Scam letter(s) from Oksana Belova to Patrice (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hello Patrice! How are you?! It is very pleasant to me to receive your first letter:). I very much would like to hope, that this letter will be the first step of our pure, fair and is surprising-pleasant acquaintance and dialogue further!! :)!. I very much hope, that our correspondence will be further very interesting and we find out more about each other... As to me I am already very glad to acquaintance to you. Also I hope, what it is mutual?!. ;) In the letter beginning, I would like to tell about myself a little... My name is Oksana Belova. I am 26 years old. I was born 15.03.1983, in city Kazan. It to be in Russia, in republic Tatarstan. Probably, earlier you heard about this city?! There can be you were here sometime?! If is not present, I can tell to you about my city. Only ask me about it. Ok? My city is very interesting by the history and beauty. I work by a trade - the cook, in local cafe. I have chosen this trade because since the childhood very much I like to prepare:) . I work 3 years, and I was always glad for this time to my work. Certainly, happened such, that I very strongly got tired, but I all the same was not disappointed in my work and went forward. I think, that similar difficulties meet in all directions of work. Yes, Patrice?! What can you inform me on the work?! You like in what you are engaged?! Concerning a free time, at me not so it is a lot of it :(. But I, when at me appear a free time, I try to visit Fitness center and pools. I like to watch over the health. I think, that it is
important. You agree?! Concerning my character, I can tell, that I very fair, true girl with good sense of humour. In more details you can find out about me if we continue dialogue further. I hope, what I managed to draw your attention?!. Now, I think, you would like to know, why I here, on the Internet?!? I on the Internet only with one purpose! I wish to find the man whom very much I will grow fond also to a smog to construct with him the happiness in the future. I have got tired to be one. I very much would like, that near to me there was a person who will always love me and we with him will have the serious relations based on trust and mutual understanding to each other.
You understand me?! I hope, what you also are interested by similar relations?! Patrice, and before to finish my letter, I would like to set to you some questions. Please answer them. Ok?
Tell to me please about itself, about your city, about work. Than you are liked to be engaged at leisure?! I think, that for our first acquaintance of these questions will be quite enough. Also, I would like to tell, if you have to me questions necessarily set them, and I with the great pleasure will answer them. Well?! :) On it, I wish to finish the letter. I once again would like to tell, that I am very glad to our acquaintance :)!. I hope, it is mutual?! Also in this letter I send to you two my photos. I hope, what I will be nice to you?! I will be very grateful to you, if you also send me the photo. ok?! I wish you excellent day and fine mood. With tenderness and respect Oksana!
Letter 2
Hello my dear Patrice!

I just, have woken up and here, at us in a city, very early morning. And at me very good mood. I am very glad to write you the letter:) I hope, you are glad to it?! How are you, Patrice?! How are your affairs?! What the interesting has happened at you for these days when we have got acquainted?! How are your mood?! How are your family?! I hope, what at all of them it is excellent?! Transfer them my kindest wishes... And I wish to wish
you good morning and good mood for all day!!!

At me all is excellent:). In spite of the fact that I still need to go for work and to work there all the day, for me all the same fine mood:) . Earlier, I to you have already told about the work a little. But now, I would like to tell about it in more details. I work as the cook in cafe in which very tasty meal prepares!!! :). I very much appreciate and I value the work because, in my opinion, each person should love the work in independence of what it is available for him. You agree with me?! My working day begins from 10.30 and comes to an end at 19.00. I work six days in a week and have not got used to complain of the work. Here all suits me! At us the remarkable collective very amicable. I work in cafe only three years, but this time has sufficed me to understand, how much I appreciate the work and even how much I am good in this speciality. :) The unique target day - Sunday, I try to devote to dialogue with my friends, walks on a city, visiting of shops, cafe, museums, cinemas and much many other things. All depends on what my mood this day and how many at me is available time that completely, without the rest, to be given to the rest power :))). What concerning your work, Patrice?! You like your work?!? Tell to me about it, please... How long you work on the work?!

