Letter(s) from Rachel Song to William (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Sweetheart,

How are you? and i hope everything is ok with you
I am writing you this Email just to say that i am so glad i got to meet you and also to know you
it has been a very wonderful experience for me
I never thought that i would meet such a gentleman,so nice and good
Ever since i got to know you,i have been having peace and joy.
Those elements i lost while in my last abusive relationship
We had a very nice chat the other day and i was so happy and felt lucky
you have touched my heart in many ways and i just look forward to our relationship going further and better,i want the sky to be our take off point not even our limit
You are a wonderful and nice man and i like you as a real Gentleman you are
I am sorry but i am not used to writing long emails,i am just short of what to say and i hope you forgive me,
but i hope i drove home my point which is,you make me feel complete and so loved and i will reciprocate it by loving you even the more..
thank you Bill for coming into my life
I would love to know you inside out and love you for who you are and i know i will get the same
I feel so safe in your arms
take care sweetheart and be good always for me
miss ya always and cannot wait to be in your arms..
bye my Angel

Letter 2

Hey Sweetheart,
I just got back from the Courier company
The name is Acelink Expediters based in Australia and recommended by a good friend who has used it n several occasions

Our Shipment tracking number is 506075559111
The Company website is http://www.acelinkonline.com
We can Track The Shipment on their Website

I requested you collect it with passport Identification.
Attached Below is the Shipment Airway Bill issued to me by the Company after i paid the sending fees
Please take Good care of the Gold till i get there

I love you so much and cannot just imagine we have just a few more days before i get to meet you
You are my life
My soul and my whole world is you

Take care
lots of Hugs and kisses