Scam Letter(s) from Alina Vremel to Patrice (Belgium)

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Letter 1

Hello friend!!!!
I was is very glad, that you have answered my letterbecause I thought that it It is insufficient probability to meetSomeone on the Internet, I hope, that if we have written each other,means in us there - any The general interest, is any hopes of all AndI would like to study acquaintance The friend the friend is betteralso, that it would be very interesting to me. However each newacquaintance represents any hopes, possibly gives Rise to any dreamsand belief in it it Your special person at last will be met. Now, ifyou do not object I would like to tell, that you which it is moreabout me, it is to straight lines, good... The first, that, that Iwished to tell to it it, that I write to you From Internet cafe.Therefore I will not have a lot of time, but I will try to make asVery much as far as possible interesting our relations. The photowhich in me are, has been made by my girlfriend and if there will beBe possibility, I will be photographed and I will send the new. Myname Natalya, to me 30 years will be fast. Soon my birthday. I live inRussia in remarkable and beautiful city Medvedevo, but I hope, it Itwould not be The problem of distance for us and at all of us still ischance to speak with The friend the friend. I really believe, thatdistance it only time problem though it would be Final be better, ifwe were number and Would meet really, but it seems to me, that suchmeetings not Strong, I have started to trust acquaintance on theInternet and I believe, that it corrects because before to begin moreclose to The person at you is possibility to make a choice and theconclusion on Whether and really it to you comes nearer to letters.The most important, I consider in an initial stage of building ofrelations, it Superficially to interest the person. I certainly do nottry to interest in the greatest possible degree you, because Iunderstand, that if you originally are not interested, you will notwrite It is more, but certainly I hope It in me all will appear on thefirst dating though I at all do not know It to me to write. I willbegin certainly with a kernel. I have a higher education, I Hasfinished the state university. Now I work as an average The manager infirm which is occupied in manufacturing of windows for Apartments andthe enterprises. In my work often it is necessary for Operate thepersonnel and foreign clients. Therefore I can speak about Someforeign languages. My work, not so difficult and even, is pleasant tome. Question - that the wages are not big but if to look on the otherhand, In me not difficult, but Interesting work. Not difficult becausea lot of physical work is not required, but occupies Nerves and timevery much. It is necessary to work very much with people, and theyhappen the various And therefore it is necessary to find with allcommon language. In basic my work consists in search of clients forpurchase of our manufacture. My work to make the contract with them. Ithink it of work not so in this letter. Basically to write about it isnot so very much. I have many friends and sometimes We have timetogether. Especially my friends just as I to like to leave by thenature, There probably to find it is a lot of hobby in the summer, itPossible to catch (it to me especially to love), Probably to makepicnic on fresh air. Certainly it is not frequent, it appears, gathersand proceeds The nature. All my girlfriends already have a family, andtherefore in them not always It, appears, meets together. But also thesame just as I lonely, they and to hold basically the company in adaily life. I love sports meets, I like to float and runing, and Tryto hold my body in a good condition, I think, that you can see it Andit is possible from the point of view To estimate it. Healthy food andregular training it as the motto of my life. Any drugs, alcohol andtobacco. Thus I was is lifted by my favourite parents since thechildhood. I like to study, something new and Interesting, visit newplaces, but my work does not allow me to do it Very often. I alwayssince the childhood dreamt to be in the sea, but in mine 28 Years atme are not present such possibility, I was not in the sea and it Alsoremains my dream. I love water, I like to float. At me is a fewquestions for you, Hope you will answer them. What do you love forentertainment? What woman You search? On what it should remind? Well,I will send you pair From a photo in hope to see mutual yours, hope toreceive news from You soon and to take
With care Alina.