I wish to tell to you about the family, about my congenial souls. I hope, what it will be interesting to you to know about it?! The relatives for me people - it is my mum and my father. My mum call Yuliya, she works as the seller in one of shops. The father - Andrey, he works as the security guard. My parents live together in a current of 28 years. They live very amicably and cheerfully. But the main thing, all of them still madly love each other!!! :))). By the way, the history of their acquaintance is very interesting! :). My father has come to food shop where my mum earlier worked. All it has happened how my daddy was going to leave in army. At a meeting with each other, it was not necessary to speak superfluous words. Because all was clear, as the divine day! My mother has decided to wait for my father from army. After he has returned, they have got married at
once and now to this day, they live happily!!! :). I am very glad for them! :) I also dream of such pure and light love. Also I hope, that I will necessarily meet the person whom I will grow fond for all life. I would like to add still, that I was born not in Kazan. I was born in small village. The name which - Atrich. I have arrived to Kazan to study. Having finished study, I have decided to remain here to work in this fine city. Now, my parents far from me, but I never forget them and always I try to support with them dialogue. And in a month of times, I necessarily visit them. I very much love and I appreciate the parents because I consider, that parents - it is the people most understanding you who never will tell to you of a bad word and in all will support you. Please, protect the family. Well?!

On it, I will finish my letter, it is time to me to go for my work. I hope, what it was interesting to you to read my letter?! I wish to wish you fine day and remarkable mood:). I hope, soon to receive your answer. With tenderness and attention Oksana.

P.S: I Send you a photo from a place of my work. I hope, that to you it will be pleasant:)
Letter 3
Hello my dear Patrice! And good morning! How are you today, my darling Patrice?! How are your state of health?!
I hope, what with you all in a full order?! How are you doing and health of your relatives?! Please, transfer them my kindest, sincere and warm wishes. Ok :)?. I very much hope, what they necessarily will accept them?!.

Patrice, what weather in your country?! At us it is cool... :(. And me it is a little cold... But now, when I have received your letter, to me at once became warmer! :). And I do not exaggerate or, I deceive you, no! I am really warmed by heat and attention of your letter :). I am very glad, that we continue our dialogue!!! :). And it, our dialogue, personally for me, becomes every day more and more interesting and frank. I hope, what you also notice it?! As to my work there too all is excellent:) . Yesterday, as never there were many clients! But, it does not afflict me! I already said to you, that my work to me brings only positive emotions. It is very pleasant, when you see happy faces of people, which come into our cafe not only, to eat, but simply to talk with each other, to share impressions or, simply to have a rest, sitting at a window... Though, you are unfamiliar with these people, but, seeing their happy faces, you would like to rejoice together with them. I am very glad, that have chosen this work:). I hope, your impressions about your work also have similar positive a shade?!? ;).

I very sociable girl and at me am a lot of friends. But friends to whom I can trust completely only two. They are my best girlfriends Yuliya and Tatyana. I have got acquainted with them, when only have arrived in Kazan.
We with them together studied in one college. By the way, I said to you, what I have finished college before to go to work?! Just in case, I will write... I studied 4 years in the Kazan college on the speciality the cook.
Also has finished college with the red diploma:) And during these difficult moments when I absolutely alone was in the big city, I was very much supported by my girlfriends. On arrival to a city, I had big problems with residing. I simply had no place to live... They have agreed with pleasure and have accepted me to live together with them, in one-room apartment. As they say in Russia "The more the merrier". ;) I am very glad, that on my
way there were such kind and sincere friends. I very much value the girlfriends. Even now, when already there has passed a lot of time from the moment of our first acquaintance, we continue our dialogue. Though, we do not live for a long time already together! :(. At my girlfriends now the private life. Yuliya, after the college termination has married and now, it is very happy in marriage with the husband. Tatyana, also married and they with the husband have remarkable children:). I am very glad for the girlfriends:) . I hope also very soon to find the beloved and to live with him happy home life. Looking at mine happy girlfriends, my desire only finds each time the turns and becomes more and more!!! :). Well, I will continue to speak about the girlfriends
further ;). Though, now, girlfriends are very occupied, but we try not to forget about each other. In the days off, we try to meet with each other, to sit in cafe behind a cup of tea and to share with each other impressions, we recollect student's year, our conversations, love and much many other things. How we spend a free time?! We very much like to walk on a city, to visit cinemas, cafe, museums, and certainly shops :))). We always very well spend time:) . To us never happens boringly with each other. By the way, I would like to ask you, you will not be against, having found out, what I have told him about you and have shown them your photo?!
