Scam letter(s) from Alina Suvorova to Lorenzo (Germany)

Letter 1
Hi, my dear Lorenzo!!! I was very glad to receive a letter from you today!!! It make me the happiest girl in the world even that it rains outside! And how are you today??? What are you going to do??? I will probably go to the shop cause i have to buy an evening dress to the prom that we will have next week!!! I know that it sounds strange that I need to buy and not that i want to buy, but my family and i have some problems right now, money problems, dear!! But i really want to go there and to be the most beautiful girl!!!! The most beautiful for you dear, cause you always wrote me that i am very pretty and I want to have a wonderful dress! Yesterday my friend and I went to the boutique and I saw there an amazing dress sweetie!!! It was so stylish and fit me very much, it was blue like my eyes, my friend told me)))) I really want to have it, but it is very expensive 256$ and when i told about that to my parents they told me that they have no such a sum for a dress((( And I do not want to have another dress cause it is the most beautiful in the world and i want to have only it!!! I know that I am a little bit selfish but the prom i will have only once and I want it to be remembered all my life!! The reason it that I do not have a prom at school cause my parents do not have money on it so I was alone at home while all my classmates were having a party, and since that time I was dreaming about the prom at the university and now I understand that this dream will not come true!!!!(((( And I think that I do not have any right to ask you about such things but i really do not have other person top help me and I really love and I think that you share my feelings!! so dear Lorenzo if you can i ask you about help!!! But I do not demand anything from you I just ask and if you have a possibility please help me sweetie, cause I want to have this holiday at least on time in life!!!! I want to say thank for very interesting letters dear!! i like to get to know more and more abut you sweetie!!! so write as much as you want!!! I want to say that it is wonderful that you like your work very much i also want to have such kind of work))) Waiting for a reply from you soon dear !yours for ever Alina!
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