Letter 2

Hello Patrice!!!
I am glad to receive your letter again, every day webegin to Study each other better and as I have told to you before it -very much interesting for me. Yours the help of electronic letters Ito study it is more about you. Even if There is no considerablequantity of the information on you directly. Patrice concerning yourwords that all young girls live with elderly men I wish to disagreewith you because I have decided to get acquainted with you for seriousrelations not looking on that that you are more senior me almost for15 years. I see in you as the reliable decent person with which in thefuture I wish to create the family and to raise children. That Iwished to find all in a life it is the man at mature age that he didnot play with me in games and concerned me seriously. I have found youand I hope our relations will not be fleeting and will be tightenedand will develop further. Always it is possible to see when the personto concern you with interest. I think that for you and for me to ourmeeting it was very important Not to make an error and to meet Reallycorrect person with whom it would be interesting Which sincerity andfair would be frank. It is very important, but only letters can revealthe person, only it is more Communicating with the person you canunderstand it. I consider what exactly so. Patrice , I send you stillpictures me Today also I will send you other picture me tomorrow. Ihope, you love it as previous. Please tell to me more about yourfamily. How many memebres - has? What relations between you and them?As it is frequent You have time together? We have very much closerelations among Members of our family. I now do not live with them. Ialready rather big girl also rent itself apartment near to my parents.With my salary it is difficult to provide itself, but I try. I - theunique one child in my family. Mine The name of the father - Michail,to it 58 years, and it works in militia. He likes to fish very much,its this hobby, also I spoke that I also to love This employment. Mymother Olya, To it of 51 years. It did not work Within several lastyears and now it the housewife. In the summer we go in The country toour relatives. Within winter I like to go on a skating rink andSkiing. It Good time for me! Also I have a grandmother and if it isnecessary for you I can To find its photo also. My grandmother doesnot live with us, it One prefers to live in the big house, after herhusband, that is My grandfather has died. She does not wish to leavefrom that house and speaks That it is memory of all her life. Shelives in village not far from mine Cities. It the patient because theold age lets know about itself and my mum Many times to it spoke tomove to us because any can happen with It and nobody will help it. Butshe refuses and it is a pity, but I try As it is possible To thicketto visit her. To me to like at it in village. There fresh air, is alot of nature, it is a lot of trees, all is fine, pure water In themorning when you wake up already there is on a table a milk, just thegrandmother To take from a cow milk and you you approach and to drinkit. What at me charming memoirs on the grandmother. I nevertheless atit a vein before did not go to school yet, me So liked at it, I loveit very much. It is a pity that years run and now I already work andfor a long time Has left school, but memory in me lives. We with thegrandmother often recollect the fine moments from ours Lives. Once Iwas frightened of a goose who has started to attack me, I Wasfrightened and my grandmother took a stick and the beginnings it tobeat. I even have ceased to cry and laughed. It was amusing also Iwith a smile I recollect that fine instant. I hope that to youinterestingly what I tell? I will tell more, in letters if it isreally interesting to you. I wish to tell to you about the lastexpirience in relationshos for me, I think, that you would like toknow about it... I had a The friend one one year ago, we brouk ourrelations. I have understood, that we had interests differnt andrepresentations concerning a life. I took quastionary in Dating onlineserice to try find someone I be able to make Happy me. I do not carecareer and its money. I search a The person who is more senior then mebecause when the person is more senior, thus it has some In his lifealready and now he knows relations how to consider the woman Also careof it. I be able give my heart to such person Also make our familyhapyest a family in the world. Well, I am going to finish this letterPatrice . Write to me, that you think of all it, and I will wait Theletter from you