They my best girlfriends and at me are not present from them any secrets. They are very glad for me and transfer you the most best, kind, sincere wishes:)))

I have not noticed, how there has quickly passed the whole hour since that moment as I have started to write this letter. :( I hope, what this time has been spent knowingly and you liked to read my letter?! I finish the letter and I wish you good day! And I once again wish to wish you good morning! Please, take care... Oksana. ;)
Letter 4

Hello Patrice!!! Good morning!!! :))). I am glad to read your letter! :))). But before to continue the letter, I would like to find out, how are you? How are your mood? How are you affairs? Than you are going to be engaged today? I hope, what at you all is good?. Please, answer me... I only, that have woken up from my sweet dream. :) And at me very good mood:) Truth yesterday, was very heavy day. But nevertheless, I have good news concerning my work. Yesterday, my boss has caused me to itself... At first, I thought, that he will abuse me, though did not understand, why, and was frightened a little. But when he to me has told the reason why he has called me, I have been pleasantly surprised to it! :). Now I will be
"the senior cook"!!! :))). Me have raised in a post!!!! :))). You are glad for me? :))). I am very glad, that me will raise. And now I will work less. But instead I should be responsible for all other cooks. To be responsible for their work, progress and much many other things... But most of all I am afraid, that I will be envied by my colleagues. Because some of them work here already long time, much longer than I... And this fact really excites me slightly... How are you think, Patrice, how to me will be concerns my colleagues?!? Ok, it would be desirable to distract from the work a little and to tell to you a little that I like to prepare from meal and that I like to eat. :) I hope, it will be interesting to you?!. To me to like and I am very tasty I am able to prepare a fried potato with meat!!! :))). Also very much to like me the Ukrainian borsch (soup).
You heard about this dish? Or probably you ate this dish? I very much like to prepare "a spaghetti in Italian", these are the usual long cooked macaroni. But in this dish still add mushroom sauce and mayonnaise. We prepare this dish at us in cafe. And it uses a great demand at our visitors. It is very tasty, fingers will lick!!! :)
To like you ice-cream? I very much like ice-cream with a strawberry and in general I very much love all sweet.
I even heard such, as if sweet replaces to the woman ***. :).. On it, I wish to finish my letter, I hope you will not detain with your answer and in time will answer my letter? Well, I wish you to spend well day and I wish to wish you good morning!!! Bye, Bye :)))..... With tenderness, Oksana
Letter 5
Hello my Patrice!!! Good morning my unique and dear on light the man!!! How are you??? How are you affairs andmood?! How are you it was slept this night? I hope, what you well slept and at you good mood since themorning?! :). I wish you in it wonderful morning good mood!!! :))) About me... I can tell, that this night I hardly managed to fall asleep.. :(... I thought of you, about us withyou, our future, our happiness together... My thoughts always only about you. And even now they do not leave myhead!!! ;). I think of how we will continue our dialogue further?!? I feel, that our feelings grow to eachother and we cannot live without our letters any more. You agree with me in it? At you the same feeling? Icannot compare that grief which arises in me when I do not receive your letter... Your letters is the onlything, that I have from you... But as we people we deserve happiness. Moreover, if our desires are mutual, forus there should not be a barrier or problems. All is surmountable!!! All is reparable! And the main thing, ifwe together then all is realizable!!! You agree with me in it, my sweet?! :). I very much hope, what yes... I have not understood your question. You ask me when I will know, what I love you? How it to understand? We didnot meet at all how I can grow fond of you? I do not understand, explain to me. ok? My dear Patrice, in this my letter, I wish to start to speak with you about us. More truly, about our meeting.We already long time communicate. We have found out much about each other. You agree with me in it?!? I hadsuch desire how to pull together our dialogue. That is, to meet with each other... I hope, what you too wantit?! I hope, what your thoughts in it are completely mutual mine?!? Basically, we have met here, on theInternet, with that end in view, that further if our desires are mutual and, moreover, if our feelings will bemutual, to meet with each other and to be together. I think, that you as the man, to me you very strongly like!:). I hope, what I as the woman, also I like you?!? I with confidence can tell, that you very good andsensitive man. And moreover, now, in me there is such feeling, that I searched for you all my life! :). How areyou think, my dear Patrice, there could be I that girl with whom you would wish to construct the