Letter(s) from Ekaterina Andukovich to Helmut (Germany)

Letter 1

My dear Helmut! I really can't understand what is going on with my e-mail box, I've sent you a letter few days ago and few minute ago I received a notification that you didn't receive it. So I will resend it once again for few times, hope so much you will receive it this time. Here is that letter:

My darling Helmut! It's great for me to be able to write you now, this stupid internet cafe didn't work for few days and I did not have a possibility to use computer at all, today it's open again, I am really so happy everything is fine and just want you to know how much do I miss you here. Today it's a great holiday here in Russia, do you know? It's a day of the Great Victory and it's really beautiful all around, a lot of signs and balloons, a lot of people and soldiers of course :) Sixty years ago Fascism has capitulated in World War II and it was really a Great day after five years of war here in Russia when millions of people died. You just should see this smiling faces of old people, who wore at morning their parade uniform with a lot of medals for honor, it's really very beautiful and I like this holiday a lot because all the young people do remember it too and do know whom they should thank for being able to live in peace now. I've seen a little parade in our city today where I went with my pupils and ate even two ice-creams :) now I feel a little ill :) just joking... My dear, I will need to have a visa for coming to Romania anyway so it won't be much easier then coming to you, and the best offer of traveling to that I received here is a trip on the 25th of May which cost 645 euro, it's really very cheap comparing to other offers but I can't afford it myself anyway and want to know what do you think about it. I have a new photo of myself and I am sending it to you now, it was taken at my apartment's balcony by my sister at morning, hope you will like it. Ok, I should go back to my pupils now, sorry for not being able to write more, just please, write back soon, sending you all my heart and millions of kisses...
Yours Katya

Letter 2

My darling Helmut! Thanks God I can answer you now, I received your letter only today but I can see you wrote it few days ago already...ughh...I just hate my stupid mail server, can't understand why this is being this way and hope so much you will receive this letter as soon as possible. My dear, I really want to come, really I want it as much as I've never wanted anything before but I just can't get such money here. My month salary is less then 100 euro and I just can't find 650 euro that easily here. I was told about the money transfer system named Western Union, have you ever heard of it? I've never used it but the travel consultant told me it's very easy to do, you can look at www.westernunion.com, you should just know my full name and home address for sending the money and I need the same information from you to receive it. What do you think of it? Please, tell me soon...I really hope we'll be able to see each other soon. My dear, i am really very excited about everything, I want so much to see you, I even can't explain it but I'm sure you will understand me...I will end this little now, please, write back as soon as possible and tell me what we're going to do, I really hope we can arrange all the things soon so I'll be able to catch that flight!
With all my heart
Yours Katya

PS: and of course

Ankudovich Ekaterina
Ulica Sverdlova 4-12

Letter 3

Ok, talking about the trip. I can get a tourist German visa easily and it's not a great problem, I just need to have some documents like medical tests, letters from my father and my boss and so son, I have a list and I can prepare them all in a day especially with the help of travel consultants. I can take a flight to Munich on the 28th of May if the trip will be paid tomorrow, I don't know all the exact information about the flight but will write it to you as soon as we'll book it. Oh and also the question of trust. Yes, of course I can understand you're cautions about sending money to me and I really can understand it and I am not offended by your words, frankly speaking I am a little ashamed about the idea of you sending the money to me too but it's the easiest way for us to see each other so I think we're going right way. So about the question of trust, i can scan my Russian passport and send you if you want it, just to prove you I am who I am...My dear, I really hope we'll be able to arrange everything as soon as possible and I just want to see you as soon as possible...hope your feelings are the same. I should go now but hope so much to receive your answer soon, will be waiting for it with great impatience so please, don't hesitate to write back...
With all my love,
Yours Katya

Letter 4

My dear Helmut! I am so happy to know the news, I will go to the bank right now and then directly to the travel company, I will write you more as soon as possible, I really can't wait to see you and still can't believe it's happening with us...Ok, I will write you more soon...
Yours Katya

Letter 5

Dear Helmut, just in case you didn't receive my last letter, here is it again:

My darling Helmut! I am really very happy to write you now because everything is going great, I was able to receive the money easily and paid for the trip so everything is already preparing now and I am really so happy, we've never been so close to each other as we are now and I just can't wait to see you, can't believe it will happen so soon. I am so sorry that I wasn't able to write you yesterday my dear, hope so much you will forgive me for it, it was already late for writing when I finished preparing documents for the visa because the internet cafe was already closed, I hope so much you're fine there, I really miss you a lot...I want to tell you some more information about the trip. I will receive my international passport and flight tickets on Monday afternoon and on Tuesday morning I will go to Moscow by train, will arrive in Moscow on Thursday morning so I won't be able to write you while I will be in a train, so don't worry about my silence then. In Moscow I will need to go to the embassy for receiving my visa, also I will have a room in a hostel for few days and will do my best to find an internet cafe to write you from, I guess it's not so hard to find one in Moscow. I will arrive in Munich International airport at 22:30 your time on 28th of May (Saturday) by Aeroflot flight number SU123, please, confirm that you received this information, so I will know for sure you will be waiting for me there with the yellow rose :) Ok, I will end this letter by telling you that I am already counting seconds before the moment we'll see each other and sending you another photo now just to keep you warm until we will be together :)
With all my love,
Yours Katya

