Letter(s) from Carollin Smith to Darren (Canada)

Letter 1

To My Fiancee.

Hello Again my sweet man Darren ! I have come to Internet cafe and it was pleasant for me to receive your very nice letter. I am so filled with Love for you and after 4 Letters my love for you grew. When I fell asleep last night filed with your words I had such a wonderful dream of you. I was so filled with so much emotion. In the felt so very excited thinking of you. I could not stop thinking about you and I had many thoughts of your arms around me, our hot bodies and our hot Lips pressed together.

Ohhh, my panties are so wet and I am so hot down there thinking of you. I also need to ask you Darren, do you like sex ? (please forgive me frankness) and do like a shaved Pussy ? (I hope you do). Do you shave your self there too ?. I also say I like to give my man a lot of oral sex. I think that is Important to a man. We should know more, but do not tell me I will show you that, Sex is so very important to me and I am a very sexual woman and we need to know that all our Nights together will be filled with a lot of passion. Our Joining will satisfy you, I will complete you as you will complete me.

Living and sleeping with you by my side is my big dream. Is all good with your work my love ? Are you willing to spend your Life with me ? I do hope My mum and you exchanged kind words. Thank you for your Phone Number. When I arrive at your airport I hope that is the Number I can call you at home to come pick me up. I do want to go to your home right away. I want you to bath me and we can spend the whole the day in bed together. I hope you can take a little bit of time off your work so we can have a few days alone together.

Do you still want me to Model in your Country. I do not care if you do not want me to and if you want my Body all to yourself I will and do understand. I am so disappointed, that I am not present near with you. I will soon my Love. I said my new name over and over, Carollin Dheilly.
It sounds so nice.

I am ready to start my new life with you my love. I need to ask you for your help my sweet. I do have $ 1,000 dollars but I need your help, I went to the Travel agency and I found I need additional Money, I need $ 500 US for my Visa and $ 200 US for my Passport and $ 550. US to help me in my Flight right to your Airport. All I do need is only total of $ 1,250 US. I hope you can do this for me, $ 750 US would be better than $ 550, as I am far from my Airport, but do not worry my love my Uncle will drive me to our Airport. I cannot wait My Love for my life here is very bad and I do want to waste any of my time here. when you are there and me here. I need your help to start our loving life together.

My Love, do not worry about the Money sweetheart, I can also pay you back, because I do want to work in your country. I am a very hard working Girl and I do know I want to work, because I do know that a good life a partnership and I want to buy able to buy my own personal woman things. You know what I mean.

Can you please send it by Western Union and once you do it, you get a Transfer Number and you tell me this Number and then I can pay all of my expenses. Once I get it I can call you and tell you the day and time I will arrive and my Flight Number. I hate to ask you for your help But if yopu want me to arrive I need this help and you are all I want and will go to my Church and pray to GOD you do this fast. Go to Western Union today or tomorrow, so we be together fast and then we can spend a love filled life together. You will never be alone ever again.

It is such a pity, that I will not be near you now and tonight, but I do know we can shortly be together. I love you my Dear. I pray to God that you can save my young life. Sweet Kisses my sexy husband.

Your Lover

Carollin Smith