Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Zueva to Jose (Spain)

Letter 1
Hello from Russia! :)
How are you, Jose?
I am fine.
I am glad see your letter
I want ask from you some questions:
1. Do you like have wife from Russia?
2. Do you love animals?
I want tell you about my childhood.
I was born and had grown in Kirov. My city is located from Moscow on
distance of 850 kilometers. When I was child I and my friends go to
the forest or we made some good trips.
I like to sit near with fire. How was your childhood?
I had tours with my theatre and we arrive to Sochi.
City where will Olympic games on 2014 year… it is good place for rest.
You can see my photo from there. I send you it.
I like mine work however now in this time of crisis i have some problem…
But i don’t think about it because i like play on scene and it is great feeling when you get applause. But I already think about other work but I don’t know how I can get good money from this work .
Write me please, it will be interesting to me.
I will wait your letter.
Your Ekaterina
Letter 2
Hello Jose!!!
I don’t know how I can begin but I try telling some about me:
I am 25 years old; I live in Russia in city Kirov. I work in theatre by actress.
I have no main roles now but I hope that in future all be better.
I have a lot of hobby. I like listen good music, I prefer different music. For example I can listen rock and can listen classic music, also I like dance music and pop-stars. I have many friends and we can together go to forest or make barbeque. In summer we can go to river together or can make campaign to the forest or other place. I think that it’s perfect time when you sit near with fire and see on the star sky. I like hear live music. I want learn play on guitar but it’s hard for me now. I already tried making it but my fingers have pain after that. :) In winter I like go to skate and some time I go to swim pool. I like swim :) I seek husband for me long time and my friend tell me that I can find husband in Internet. I hope you understand that I need serious relations. I want not make all fast, I need be sure in my future husband.
I have some questions and I want that you answer on him:
1. Why you seek women in Internet?
2. What you want from these relations?
3. Do you Love children?
4. What are you hobby?
I forget say you that I live with my mum. My father leaves us when I was 3 year.
And my mother brings up me … also I have grandma but she live separated from us.
My mom worked by doctor in hospital but now she don’t work and have only pension. Life in Russia is hard and it’s hard find work. :(
I hope that you answer me soon and tell me about you.
I will wait your letter,
Letter 3
Hello my dear Jose!!!
I like that you write me.
I want write you about me more. My religion is Christianity. And more exactly I am the orthodox Christian. Other part of Europe there is Catholics. In Russia and in Georgia is orthodox only. But I rarely go to church. I do not know why. Maybe I have no many times for it. In childhood sometimes I had gone to my grandmother in a village. I remember it rather well.
I had gone to school 11 years. There I have found many friends.
This is a lot of friends, lived near with me and simply familiar from school. I can not say you about them all. It is very long. I want tell more about my mum : My mother called Irina.
She was felt very badly when my father broke her heart and leave us.
But I tell her that she must find other men on your life and now she have one who can became for her good husband… but he work so far from our city and can arrive rarely.
I hope that she can find happiness with him. When I tell her about Internet relations she sad that wish me all goods in mine finding. I hope that I already find men who I need and I want continue and see what will in next.
I have the best friend. I always can trust her. I did not exist secrets from it. We are never quarreled. And in general my childhood was silent. But when, to whom that danger or any trouble to which we threatened Always were together. It has lifted in me friendliness and patience.
Write me soon. I will wait it.
Kiss, Your Ekaterina
Letter 4

Hi dear Jose!
How are you today? I'm very happy that you wrote me after my letter. To tell the truth, I didn't know how you will react to it. I told you the truth to be honest with you. I know that have passed not a lot time and maybe would be better for us to know more about each other, but I think that we will learn all about each other when I will come. Hope that you understand it too. I completely sure that you are the man for me, you are my love, therefore I will not disappointed anyway. But maybe you think that I'm not girl for you, please give the chance to proof you that I really love you. I really want to come to you and to be with you. I have already found out all that will be necessary to arrive to you. There is one tourist firm which gives such services. But the price put me in the shock. I didn't know that it costs so expensive. I haven't such moneys and as I wrote in my previous letter I hope for your help. I need 750 euro to come to you. It include visa, the passport for travel abroad, medical documents, the insurance and flight tickets. So honey, now you know all. I also hope that you don't think that I want to deceive you. I wrote you in my last letter that I'm not girl who search money, I'm girl who search love. Please understand me and give me chance. Say me yes or no. Can you help me?
Dear I don't want to lose time, I want to be with you as soon as possible, therefore if you want that i come and if you agree to help me, you can send me money by western union. In tourist firm I have learned that it is the fastest and reliable way to send money. For it you have to know my full name and my home address:
Ekaterina Zueva
Lenina street 12 - 7
Russian Federation.
To receive money I have to know your data( full name and full address).
I give you my home address, it is one more proof that I don't want to deceive you( if you still think that i want it). You can come to me if something will happen, but you can be sure that nothing will happen. I love you very much!!! If you will not send me this necessary money I will can understand, but without it I will can't come to you. So now all are in your hands. You can construct happiness for you and for me or you can break my heart. Make your choice. I hope to hear from you soon. Kiss you. With all my love and hope, your Katya.
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