Letter 6

My darling Helmut! I will go to Moscow in a few hours, I already have my international passport and my tickets with me so we're now as close to each other as we've never been before and I just can't believe that in a few days we'll be together. I will arrive in Moscow on Thursday, I will need to receive my visa there and I won't be able to write you tomorrow so please, don't worry about my silence. I really hope everything is fine with you there and I just can't wait to see you. I will do my best to find an internet cafe in Moscow to write you from, I hope there won't be any problems with it. Ok, I should go now, I send you all my love for now and will write you from Moscow!
Millions of hugs and kisses,
Yours Katya

PS: By the way, eggs and bacon will be totally fine for Sunday breakfast, I just can't wait to see you...I know I can't explain it using this words, but I want you to know that my heart is already yours even we've never met...

Letter 7

My love Helmut! I've just arrived in Moscow, I've rented a room in a hostel and this internet cafe is very close to it so I am very happy to be able to write you now. Everything is great, the weather here is fine and I am just so excited, Moscow is so huge!!! Do you know it? There are thousands of people around, a lot of cars and people, and I am the happiest woman in the world because very very soon we'll be together! I will go to the embassy right now, I will write you as soon as possible, I hope you will be able to write me too, I send you all my love and I just miss you very much
Yours Katya

Letter 8

My dear Helmut! I hope that you will receive this letter as soon as possible because this is very important for us. I have just returned from an embassy and I am really shocked because we have a problem here, a real problem. My visa is already ready and I can receive it in any moment but for receiving it I should prove that I have money for living in Germany, it is 100 euros on each day of living!!! I applied for 30 days visa and I can't change it now so I should show them 3000 euros in cash to receive this visa! This have been made to prevent illegal immigrants entering Germany....but why me? My love, I am really very very worried and scared because this is a great amount of money and of course I don't have it!!! What will we do now? I don't want to lose everything, to lose our dream because of stupid bureaucracy, I think maybe if you can call to the embassy it will help us maybe? What do you think? I will try to find out a phone number and also I will go to see a lawyer now who can help me as I was told, I will find out a number and will give it to you as soon as possible... My love, just please, reply me soon because everything is very serious, I don't know what to do...I am sitting here in this internet cafe in this very big unknown for me city, I don't know anyone here and I am very very worried...I just pray that everything will be all right...I am here, waiting for your reply...
Yours Katya

Letter 9

My dear Helmut! I was talking with a lawyer last 20 minutes, and I found out that YOU SHOULDN'T CALL TO THE EMBASSY!!! I will explain you now. I will go to Germany as a tourist, I have my sightseeing program, some other documents like letters from my boss and my father (which can prove that I won't stay there but will go back) and they don't know that I am going to you (because it's much harder to receive a visitor's visa) and if you will call there and they will find out that I am going to you - I will need to change the type of the visa and will need to receive a visitor's one and it will take about a month! It is so terrible! The only way to make everything fine is just show them this stupid money! These people who are sitting there in the embassy won't help us at all, their job is to prevent immigrants from coming to Germany so it's useless to ask them for help, of course I knew a little about it but I didn't know that everything is so serious...I know for sure that if I will show them this stupid money - I will have my visa in a few minutes, they already told me about it but where I can get such amount??? Please, my dear, just answer me as soon as possible, I am very very nervous but I hope that everything will be fine...I just should show them this money, please, tell me if you can get it anywhere, I won't spend any cent of this money, I just should show it and I can send it back to you or bring it with me when I'll come...I am so afraid, I just want to be with you, all this situation is so stupid, I really hope we'll be able to solve all these problems and everything will be fine...I am sitting here, waiting for your reply, I miss you very much and I want to be with you...
Yours Katya

Letter 10

My darling, I am sitting here, I am really too worried about this situation so please, write back as soon as possible, we should do something with it, you can look at www.shengen-visa.narod.ru to see this rules...I really hope so much we'll be able to solve the problem... I am just waiting for your reply...
Yours Katya

Letter 11

My darling Helmut! It's so wonderful for me to hear from you! You even can't imagine!!! I was sitting here all day so nervous and worried about this problems, my sightseeing program isn't enough, I should show them this stupid money anyway, and if you will be able to send it tomorrow morning - it will be just great, it will be totally fine because the embassy will work till 16:00 so I'll be able to receive my visa easily and will I need to send you the money back the same way or bring it with me and return it to you in the airport? I was told you can make the transfer totally the same as you've done the last time and I'll be able to receive it here easily...my honey, I don't have any phone you can call at here but I can try to find a post office and call you myself if needed, I just hope everything will be fine, we'll solve the problem and meet each other so soon...ok, I am here now, please, tell me you're here too, I really miss you so much...
Yours Katya