Letter 3

Hello Patrice.
To find out it is more about you, it was veryinteresting. I seem to me I do some success in that interestingly towrite To you. I try to interest you my letters and consequently I tryIt is more to tell about my life. Certainly as a whole my lifeinteresting but if it is good to think as It is bad, when there is nowith you a number of the good person With which you could divide everyminute which could you To support. There are girlfriends and there arefriends, but it is not enough of it In the general concept the lifeseems empty. 30 years also are not present a family. Many ask me thisquestion, but they cannot understand that I cannot To hasten, becauseI am afraid to make an error. Probably some think that is possible ismarried and it is possible To get divorced but I understand that achoice favourite and the only thing It borrows not one day. Certainlyprobably there are people whom I meet the unique Love casually. Sohappens and at my parents. If my daddy did not go from birthday of thefriend under a rain, if My mum did not go from work, also under thisrain and passed nearby, They rose under one roof of a building andhave started talking, after they have agreed About a meeting also havemet, they have started to meet more often and at last at themRelations have started to develop. I think that it is destiny.Patrice tell you to trust in destiny? You to trust in love at firstsight? Personally I to trust in destiny and there are many proofs,that the destiny does People happy, but in some cases people To buildthe destiny and the personal happiness. There is such saying at us inRussia "clever to study on another's errors, and The fool on the ",and turns out that the clever person, looking on errors of others Wecan make a correct choice, Can prevent the bad parties of destiny andfind happiness. The error was a pity that in my life already and Ihave been learnt these. I have met the man who was tender to me whichwas The careful. We met long time, in a current of 2 years, but iffairly any sex. All because I had some doubts to it, I consider thatsex very important part of relations And display of love of one personto another, I consider that sex without love, it only is temporarysatisfaction of requirements but when the person you love that isready to make to it pleasant and in it the big sense of sex. What doyou think concerning sex? So it has turned out that I spoke to it thatit would be quite good to begin the serious The life and to livetogether separately from parents. He has told that is yet ready, I didnot understand why. I went that day from work and have seen as it goeswith the girl along the street. It flirted with it and held her hand.He has told that that day it will be borrowed on work but then I haveunderstood what It was borrowed. I have started to follow them. Theyhave gone to it home, I have followed them and so it has appeared thatAfter they came to it into apartment, I also after several Minutes hascome behind it as I had a key from its apartment, I well knew itParents and also from good Knew mine. I have opened a key a door, andwhat you think I there have seen? I have seen as it is engaged with itin love. It was as a knife on my heart, I have thrown to it in theperson keys and have escaped In tears, he has run for me and wished toexplain all, But I did not begin to listen, because all was clear. Itwas Change which I was not going to forgive because Us connectednothing. It came to me home, but there was no success, I did not cometo work Also has told to my parents that I have died for it. There haspassed month and it did not appear any more. It was bad experience ofthe first love. Since then there have passed 2 years, but my heart hasrecovered. Certainly it is not pleasant for recollecting, but I wantedto you it To tell, 2 years as my heart empty and me seem that insteadof it ice, therefore That at me disgust for men and for this reason Ihave chosen the Internet, That if to get acquainted with the man thatthere is enough time, that To find out it, besides in letters it is alot of to understand. Important that I consider in other country, isthe same man, which Wants frank love without a deceit, the man whichappreciates the girl, Which loves it and will not cause it a pain. Ihope certainly that in you there are such qualities, but I ask me toexcuse Now I not to trust to that and anybody. The trust is adifficult thing which it is difficult to achieve, But it is easy tolose. Such our life. It is very good, if you read my letters withinterest and pondering in them, that You can find out much about me,about my thoughts on relations and The person I wish to be with.Patrice, I usually do not speak to anybody about It and that I think,but I have written it to you because I have Wish to open it to you. Iam independent enough woman, but anyhow I require someone about me,the strong person whom I be able divide everything with... I am reallyglad, that you unterstand me because I know that it heppen Not often.Thanks for the message are more than me about your family and a life.It has helped me to Study more about you. Patrice, well, in general, itis time, I should go, I about was absent to my friends to See themtoday, by the way, I have told it and to my parents about you...