happyfuture?!? You would like to meet me and to try to embody all our dreams and desires which we spoke each otherin letters, in a reality?!? What do you think about it? Please, answer me... I understand, that our meeting is a serious step for both of us! And we need to be defined with a meetingplace. I consider, that we need to choose such place that "after" there were good impressions of it. I alwaysdreamt to visit any country. But till now I did not manage it to make... But now I think, that I had apossibility to embody my dream in a reality. :) Especially, if it is connected with my man ;). Now, my darling,please, answer me, you would agree, that I have visited your country and our meeting has happened on yourearth? Or, probably for first time we can meet somewhere in a neutral territory?!? Of course if you against allalso do not want it that I arrived to you, I will not be upset by it and offended. I can understand you in it.I do not wish to be for you a burden. In any case if you agree with my opinion, what to us is time to meet witheach other then I also wish to know your opinion, where exactly you would like to meet me?!? At you in thehomeland?! In my country?! Or, somewhere in a neutral territory?!? Please, state the point of view about it.Ok? It is important to me to know your opinion... :( ... I have not noticed, as there has quickly passed time and it is time to me to go again for work. On it Ishould finish my letter. I wish you kind morning and good mood for all your day!!! :). I hope, that this daywill bring to you many good smiles and many positive emotions!!! I do not say goodbye to you, I will try writeto you in my lunch break... bye my dear... Yours Oksana
Letter 6
Good morning my very dear man on the Earth, Patrice! :). And again I am very glad to receive your letter and towrite you the answer! :)). It was very pleasant to me read your letter... To me very much to like, when you cananswer in time to me and do not detain with the answer. How are you? How are mood? How are you feel this fine morning? How are you there has passed yesterday? I hope,what at you all is good?. Please, answer me... Today since morning very good weather! :)). To shines very bright sun, and I have woken up from a sunlightspot. ;) It played with me until I have not woken up... Patrice, I think, that you can understand me that I alltime think of us!. Already having woken up in the morning, my thoughts are filled by you and ours with yourelations. Also, I constantly think of, whether there can be we? Whether you want it really, as well as I??! Ithink, that if both of us have such desire at last to pull together our dialogue and to be together at all ofus to turn out and be obligatory we can together! All this time when I have sent you last letter, I thought,what will be your answer to my offer about our meetings... Thanks that has written me your opinion on our meeting... It is very pleasant to me to read and to know, thatyou will be glad to meet me in your country!! :)!. It is fine news!!! I am simply happy, that you not againstmy offers on a meeting. Now, I very much would like to find out, when you wish to meet me? Patrice, also now, Ineed to find out all about my arrival to you and, how many my trip to you will cost. I think, what youunderstand it?!? That I could find out about all it, I need to know an exact place of my arrival to you. Ishould know your home address and the name of the closest international airport. Please, write me thisinformation in your following letter. Ok?. I will wait. As soon as I will receive this information, I will beengaged at once in work on our meeting... It would be desirable to look somewhat quicker in your eyes, to hearyour voice and, to feel your gentle and warm touch of hands... It would be desirable to mention a little theme of love... Of course, love it is wonderful!!! :). Without love,we people, would cease to exist. All live would be lost on the Earth. But me to you another nevertheless wouldbe desirable to tell. It is very silly and senseless to admit love on correspondence in letters. Especially, ifwe never met before and did not see each other absolutely. Yes, I can tell you, that I am not indifferent toyou. Moreover, at me to you very big liking is shown and I have very strongly got used to you! It is very apity, but now, I cannot tell, that I love you. I do not wish to be mistaken in my feelings to you. Youunderstand me?!? But I know, that all answers to such questions as love, will be known to us when we will meetand we find out each other more. You agree with me in it, Patrice? I think, that we can grow fond each other:)I hope, what you completely understand and support me in it? And, what you will not be against it?! Yes,Patrice? Answer me. On it is time to me finish my letter, I wish you to spend well this day. I hope, that you will not detain withthe answer. I wait for your letter with the big impatience! I wish to see your answer somewhat quicker!!! byemy dear ;)... Yours Oksana PS : I have decided to send you my video with a voice! I hope, what it to like you? What do you think of it? Tolike you it? Inform me. ok?