Letter 12

Oh my darling Helmut, you just can't imagine how happy am I that you're here with me now, I was worrying all the day, you didn't answer me and I was sitting here all alone with this stupid problem on my shoulders, but now I feel that you're here with me and it's just fantastic. ok, about your questions. My passport is with me now, I will receive the visa in a five minutes after showing them the money because all the other documents are OK, you can send money totally the same as you've already done it once using the same information, eggs and bacon with coffee or maybe apple juice will be just great for Sunday breakfast and I just can't wait for our first shy kiss...
please, write back soon...
Yours Katya

Letter 13

My love Helmut, I will go to have a dinner now because I didn't eat anything for all the day and am too hungry :) Will write you as soon as possible, I really hope we'll be able to arrange this money tomorrow morning and everything will be fine with the visa...I miss you so much and can't wait to be in your arms...
Yours Katya

Letter 14

My love Helmut...I do not know how to tell you...I just want you to forgive me, I am the most foolish girl in the world...I am really so stupid...like I am 5 years old... I went directly to the bank and received the money well...then I went directly to the embassy for receiving my visa by bus...and you know...when I was in the embassy I opened my hang-bag and could see only a cut on it, no money...it was a shock and it is still a great shock...All this day I was sitting in the police office... they've told me that the robbers were following me from the bank, it is a usual crime here...but I was so happy that all the stupid money problems were solved, I was so happy...and I've lost my caution at all...and now I can just cry and there are not any good thoughts at my head at all...just because you're a wonderful person, you're really a wonderful person, the best man I've ever met... and I wish so much to meet you and make you happy but for this moment everything that I've done for you is only problems, problems and dem problems again! I hate myself for it, I hate this stupid city...that man who made it...I am sure he was very glad to meet such a foolish girl...maybe he is already drunk and maybe he even do not remember my face...but he do not knows how much he stole from me...not just 3000 euro but he stole my smile...I am too tired of this...all this stupid day with the stupid policemen who could not do anything of course, how could they found a man in a city of 10000000 inhabits? No way...of course it was useless, I even did not remember his face...Anyway my dear Helmut, hope still lives in my heart, yes, I know I should be as careful as it's possible and caution of course and I am now. I will be with you anyway I hope because we've already done a lot of work and I'm sure nothing can stop us, especially just a thief, money will be enough for him without stealing our happiness...I know I've made a mistake but it's just a mistake and I am ready to do my best for improving it. I called my parents and my friend Tanya in Snejinsk and asked them for help with money and when I recalled in a hour they told me they have been able to borrow and send me by Western Union 50000 roubles (1400 euro) and I will go to receive them right now, I've bought a money belt and I am as careful as possible, there is now way another stupid thief can steal any more money from me, I will break his nose right there...I am really broken myself, I am praying for your help once again and frankly speaking I am too tired of it, I just want to be in your arms...I will be back here as soon as possible after receiving those money and hope you will write me somehting....just hope you will forgive me and please, know how much do I miss you and think of you all the time here...
Yours Katya

Letter 15

My dear Helmut...I've just returned from the Western Union...after reading your letters I don't know what to do or think...I really want to be with you! Do you understand this? That could happen to anyone and yes, I do understand how sad are you now but can you understand my feelings here? I've lost everything myself but there is still a chance for me to be on that flight tomorrow, the embassy will work as usual and my flight will leave late evening so there will be enough time for arranging everything. I will try to do my best to find the needed money, of course I even can't imagine where I can get them here but I will try anyway because I need you, I don't care who will be laughing about this story about the foolish girl and wiser man, I don't care about it at all. All I know is I want to be with you and maybe I am crazy about it, Ok, you don't want or you can't help me anymore - it's fine, I know you have already done what you could and I should act myself now so I will. I was bringing you a present, it was a present to you from my father, a beautiful watch which the first president of Russia Eltsin presented him for 25 years of perfect work in police, I found out I can get about 700 euro for it here. I will be waiting for your reply to know what I should do. If it's Ok - I will go to sell it so will have more money and will be trying to find the other half, I do not know where I can get more but I will try!!! Will try to do it!!! I just want only one thing from you - please, support me, maybe just with your words, I want to feel you...I want to know you're not angry and I want to know you still want me to come...I am really broken here, I hate myself and I don't want you to hate me too...I am here waiting for you
Hope that still yours

Letter 16

I am trying, I am really trying. I do not ask you for any money, just want you to know about my problems here, Ok? I can not receive a shorter visa, I should change everything, simply I should receive a visa one more time with much more difficulties...I will be back as soon as possible, will try to sell the watch, hope I will be successful...
Yours Katya

Letter 17

Greetings Helmut. It is written you by I, Tanya. Today we have arrived from Moscow with Katya and its(her) father. I have read your letters and I in a shock! I never would think that you such callous person. She(it) was in coma 4 days, she(it) till now can not move, doctors thought that she(it) will die also this miracle that she(it) has survived. She(it) all time repeats your name because she(it) really loves you but I now see that you care only of money and I am very strong upset about it. I will try to return to you that money which you have sent Katya and not write to it(her) more, she(it) the fine person and deserves the best than you.
Without respect