Scam letter(s) from Nicole Shanita to Jamal (Saudi Arabia)

Letter 1
Hello Dearie, Thanks for getting back to me,How are you and work? I hope everything is going on fine with you? I am alright here and like I have told you,I want you to know that its not as if I am in a hurry to get married now but that very day I read your profile, my instinct agreed with me to get to you and I did because I believe that God always lead me right. I am planning to quit this model job when I get back home in fact that's one of the reason my promoter went to UK to find another model that will work for him in his new job in Spain. but I decided to quit because of two reasons .... 1, it gives me no chance to get closer to God as I ever wanted. 2, it has been my dream to settle down and have my won family healthy and happy in love. And I am sure that if I continue to do this, I may ever not be chanced to get my self settled. so am planning to established a beauty salon for ladies when I get back from the little money I realize from this trip. Am also professional hair stylist for ladies and am also no more about costuming so I am sure am going to excel in that field am just praying to God to lead me right to the best location because I think a very good location is one of the most important thing to make a buss boom rightly.

When you will reply my mail, I want you to tell me more about your family background because my dad always tell me before he died that 'its one thing to have a good wife and its another thing to have bad in laws' and that its the good inlaws he's got with my mum's family that helped them most in there marriage.Have you date anyone on the Internet before and if yes how does it feel when you meet the person?what do you like in a lady ? .are you a player or for real ? ..are you single or divorced? you have kids and if yes, will you still want to have more? What you do for a living? ..tell me about yourself ... your family background? You should be able to ask me any question you think you wanna know about me and will answer you with all sincerity. I have to run along from here, stay blessed and bye. Yours shanita nicole.
Letter 2
Hello Dearie,
I am very happy since we have started talking on line .I have been very busy trying to finalise some buss i have come to South Africa for. You will never understand how much i want to be loved again in my life, you will never understand how much i want to see my husband happy and see my children playing in the garden and i and my love looking at them and thanking God for what he has done for us.
But i am always afraid that i may never find a man that i can live this kind of a life with.i have passed through a lot in my life that i always ask God the reason i have this kind of a heart and still living a very lonely life.I am not in a hurry to marry though but i am very open minded and i have to tell you exactly how i am feeling.i want love and be dedicated, i want love and want to be faithful to my husband till death like my mother did.I was born in wigan U.K like i have told you before we moved to old town Alexandria UK. i happen to be the only child of the family but things started getting worse when i lost both of my parents.I moved to stay with my aunt in Brooklyn NY and this my aunt introduced me into modelling because she is a model costumer. Her daughter was a very good friend of mine and the only person i ever love in my life she is more pretty than i am and we are very close.along the line i met Keith and we started going out. i have never felt this way in my life and i love him so much he was everything to me and i started to think this is the will of God for me.
After 1 year of our relationship,i went to North Boise for a job and i stayed with a friend whom we both model together but she stays there in Boise.the job never went as i wanted so i got to come home to Brooklyn earlier than expected. On getting home i caught my Man red handed with Faith the daughter of my sister who was my best friend then.I almost went mad and attempted suicide. But thank God that when i jumped i did not die.that was how i met God and after some months he gave me hope for life and i went to stay with this my friend in north Boise.
Not long when i got to Boise that my friend was offered the job to come model in South Africa. She could not make it because she was about getting married then.So she introduced me to the agent and i was brought down to South Africa here,She also introduced me to the dating site where we met each other because its the place she met her husband.I am not sure if this is right although i have since allowed my past to go behind me forever but you must understand that i am still afraid and never want what has happened to me before to happen again.i am pulling the wall i have built around me down for the first time because of you and i think God willing this will lead us into somewhere great.I have to go for now and i hope we have time to talk better later.
Bye and God bless
shanita nicole.
Letter 3
To be candid with you,i am not feeling is something that is really making me sad each time,i remember the way my ex[rashed] is maltreating me.. am somewhat moody and sad right now.I dont just know what to do right now.., iam having a serious pain from cramps since morning and its a very severe pain. if you dont know what i mean, iam having a very hurting menstrual pain . i have been trying to contact my promoter since many days back so that he can send some funds to me to get the drug i normally use anytime the pain wanna go out of hand. and he seems to have blocked everywhere that i could get in touch with him but all my effort to get in touch with my promoter has proved abortive. i weeping seriously now but i will make sure i get back to you in some minutes,i would like you to loan me some money so that i can use it for the medications.I am not really fine as i am writing you now.The pains seem to be getting worse than it did before.I will be expecting to hear from you soon and i hope that God will touch your heart so that you can help me out to buy the medications.I'll be looking forward to read from you soon...BYE
Letter 4

My friend: name: george september
address:101 demakot,kotze street pretoria, 0002,south africa. Surname:::september
First name:;; George
Street address;;;kotze street
country:::south africa
residential status:::rsa resident.
Date of birth:07,08,1980
tlephone::::+277 68657314
area code::+227. Primary benefitiary name:::George september

nationality:::south african

Alternate benefitiary name::::shanita nicole

Benefitiary address:::;Address;101 demakot, kotze street,pta. 0002. south africa.


Zip code;;;;;0002


country:;::south Africa Good morning my love i slept over time and thats why i could not come back here as i have promised but i will be waiting for you back on lline when you get back for the western union honey.
your in love shanita. My address:
94 relly street lodge indwe flat 203 sunny side pts 0002 south africa.

My Friend:

first name:nonkona wendy

street address:94 lodge indwe relly street


residence:south african citizen

area code:227


my love i love you so much and happy valentines day baby.
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