Letter 7
Good morning my dear Patrice!!! I am very glad to see and read your letter! This your letter has brought to mea lot of pleasure and happiness :)! How are you, my darling? How are your mood this morning? How are you it wasslept this night? How are your health? I hope, what with you and at you all is good?! :) About me don't worry, I'm fine and my health in a full order! :). I have a good news!!! ;). Yesterday, I talkedwith my boss about my holiday. Rest from all this my works is necessary for me. Moreover, I didn't take itsalready long time. I asked it, my boss that he has given me holiday. On what he has answered me, that "ofcourse I will give you it!" I was simply happy, that he has allowed to leave to me in holiday :))). Yourepresent, I will be free from my work in a current of 1 month! These are 30 days! Would be wonderful if all ofus this time would be together!!! Yes, Patrice? How are you think? You are glad to know this news, I hope?!Holiday is gallant, I very much hoped, that we can spend this time together. I wish to spend all my free timefor us, our relations and for you... I believe, that in our dialogue that moment when we should legalise ourrelations somehow has come. That is, to meet with each other. You agree with me in it?!? Please, answer me. Ourmeeting can answer set of questions including on, whether we wish to unite our destinies together and to startto build together our happy future and family. Yes, my dear Patrice? :). Officially free from work I will beconsidered in some days :))). Unfortunately, I not at saw in your letters, that you really wish to meet me! I do not feel, that you areserious to me! I asked yours home address and the name of the closest international airport! But you for somereason have not satisfied my request and have ignored... Probably you are insufficiently assured of me or yousimply play with me? If it so we should stop our dialogue! You understand me? Please, if you wish to continueour dialogue and if you want that I have arrived to you write me this information on yours home the address andthe international airport. ok? By means of this information I can find out all about my arrival to you. I hope,that this time you will not ignore my request... Sorry, on it I should finish my letter. It is time to me go for work. Otherwise, I will be late. About ourmeeting and your information. I will work over it tomorrow. And as soon as I will find out all about my arrivalto you, I will write at once to you about it. ok? Now, I hope, that you with understanding will concern my thisletter. I with impatience will wait your letter.... bye my dear... Yours Oksana
Letter 8
Good morning my dear Patrice! How are you? How are you mood? I hope, what with you all is good? How your health? I'm fine. Lately anything special has not happened, except that I only have started to test to you even morestrong feelings. In the evenings I cannot fall asleep and all time I think of you. I think of that as we canmeet, as there will pass our first meeting. My thoughts on that do not cease to leave me as we will spend time together. Probably it is interesting to youto know my thoughts on that as I wish to spend time with you? As here, I want, that it would be in yourcountry. So I wish to see your country and I not to time was not abroad. On arrival to you I want, that youwould meet me at the airport with flowers (my favourite flowers is red roses) and at once visors to yourselfhome or in hotel if it not probably to be at you the at home. And we would start to get acquainted. And then Iwish to walk with you on your city, well for example in any park on fresh air, having joined hands. It so isromantic!!! After walk, already at home, I wish to make to you a tasty supper. And you wish suit a romanticsupper. Well and after all it, well I do not know, that we will make. Already we will solve it when we will betogether..... About our meeting. I went to local travel agency and have found out, that is required for my arrival to you andhow many it will cost. I will need to make out the international passport and the visa. The internationalpassport costs 50$, and the visa - 75$. The plane takes off from Moscow. On it I should arrive to Moscow. Costof the ticket from Moscow to Brussels makes 361$. It is necessary for in total me nearby 486$. You can help mewith this money? I hope, that you can help me with this money. Please answer me it! Now I wish to finish the letter. I hope to you it was interesting to find out my thoughts on ours to ameeting... I hope for a fast reply. bye Yours Oksana
Letter 9
Hello my dear Patrice!!! Good morning!!! How are you? How are mood today? At you all is good? I hope, what at you all is good also you feel well? At me all is excellent:) I was very glad to receive your letter and to read about reciprocity of your feelings to me. I could not hide that pleasure and happiness which increased in me behind reading of each your word!