Letter 4

Dear Patrice!
Thanks for the letter, I know, that I speak it to youEach time, but is a way which I feel, and it is very important it Youfind, that some free time writes to me. Your letters are very pleasantfor me. Shaking with you - new expirience for me and, I am not assuredconcerning you But it has excited me. There are many new emotions inmy heart, and it Is new to me. I never had the friend from foreighnthe countries, but me Think what probably to concern, and distance -only Problem over which people should prevail together. This situation- big Distance between us, I should know that you think of it. We canhave some dreams and represent as if we with you We meet every day asthough we to agree about meetings Both we sit somewhere and it istalked on various themes every day To like me such way of dialogue ifit to present in such form. The only thing, this that that we cannotlook in the face each other And for this reason I to try to send toyou my photos that you looked at my eyes. Correctly people that "asoul eye-mirror" and is the truth say. To look in the face the personand to see there much about the person. I am a pity that so I can not.Patrice I would like to devote a little you during my life again. Inthe childhood I somehow was engaged professionally in dances. I hadsuccesses, I even had a nice partner, to me was very much It isinteresting to be engaged in it, I went every day home To this boywith which I danced At us much that turned out, we had big hopes ofthe future We could promote in it, I even to go on performance Invarious cities but so it has turned out that There was one time whenmy parents could not pay my employment and I had to leave it, thenalready it was not so interesting to me To occupy with it, I had newhobbies and so I became not taken place dancer. But even now I canperfectly dance. You would like that I learnt you to dance? :) I thinkthat it funny if you are not able to dance well. When I have gone onfinal ball, I very much worried, at me There should be a performancewith the boy and I even rehearsed With my daddy, on it it was veryamusing to look. My mum simply died of laughter because my daddy isnot able to dance at all. My daddy is the person with the big humourand I think something has got to me from it in it. My friends alwaysspeak that dialogue with me very interesting. They underline mycharacter. I am quiet and I do not love conflicts, have got used tolive in a family where There were no conflicts, my mum and the fathernever to swear, they always lived in The world and consequently I atall do not love when at me shout. My daddy and my mum never brought upme hands and shout, they Tried to explain all to me words and Iunderstood all. I do not know as I will bring up my children, but Iwill not be with Them strict, I consider that the child understandsall words more, when with It you consult, when to it all you explain.It is a pity, it is final that in my 28 years I still have no child,but I know that With it it is impossible to hasten, but at the sametime it is not so good, when will be to mine To the child to 12 mewill be already more than 41. But I think that children always willunderstand me. Day after day leaves but the life does not vary. Yousimply do not represent what hopes I to assign to our acquaintance. Ithink that you do not have occasion to leave me. I certainly would notlike to lose contact to you now. There are such periods in a currentof day when I reflect on you, I understand as I seriously To concernours letters, it is our every prospect to learn each other in letters.I consider this correspondence by a fine occasion. I would be glad tosee once you at home. Certainly about it early to speak butnevertheless I do not wish to hide my thoughts and I wish to be frankwith you. I do not wish anything to hide especially my thoughts. Allthe same when I to you will tell about my thoughts to you will beEasier understanding me and in that to draw new conclusions of theirmy words. As soon as you will have any question to me, I want that younot Hid and asked me, also thoughts which will be at you, you statedto me and we can discuss it together. I want that you promised me it.I would like to answer your questions. Patrice, I wish to ask youqauastions again. What - The most important things for you, in yourlife: a family, work - career, Situation of money, or somethinsanother? Will wait for your letter I send an air kiss.

Letter 5

My greetings dear!
I have read your letter, and it was so interestingfor to study that you think About things I have written to you in myprevious letter. Our exchange of opinions Very much inetersting for meand it helps me to study you better and better. I will send youanother pciture me, it was I am taken by my girlfriend and now Wish toshow it to you. I hope, that you will love this also. I would be soHappy to receive some films from you also, please make it for me ifyou have chance. Well? Patrice, I that the nobility as you do spendyour free time, that does you prefer Make at this time. I consider meactiv as the person, and I love, have some entertainment With myfriends. There are some things which I like to make: cinema, dancingand The party open area sometimes. But very often I dream of romanticevening with Someone very special for me, it there could be only awalk in park, holding everyone Others hand over. I think, that it isvery romantic. You think of such things? To make You like to spendconvenient evenings in the company of your family. I love holiday andweekend and I like to spend time with my family, my mother and Iprepare Something tasty, and all my family gather and have goodevening. What does you, sually do in holiday and weekend? Who preparesfor you? Please tell I am more about it? Patrice, excuse me forquastion, but I really wish to know it. Make you have a The woman inyour life now? I think, that you - very good and looking well personand You are very popular among another the woman, becaues I think,that I have good taste And I love you... What your private life nowand please tell to me more about it. There can be you, have somethingto ask me, something important for you, and even if You feel, that youare not ready to make it, I will answer you fairly. Tell to me It ismore about your feelings and thoughts, I love, when you speak to memore about Independently. a Wait for your letter

