer I often come into our garden because there are very nice and very good. I love to be in nature, because it is fresh air and a very calm and quiet atmosphere, I love the rest of the city in a calm quiet place, especially in the countryside. I love helping my mom when she may be doing that in court. Jose Tell me, please, about your family. I'm very interested to know! my dear, I still love to walk on the shore of what may be a stream or river, and sit beside them and listen to sound of the brook, and I still like to walk in the woods and listening to birds singing in spring.
At the same time, I finish the letter. It is a great look forward to your next letter! Masha.

Letter 4

Hello dear Jose!!! I hope you will not be against if I called you dear???
How are you???
How your health???
Today it was a great pleasure for me to find your letter today. To me everything is okay. I hope you will also stay in good spirits. dear I want to tell you that today I will be home all evening, I will read the book. And then I will be watching TV. Show today interesting film. This is - the movie adventure. And I love them. Dear Jose I think that you will be interested to know about where I zhivu.Ya live in Russia, the Republic of Tatarstan, the city called Zelenodolsk. I love Russia and my city I like very much just here in Russia so many criminals and too many people who love to drink, and mock the girls feelings, here I was born and grew up. My town far from other towns for miles, for example, Moscow was from our town which is over 850 kilometers. Our republic is located too far from Moscow. my dear, I want to tell you that I still love in your spare time from work to go with girlfriends to the movies and sometimes I go with them to a disco. Dear Jose is little information about me and my city. Now I think that you have little idea about where I live. Jose Tell me about your city. Where were you born and where live now. I am very interested to know that.
And for this I want to know about you as much information as possible. Dear Jose if my letters seem small to you, I beg you tell me about it, and I will try to tell you about myself in more detail. At the same time, I finish my letter and very much look forward to your letters. Your girlfriend from Russia Masha!!!

Letter 5

Hello, love washing, I am very glad, that you have written to me and it is very pleasant to me to read your fine letter!!! The love washing, I has just arrived from my grandfather and I have gone at once to Internet cafe to read your letter and to write you the answer. I had to be late at the grandfather because there was a strong hurricane and it broke electricity lines. The love washing, I very strongly missed on you and I very much did not have you now we can much with you after all I will leave we we will be a single whole you and I much more.
Yours Masha!!!!!

Letter 6

Hello my favorite.
How are you???
I am very pleased to receive your letter.
It gives me great pleasure to answer your letter dear. I am very grateful
Thank you for the attention and interest for me.
Dear deepthroat I want to ask you that I called you in
Letters, my love? I think it will be a pleasure for you.
This - very spare, we, while - far from each other. We are divided into
Great distances.
Even the most difficult obstacles have no effect similar to that
Strong, intelligent and cautious people like you. My love, I shall be deepthroat
Remember the day of our romanticism, found all his life.
I really want to talk about love. Favorite Prince deepthroat I have long dreamed of, as we sit by the fireplace.
Candles burn soft, pleasant light. Wood-fire - a bit
The cracks in the fireplace. We look upon each other and all our ideas about love.
I always try to continue the tradition of my family.
When that my parents were good pair, and always supported each other.
My mom always brought up me to be independent and autonomous.
I love smart and powerful people who have views
From the presentation on life.
I try to surround my honor and honest people, the existence of
One rare feature of kindness and sincerity.
Love to me means svobodu.Mily Freedom to choose your beloved.
I must freely choose a person whom I should give all sincere kindness, all feelings.
I think the creation of family should be based on love. If
Marriage was created not on love, it will not be long and happy life.
Love - a gift that is made for your beloved.
If the human soul is remarkable, its weaknesses are not noticed.
Love allows me to look at the world in the new.
I wish, I will have the love for which I am ready to give life. I
Do you have such an understanding and affinity, for which I
I would be willing to give everything.
What do you think about all this is my honey? What is love in your opinion?
Please answer my questions.
Our life is met. Let them burn as a bright star of our amazing love.
I will wait for your answer. I look forward to the future.
Love and a kiss.
Your Masha!!!

Letter 7

Hello, my sweet love deepthroat.
How are you today???
I was very happy to receive your letter today.
I am always pleased with your letters, my prince .. They always lift my spirits.
For me it was a great happiness to meet someone like you, my sweet deepthroat.
You became my ideal my star charming happiness. And I am satisfied that this
You took a seat in my big and hot female heart.
My favorite deepthroat, I can not be without you for me, it starts to more torture.
I want to be close to you, want to feel your gentle contact and kissing.
Would you like to hear from you gentle words of love.
Dear deepthroat I want to prepare for our meeting. What do you think about it, my sweet prince?
I think we know each other already, and that the time has come to us
go to the next stage of our relationship.
I think that we can learn about each other more if we will any time with my wonderful.
My love for you is very strong and serious, I do not so little girl to play the game.
I really want to meet you my prince deepthroat. And I hope that our desires coincide.
My love deepthroat you want to meet me in your country?
At the same time, I finish this letter.
I look forward to your quick response, my favorite.
I will send you a gentle kiss and a strong embrace.
With all the love your sweet Masha!!!
PS My favorite photo with me is my naparnitsy, we work together.

