Scam letter(s) from Karina to Christian (Mexico)

Letter 1
Hi, my dear! Are you happy today?
Do you think its a strange question?
Yes, we dont know each other and I dont have to ask you such questions but I hope that we will become more than just friends so I will risk! Do you like champagne?
Have you heard that champagne is just a drink that tastes better when shared among two lovers? That's why I'm here. To find my real love and friend, to find my beloved one and to make him happy!
If you meet someone in whose presence you feel a desire to achieve, such person is worthy of your love, and is awakening love in your heart.
Do you believe in it? I think that time is nothing but the desire to love is everything. If you have the same desire we will be happy together!
Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship.
It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end. Its a rule I'm trying to follow all the time and it really works!
What is more important to you the love you share, the memories you have or the lover?
Give love a chance to swallow you up. Don't just think it will happen in a instant, it will surprise you before you know it, but it will be the most rewarding experience you will ever have!
If you are ready to create beautiful relations with me I will be waiting for your answer with great impatience! Karina.
Letter 2
Hi, my new friend Christian!
Maybe you will no believe me but I’m really happy that since just a few days I have been having such a friend as you! And its really great that you have chosen me among a lot of other girls!:-) Thank you for your nice photo!
Anyway I think that we have to get to know each other better step by step and in this letter I will try to tell you a lot of information about myself in order you could understand which type of woman I am. I hope you will like me!
So as you already know my name is Karina. I live in a small city Chernovtsy that’s in the west of Ukraine. It’s an industrial city with a lot of plants. I’m 29 and I truly believe that being in this age each woman has to have a husband and a family but unfortunately I have not met a man of my life yet. I hope that maybe it will happen soon.
As you maybe know I’m divorced. It’s a very long and painful story but I will try to tell you a little bit. We got married when I was 20. Now I understand that I was too young for a marriage and it was one of the reasons of our divorce. My husband was a successful businessman, he was 15 years older than me; he showed me a good and beautiful life.
We went to Turkey and Egypt every year, it was really great! I thought he loved me and I was also crazy in love with him. But one day I understood that he loved only my body but not my soul. No, he did not cheat me with another woman like its happening in other couples but we had really different opinions on relations, love and marriage.
Men always told me that I have a great body but I know that its not enough for happiness and a good marriage.
So I decided to divorce. It was 7 years ago. Now I’m 29 and I’m living on my own and working as an animator in restaurants and night clubs. Of course I’m not earning good money and I can afford to buy everything I could buy when I was married but I got used to it and I don’t expect any help form my ex-husband. Now I’m much more modest than I was at 20 and I decided to marry a man who will love my soul and my inner world but not only my body.
Besides I was studying English at school so now I don’t have any problems to talk to you and to understand you! I also have a few hobbies such as music and knitting. I have an old piano in my parents’ house and sometimes I’m playing Bah or Beethoven. It really makes me feel calm and this way I’m avoiding some kind of depression. I prefer knitting in winter; it makes me feel cosy during cold and windy evenings… I’m knitting sweaters and socks for my parents and sometimes for myself. As for music mostly I prefer classical but sometimes I’m listening also for pop singers such as Jenifer Lopez, Nelly Furtado and Shakira. By the way I love animals and I have a little pet. It’s a cat and its name is Sonya. Do you have any pets? You know, as for food I prefer some Ukrainian dishes, it’s a shame but I didn’t taste any other kitchen except of Ukrainian.
I also like reading. Especially I like such writers as Tolstoy, Pushkin and Lermontov. And what about you? You know, as each woman I like flowers, orchids are my favorites! I love sea and sunset! As for clothes I prefer dresses or jeans and T-shirts. I’m very romantic woman and I would prepare romantic dinners for my beloved man! I don’t demand a lot from my man, I just want him to be sincere and honest with me. I hate lie and I would never deceive a man I love. I want my beloved to be the same. I’m too tired of games and pretending…I don’t care his age and his appearance; I value his inner world and his nature. I believe that a real and sincere love doesn’t have any boundaries and limitations and it’s really true. Love is like a miracle and we have to deserve it.
OK, I think its enough for today, I don want you to get bored with me!
I would also like to know you better. Tell me about your dreams and your hobbies, your likes and dislikes, a woman you’re dreaming about!
friend.JPGI’m eager to receive your answer, kisses, Karina!
Letter 3
Hi, dear Christian! Thank you very much for your reply! Send me some photos of yours!
To tell you the truth, I like communicating with people that's why I have lots of friends. They say I'm a kind- hearted and very romantic person. I am one of those who fall in love easily, but it can be sometimes very disappointing, you know. It's just that I notice only good things about people and when it comes out that they are far not so nice as they seem to be, it's usually rather painful.
The point is that I believe people easily and, unfortunately, sometimes I get betrayed. Still, I believe that there are more good people and that you are one of them. I long for a serious relationship, beautiful and romantic, with flowers and candle light dinners, with meeting a sunrise together, talking about love. I want a nice cozy house and a man, strong, kind- hearted, romantic and honest( just like you, I'm sure) who would be always near. I want us to be real soul mates, to share all laughs and sorrows together. I'm ready to do everything for a beloved person, to be not only a lover for him, but also a friend and a companion who is always ready to help and to solve all the problems together. And I don't really care if the man of my dream will be from another country, or a person of another nationality or culture, because for real love sky's the limit. There are only three things that I hate about people, it's when they are not honest, or cruel, or greedy.
These features make me feel really nasty, moreover that I've met many such people in my life.
Of course, I'm sure that you are not the man of that kind, and, if you share my views and want to have serious relationship with a person like me, let us try to do this. Maybe, we are meant to be together? Faithfully yours, Karina.
Letter 4

My honey Christian!
How are your days? Do you enjoy your life? As for me I’m not because you are not by my side…You know, I’m dreaming about us together every night…I imagine us dancing in the moonlight and kissing… I imagine kissing your soft lips and your hands around my waist…
My honey, I thought maybe I could come to you for a visit? What do you think?
I’m very serious with you and I hope you have the same feelings to me, my sweet.
Its very important for me to see your place, the way you live and of course to meet your friends. Maybe we will be happy together and I will decide to stay, who knows? I have to get used to your country, to your traditions and other things.
Even to food which is also very important! Are you agree with me, my darling?
I want to look into your eyes and to understand what you feel towards me and to feel if you really want to be with me and desire me. Its possible only in reality and I truly hope that you would like me to visit you, my dear.
I wanna tell you that I’ve been looking for love for a long time. And I’ve found it.
But he is so far from me that I don’t know how I can deal with it.
I wanna look in your eyes and to be drowned there. But it’s impossible ‘cause you’re so far from me.
I like milk chocolate, I adore fresh strawberry and I like detective stories but you’re the one I like most! So I suppose that formula of yours is chocolate + strawberry + a bit of mystery...
Maybe you consider me crazy, ridiculous or just funny but I think this way! You’re my sunshine in the rainy day and you’re my medicine from the boredom.You know, sometimes I look at the globe that’s on my table then I understand how many miles I need to overcome to be with you... How many times I told myself that its impossible!
But I still believe, I can’t stop to believe... cause recently I understand that you’re the only one within my heart.
I'm missing you a lot and I'm waiting for your answer with great impatience, kisses, yours Karina.
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