Letter 6

My greetings dear Patrice!
I am very happy, which has received your newletter. Your letter very much is very very interesting to me!!! I withpleasure Your letter should answer. You know each your letter for meinterestingly because I study it about you very much. The feeling ofthe woman and the logician can bring, but not me now, in your letters,I understand, that you, that the person who checks to me somethingsimilar, that I check to you now. For this reason I want it, it wasinteresting for studying to you better me, that we did not do an errorin the friend the friend. Each my letter is written you sincerity, andin each letter I try to put a part of my feelings to you. That I checkwhen I see your letter when I write it To you when I do not sleepnight and I think, that I will write to you tomorrow, that day when Ican tell to you to you, that, that in my heart, I think it after Longtime when my condition concerning love was in a sleeping kind, I hasforgotten, that such feeling of the appendix, feeling is close tolove, but owing to ours I have recollected Letters which means to opensoul to the man as are difficult to collect a word as will difficultlyexplain. Certainly I am afraid to speak to you something negligent andtherefore I am not ready to the serious conclusions, but a uniquething, that I wish to tell, that you have returned mine Life and ithave noticed all around, my relatives, friends and those people withwhom I work also which know me well. I wish to tell to you more aboutmy character and my soul. I think, That you should know my privateworld. I wish to tell to you about me directly maximum, I do notsearch for the ideal person (beautiful, rich, clever), I think it Suchpeople do not happen. I search for the person who will divide with melove, the person With which I can have happy family!!! The majority ofmen does not arrive to Russia more close for marriage, As they use setof alcohol, tobacco, drugs. I do not wish to speak awfully about apart of the man sew the countries awfully, and to speak it all bad Isimply I wish to tell most of all to it that already for the long Timein men of our country to disappear traditions, a duty. Question - thatseems that they want the same, it it is reached in the woman, toconduct with it night and to throw it, to break heart but if, suddenlythe girl wants the serious Responsibility of the man disappears. Theybegin lie, all the ways long to interrupt to feel from the woman. Butat the same time I am very happy, which has found you. I haveunderstood and looked in films about men of your country very much, Ihave drawn a conclusion, and on an example I understand you, that eachwoman can find, that the man whom it searches, Simply this smallchoice, which it Surrounds does not presume it of it, but it is notnecessary to hasten. I am grateful, that there is such communicationof the Internet by means of which any the person has a second halfchoice. You co-ordinate Patrice? You very kind deep feelings of lovethe person. You are similar to the person of my dream!!! I consider meas very romantic woman. I think, That I can trust completely you I candiscuss with you in a friendly chat various themes. I can Speak withyou about problems. I wish to find in you the supporter, the friendand the husband. I can do kindness and tenderness by your fine life.From human qualities I most of all do not love flattery and a deceitof some people. I very much would like, that all people on the worldto be happy. I receive many pleasures from dialogue with friends andinteresting people. I as love to execute it I have a lot of time thehouse, I love an internal cosiness, I love calmness. At this time Ilisten to music, silent slow music, Which brings many calmnesses andthe consent. I very much love flowers, especially red roses. Butnobody gives me them already during long time. I dream, that duringsuch beautiful season I will have my love and to go with it To streetwith red roses in hands and a kiss with it long long. It iseverything, that there will be so beautifully and romantically, Ialready during long time Do not check up such feelings, and I wish tofeel it very much! I hope, that you have the pleasant moments in alife when my letter is read. I very much would like to study you more.I with impatience with impatience wait to receive news from you.
Yours Alina.

Letter 7

Hello Patrice!
Again I wish to tell to you with special pleasure:"GOOD AFTERNOON my PLEASURE" It is sincere. And how I can tell still?Certainly pleasure If you could see as I compress a pillow before adream when I fall asleep. Certainly I think of you, one thoughts donot rescue me, now I want you To see and your photos have got overfrom computer Katya near to mine Bed (smile) As the darling Patrice Idifferently can hide my emotions. You probably consider me silly andmad, when in heart of feeling and pleasure The person is capable ofany acts, the most important thing to make something to pleasantlythat To the person which bears feelings in your heart. What can I makefor you? So it is a pity to me, that I cannot make for you a surprisein the form of new photos. Because all my photos were done for me bymy girlfriend. I my girlfriend now have left in holiday. CertainlyPatrice if I had money I could buy a camera and do for You a photo, butI considered to buy it to me it is necessary to save from my salarysome months. If you wish to make a photo for me it will be final to mefantastically pleasantly. I wish to tell to you pleasantlynevertheless to feel that I am fast I can have a rest at last, soonThe moment will come when I can not think any more of work and forgetabout it in a current 1,5 Month because 45 days at me will exactlylast a vacation. Tomorrow it is necessary to me conversation with myboss. We should discuss all concerning a date started and the end ofmy vacation. Tell to me my darling Patrice if it will be interestingto you, I can tell to you about Results of our conversation. I so hopethat I at last can have a rest. It is sad that I still at all do notknow as me to spend my vacation, but most it is pleasant that Mybirthday will be in a vacation Same it is remarkable that so happens.Yesterday, after I have written you the letter I have gone home toparents. I hastened because Wished to make a supper before arrival ofmy parents. When they have come that all were surprised as I be intime. They know that after work I write to you, and still I have timeto make a supper. They sent you huge regards and have told thatprosperity of relations wishes us And that at all of us it has turnedout. I am at supper serious with them spoke. They would ask me that Ihave made if you have invited me. I at all did not know that to me toanswer because we did not speak never with you about it. Certainly Ihad some thoughts and I it have told about them. I have told that ifthey not against that I test happiness. My parents have told that themain thing that I was happy. Certainly it has pleased me, I todayweigh day thought of it. Tell to me that you think Patrice? Youropinion for me the most important, and why? Because you became for mevery close. If you would be here I spent all time with you and anybodywould be not necessary to me. But it is possible........ Well Patrice,at me again emotions. I wait for your letter, I hope that this letterwas not less interesting than those which I have written all to you. Iwait for your fast reply. My big kiss in your lips.
Yours sweetheart

