Romance scam letter(s) from Sara Rose Rolas to Brian (USA)
Letter 1
here is my yahoo id hope to hear back from you as soon as possible
Letter 2
ok here is my yahoo address add on to your yahoo messenger list
Letter 3
presently living in nigeria for the nature of my job . work in a restaurant here in uk but i really like to meet you in person also but you really have to give me your yahoo is so that i can be able to chat with you and know more about each other
Letter 4

waw i"m very happy to hear back from you as soon as you got through my mail and it will be more better if will can chat on yahoo messager to be able to chat with each other and know more about our self . can you give me your yahoo id hope to hear back from you as soon as possible
Letter 5
My name is rose, I was really impressed with your profile and I am writting to know if we can really know each other better
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