Letter 8

Hello my love! As I am again glad to hear you. Each your letter for me is pleasure on all the day and night, to following your letter which I wait every minute.
It seems to me, that I cannot breathe without you any more. I do not have no air as I wish to breathe it near to you, to enjoy a life and all it near to you. I cannot without you. I wish to get you the hand, to touch you.
Road as I have understood from your last letter, you want that I have arrived to you? The darling I so about it long dreamt, I am simple the first did not dare to start talking about it that you were not frightened of our fast relations. But actually after all we already long correspond, have learnt each other well, we like each other outwardly and all would be very fine to meet and tell each other in eyes. You too so think? Yes if I have arrived to you for long time I would work for you. I very hardworking also am not afraid of difficulties. Can once we and we will meet, then I will be the happiest girl on light.
The darling I so want that you cared of me, protected me, I loved me I know that if we meet, it and will be also I will be loving your beloved. I will care and preserve too you.
The darling to arrive to you to me the visa and the passport and tickets are necessary. If you want that I will go to agency and I learn all in detail.
I love you and I wish to be with you, you very careful and tender about such man I always dreamt.
I love you and I wait for your following letter. Also remember I think of you every minute. Masha!

Letter 9

Hi mine love Jose.
How at you business? How your health? All it is interesting to me, because I love you, I wish to be with you.
The darling from your last letter I have understood, that you want, that I have arrived to you. Also you ask me when I could arrive to you. I can arrive to you at any time now. I now in two days will have a holiday on work and I could arrive to you. It suits you? But favourite understand, that I do not have money to arrive to you. Only road do not take offence at me, for that that I ask from you money. I simply do not have other exit. If you can help me make it please. Tomorrow I could look for any firm which is engaged in registration of visas to travel. If you not against I descend tomorrow and all I learn. The darling I very much love you and very strongly I wait for a meeting with you. You to me are very expensive. You the unique person on a planet which I so strongly love. I think that you too love me. To It ours with you the life becomes more beautiful also to me very much it would be desirable to spend all my life with you. I have a favourite person on other party of a planet. And to it I the happiest girl on the earth. You my unique love. I would not like to love anybody except you. I am ready all that you will want for you, I am ready to die for you. I do not know that to me to do when you are not present beside, I so miss you my loved, I am ready to repeat as I strongly I love you and that I cannot live without you all life because you that for the sake of which I live in this world. I once again want to tell to you that I want to appear as soon as possible near to you and to spend with you all time, because you all for me. You a drink of air for me, and without air I cannot live more.

I hope that you will very soon write to me the answer, I with cardiac arrest shall wait your letter.


YOUR Masha!!!

Letter 10

Hello my loved man Jose!!!
I wish to tell to you, that I was in travel agency and have learned the necessary information. I have learned, it will be necessary to be for me with you mine Jose. That I had an opportunity to fly to you to me, it is necessary the visa, medical insurance. In travel agency to me have told, that the best for me should let out the visa of the tourist but then we can change the status of the tourist visa. The tourist visa which it will be valid within 6 months but to remain in your country, I am continuous, can only within 90 days. At this time we can change the status of the visa, and I can remain with you for ever. The tourist visa to receive much easier and is cheaper, than other visas and to this it is necessary during smaller quantity for time. In travel agency to me have told, that with their help on registration of the visa it is required no more, than one week. I have learned about other kinds of visas. Probably to receive the visa of the bride, but to this it is necessary during a lot of time and a lot of money. The visa of the bride costs approximately 930 euros. And with this purpose still it is a lot of documents, that in embassy of your country it has approved, are necessary. As there is a probability with which the visa of the bride cannot satisfy. Tourist 445 euros of expenses of visas, in this cost enter into services of agency, and 205 euros cost medical insurance. In total cost makes 650 euros. It is smaller, than the groom of the visa, and it does not require many documents and by time. Certainly the visa of the bride there are more than approaches in our case, but I think, that it will be better if to us to make the visa of the tourist. How you think? But I have not now even money for the tourist visa. And I do not know that - time to me, to be necessary, to save such greater a sum of money. I today have addressed to my mother and my friends. I wished to take money from them. Certainly I would return it then, because I as would like to work to benefit for our family. But they have no such plenty of money. I now do not know, it to me to make. I have been broken all the day long long to this case. I thought, where I can take so much. But I also have not thought over it. But however I hope, that in all of us good will be fast, also we can together. We can soon take pleasure in a sweet of our lips and a heat of our gentle embraces.
Yours Masha!!!!!!

Letter 11

Hello my favourite and adored prince!!!
love Jose to me your new letter was very pleasant to receive mine. Mine love Jose I am very glad that you want too ours with you of a meeting. My favourite I am very glad that you to me wish to help and send me money that I can make the visa that to me have allowed to arrive to your country, my dear I is grateful to you for that that you help me money that I can arrive to you. Mine love Jose I wish to tell to you that I this morning went to bank to learn as you can send me money without any problems, my dear I have good news, I have learnt as you can safely send me money. I have learnt, that it will be better and more safe if to use system of remittance Money Gram. Mine love Jose to me in bank what information and what data to you have told will be necessary to send me money.
Here my data which will be necessary to you at sending of money:
Money Gram
The country: RUSSIA
The postal index: 422550
Maria Lebedeva
Mine love Jose after you to send me money in Money Gram, do not forget to inform me to me remittance number (MTCN), and as the full name and the full address. It is very important. Without this information I cannot receive money which you to me will send. Mine love Jose it will be better if you send me a x-copy of data so on much more conveniently wash love Jose to me in bank still have told that if you make an error when will write down my data which I to you have given or the that I cannot receive money and if you all write correctly that I I can receive money without any problems.
Mine love Jose I am simple I do not wish to wait long because I very much want to you, to be with you, can embrace you and give you the most sweet and hot kisses. Mine love Jose on it I will finish the letter, but I will look forward your letter because your letters give to me warmly and pleasure because your letters are full of love.
Thanks you in advance,
With love on always your Russian girl Masha!!!