Letter 8

Hi darling Patrice!
I am very happy that you have answered my letter again. The darling as has passed your day? I hope that well. I also am very glad that you invite me to yourself, as we can see this very remarkable offer each other alive and continue to develop our relations further. I already now try to present our first meeting. How it will be? I wanted that our meeting was not forgotten and romantic.Patrice I descend in travel agency and I learn the full information on a trip to your country. If to you interestingly that later I can inform you on it. Now I finish the letter I will write to you tomorrow.
With love Alina!!!

Letter 9

Hello my love Patrice!
I am very glad to see your letter. How at youdoing? Really it is very a pity to me, that because of me you cannotsleep, I am sorry for it. Believe I too very strongly I wish to meetyou. I think of you a lot of time, every second the life, only you arein my head and anybody more. I think only of you and about ourrelations. Today I was in travel agency and have learnt all concerningtravel to you. I have, some good and not so good news. I think, that Ishould begin with good news. Yes in travel agency to me have informedthat they have contact to embassy of your country in moscow and theycan begin registration of the visa, but also to me have informed, thatI cannot receive the visa without the tourist passport, unfortunatelyI have no it also. After all I said to you, that I never was beforeoutside of my country. To me have informed, that registrations of thetourist passport will be occupied with a minimum of 5 working days,this accelerated registration of the passport. Visa registration canoccupy about 10 working days, all depends on embassy if they have alot of work now that it will be little bit more slowly. Loved Patricebut also me have informed news concerning cost, they have not sopleased me, but I think, that I should inform you. Registration of thetourist passport will cost 140EUROS, registration of the tourist visawill cost 160EUROS. Also I have learnt all concerning tickets toMoscow, ticket cost aboard the plane from Kazan-Moscow makes 150EUROS,also to me have informed, that I should remain in Moscow about 2-3nights, to me have informed that the cheapest hotel accommodation inMoscow costs nearby 45-50EUROS per night. I had approximatecalculation, I will require approximately in 500-520euro forregistration of papers and to travel to Moscow. Patrice really it isnot very a shame to me to speak to you, but I do not have possibilityto pay expenses. At present I have no money, unfortunately my salaryis not so big and I cannot save the money, all money I spend forpayment of apartment and on food. To me really very sadly to ask youabout it, but you can help me?? Believe I too very strongly I wish tomeet you. I cannot sleep at night, all time I think only of you, Iwait for the moment when I can embrace and kiss you. You are veryimportant person for me. I would like to be with you and to continueto develop our relations. Now I will finish the letter. Please writeto me as soon as possible. I will wait your answer.
Your forever Alina

Letter 10

My favourite Patrice!
I was very glad to receive from you news again.I also am very glad that you can to help me, for me it is veryimportant as now our meeting will be real and I hope that we can meetthis month. The darling I learn all data also about transfer of cashand I will write to you tomorrow. I very much love you it good news tome and now to us will prevent to meet nothing.With love yours

Letter 11

Hi my love Patrice!
It Alina your beloved. I write to you from the new address because with problems of old e-mail were mine, and I have created new e-mail address for you that you could write to me. Favourite remember I spoke to you that I am going to learn remittance details. I have learnt that there is such system as the Western union is very simple and reliable translation system of money. Favourite I will send to you the data on which you can send money. Patrice I also have peeped to myself a miniskirt from a skin and I think that very much is pleasant to you. I will by all means buy it as you asked. The darling I hope at me there will be no problems with reception of money.
My data:
adress bank of western union:
"Bank Pushkino"
postcode 424056
city Yoshkar Ola (the closest city where there is a western union)
street Eshkinina 6
My full name Alina Vreme
I will wait from you for the answer. I very much love you and I wish to see you as soon as possible
Yours Alina!!!



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