Letter(s) from Julia Sotnikova to Billy (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Billy!!!!!
Thank you for your answer.
Oh..... I do want to see you in reality very much!!!!!
I imagine,when I come to you,you will meet me at the airport with a bunch of beautiful flowers....
I will run to you full of happines,we will hug and kiss each other.....
I can't wait of that magical moment....I love you so much,my dear!!!!!
I want to be with you,but it hurts me very much because it's only my dream....as I found out everything...we need to make our dream comes true!!!!!! But now i am not sure that it is possible for me, because I need a passport, a visa,and tickets. I was told that it is not a big problem to get a visa!!!!! A passport costs $150 , a visa $330 and tickets $516...
Oh,Billy, everything is so expensive,I don't have such a huge sum......as my salary it too small....
Maybe you can help me with that.... all these money are for our happiness and being together...
I rely on you,only you can save our love from distance.......

Letter 2

Thank you for your letter.
I am very happy that you will help me!!!!! I love you so much and I do want to be neat you as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So,Billy,I found out how could you send me these money.You should go to the "Western Union" I am sure you will find it easily. You just need my personal information,and then you will be given a code,you will say it to me,with you personal information and I will be able to take those money. So,Billy,here is my personal information.
Yliya Sotnikova (my full name)
Mira 17 (the street where I live)
Volchansk (the city where I live)
zip code 62500
I think we should do it as soon as possible!!!
Here is my tel number +380994521653 call m in the evening......
I am looking forward your answer.