About everyone the letter written by you and me read them, my smile on the face became more and more charming and happy. Patrice, I am really glad to know about your feelings to me and moreover, about your mutual feelings!!! :) I have very much got used to you, you are very nice to me, to me it is very good with you, and every day, I start to think of you in increasing frequency. I think, what to you familiarly similar feeling, yes, my dear Patrice? :)! About meetings! I am ready to meet you in your country. I have talked to my boss and approximately in some bottom I to leave in holiday. I will be completely free from work about 1 month. You imagine!?! It so is a lot of!! :))! It would be remarkable, if all this time, I could give for you and our relations... I am assured, we could spend time remarkably with each other :)!. Yes, Patrice? :)! I am very glad to read and to know about your desire to help me. Thanks, for it. I will be very grateful to you, if you help me. As I am very glad, that you wish me to see in a black miniskirt! And you are for this purpose ready to help in addition 40$. ok, I will buy this skirt specially for you! :) I went to bank and tried to find out, how I can receive your money. All have explained to me... But, Patrice, now there is a financial crisis in all countries. And I think, you know about it. Yes?! Therefore, if you send money for my name it will be very difficult to me to receive them. My girlfriend who works in one of such banks, has informed me, that at present, people who have the money in bank, with big difficultly receive them... I have been grieved, having found out about it. But then, my girlfriend has suggested me to make it more easier. She wishes to help us with you!! :)! Also has offered me, that if you will not be against your money, it could receive itself personally. Do not worry, I completely trust her. We are familiar with her since the childhood and she almost to me as sister! You understand me in it, Patrice? That fact, that she works in monetary branch "Western Union" in many respects will facilitate to us a problem. She with ease can receive your money, and I should not stand in a queue hours. By the way you know this point of transfer of money? You can transfer money through the western union. I very much hope, what you not against it?!? You should not worry about money. She very good person and I completely trust it! Now, I will write to you her data: Tatyana Ivanova
Russia, The city of Kazan
Street Sovetskay 136/20
Please be attentive at remittance filling:
Tatyana - first name
IVANOVA - last name. Also, I would like to know, when you will be capable to send me money?! Still, my girlfriend has informed me, that when you will make out a remittance me from you to be necessary the following information. It: - Your full name!
- Your home address where you have been born.
- A ten-character code (mtcn). This code, will be necessarily necessary to me. Without it, I cannot receive your money. Please, do not forget to write me this information also. Ok?! I wish you fine and warm evening and excellent mood and also to all your relatives. Please, care of itself.
Yours Oksana...
Letter 10
Hello my dear Patrice!!! How are you? How are mood today? How are you feel? I hope, what at you all is good? I am very glad to your letter. I rejoice to each your letter. I am simply happy when I see your letters!!! :)My darling and road Patrice, I cannot without you, I wish to be with you, I wish to see you, I wish to meet youmore never to leave. I very much worry for you and very strongly I worry. I always think, how you there, so farfrom me. As you there without me. That you do. My thoughts every second only about you. Only you are in myhead. When I go to bed, my thoughts always about you when I rise again I think of you. I cannot wait the momentof our meeting. I hope, what you also?! Why you think, what I do not have to you any feelings? It not the truth! Why you write, what you can will stopwith me dialogue? I think, what you will not do it? Yes, I understand your request for my photo! Of course Ican do it! And now you can look my photo which I have made specially for you! It is like you? Now I only needto wait for your help! You you say, that have obtained given my girlfriends. I hope, that you will not haveproblems with transfer. I wish to ask you when you can send money? I need already to start to legalise papers,that all my documents were ready to my trip. You understand me? On it I will finish my letter and I will waityour letter, I hope, that you will not detain with the answer.... Yours Oksana
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