Scam letter(s) from Lilia Pavlova to Jose (Spain)

Letter 1
Hello, my new friend!
How are you?
I hope that you have a serious and responsible person.
I am very pleased when I received a letter from you.
This is a great pleasure for me that you drew attention to my profile.
I have never met a man through the internet, but now I am trying to find their destiny in the future here, because I can not live without good and careful man beside me.
I came to your city to the International Online Dating, and asked me to find a man from another country.
I said at the agency, I need a man, and they gave me a profile, and I wrote you a letter.
I am writing you a letter from the International Internet Dating city Cheboksary.
In my profile, he said that I live in another country.
I am not guilty, I went to the International Internet dating, and I created a profile.
Our agency was dating invited me to your profile. Now I will tell you about me. My name is Lily.
I am 28 years old. I studied at the economic faculty of the State College of Cheboksary and finished very well.
I have no children.
And now, I still hope to find your other half in another country, who knows where my destiny!?
Everything in life comes to happiness and sorrow ... Thus, I continue to look forward to another chance in my life!
I love people who are ready to help in difficult moments, who would always understand and support, trust.
You can not build any relations without it! Do you agree with me? I want to know your opinion about it.
If you wish, you can send me any pictures, I would be happy to receive them.
I send you my photos which helped to make my friends. Sorry for my mistakes in the letter. You can ask me any questions.
I will wait for your response, look! Your new
Lilia friend!
Letter 2
Hello my dear friend!
How are you? What are you doing today?
It would be very interesting to me to examine you more closely! I live in the city Cheboksary.Ya work as a cook!
I live with my parents in two-room apartment. I
I do not have any sisters or brothers, I - the only child in the family.
My parents retired recently. My mother worked teacher of economics in college, and his father in the public committee on sports and tourism. And now they rest at home, and in summer they go to the village to the grandmother.
A little bit about yourself.
My growth - 172 cm, my weight - 54 kilograms. My eyes blue, hair dark color. I do not have any bad habits: I do not smoke, and do not drink alcoholic beverages. I can drink fruit juice or a little wine in the company.
On Saturdays my friends and I usually go to the park for a walk in cinema or theater. This is only a rest after a hard week of work. My hobbies: I do aerobics, go to sports club. I try to do it every night, but unfortunately I I do not have a lot of time to do so. My favorite color is white, blue and yellow.
My favorite smell, the smell of jasmine.
I prefer to listen to a good, slow music.
My favorite music group - "Roxette", and good old album "Abba." And what music do you like?
I love light clothing.
I like traveling very much. But I never was in other countries.
I have never been outside of Russia! But I wanted to, from childhood to go to another country!
I'm looking for a man who can be not only a good husband, but a devoted and understands.
Who would trust me, never insulted, do not raise your hand to me. I want to have a happy family and many children.
Tell me about yourself, please! Where do you work? Do you have children? Are you looking for serious relationship other girls? Or not? I very much would like to examine you more closely!
If you want, you can ask any questions about me! Okay?
Please write me more about yourself!
Your new friend Lilia!!!
Letter 3
Hello dear friend.
I'm all good. How you doing? You know, I think that we are both looking for the same.
I hope that you agree completely that honesty and communication is very important to us.
As for me, I do not want too much, I just want for my life
Honest, romantic relationships, always new and happy.
I am looking for a good and proper person to whom I allow my open fully. I want to find a man whom I love fully, gently, without restrictions or barriers.
I still hope to meet him.
You do not think we can go have to meet what we're looking for?
This would be a great success. And if so, I do not want to miss that chance.
You seem to be very polite and intelligent person, I would like to know more about you, your life, your dreams and just say that you want.
Can I ask you a few questions that will help me learn about you a little better.
What better quality of your individuality?
What is the most wide experience between you and a woman? What is the most important thing you look for in others? To
Such a quality in you, most people would be surprised to know?
What do you not love the most?
What is your favorite color? I want to send my mail only to you, and I think that this is the right step.
I want to be honest with you. Do you agree with me? So, dear, I will wait your next letter with impatience.
I hope to hear from you very soon.
I am very interested in you and I will be happy to continue our correspondence and then meet in person.
I send you my photo.
Kisses, your Lilia.
Letter 4

Hi, my best friend.
I hope you do not mind that I would call your best friend. Simply I very much trust you!
We are with you a new feeling, I felt such a feeling at school when studied in 8 class.
Then I fell in love in a boy, but he is currently a lot of drinking alcoholic beverages.
In general in Russia very big quantity people drink a lot of *****, I do not understand why.
I am a very big opponent of alcohol in large quantities.
Also, I do not advocate smoking, I think it is unnecessary. Itself, I do not smoke, but many of my friends smoke.
It is my great pleasure to receive your letter.
My dear, I also hunt for children. Boys and girls. It is too early to meet.
We must know each other better.
Then you can talk to the interpretation of the meeting.
I begin to be satisfied with their lives, and it is a pleasure due to the fact that we found each other.
You are a wonderful person! With such a man as you, I would have agreed to live a life.
I know that you can rely on. I have full confidence in you and know that you will not obmanesh me.
Deception - the bad feature of human nature, it is not adorns the man!
Today with girlfriends I went to the city park, and I noticed it a couple.
They embraced tenderly, and looked the most happy. They coo like doves.
If this is possible, it will be a real gift.
I can imagine that it is possible we when we go along.
And we'll be the happiest people, such that everyone will look at us, and everyone will admire.
Nevertheless, I like order. It is unacceptable when in my house - scattered things or ***** dishes.
For me, not difficult to remove all of these things, it gives me pleasure.
Our correspondence seems to have become stronger.
Also, we have already more close people!
You can not be with someone, no matter how much you love him or her, not having confidence. Really?
Love is important, but you have to trust other people, to really love it.
I have a great love of music. When I eat, or one in the apartment. I love almost all styles of music, it depends on my mood.
For example, when I am disappointed, I listen to classical music of Vivaldi.
Well, when I have one at home, I listen to something else.
Well, in general, as saying ... rock or pop music. I love the Russian singers, Masha Rasputina, Alsy and Taty ... and others.
I love foreign singers ... Madona, Ricky Martin, Robert Williams ..... and others ... and, with regard to reading.
Actually, I love Russian writers:
Dostoevski, Esenin. But now I am reading Richard B. Bach. I read when not, be it a book?
My well-known story - about Jonathan Livingstone. This is so wonderful.
Movies: Lord of the Rings (trilogy), Star Wars (all).
I liked the film about a great love for the ship.
This movie is called TITANIK!!!! This is a movie I like most.
Some time ago, I was really happy because my favorite movie is a lot of statues at the film festival "Oskar".
You heard it???
My favorite actors - J. Chan, Tommy Le Johns, Vin Disel, Jim Carry, and others.
But most of all, I like to spend their free time with my girlfriends. Sometimes we go to the cinema or meet at the cafe.
Now I must finish my letter.
I look forward to your reply.
I also want to ask you ever had a friend from another country?
Is it important for you the nationality of people?
Your Lilia.
Letter 5
Hello my dear!
How are you???
I see that you are kind and honest person, and I hope that we will continue our correspondence.
I just want to ask you about one thing - if you not sure what you want to continue our correspondence, and tell me please, tell me about it now, because I do not want to be disappointed.
I want to be honest with you, and I want to explain why I started my search on the Internet.
I love home comfort, and would like to hold my life some good and decent people care, because I think that you - the same thing.
If you do not want to give me the answer to this question,
Then I will not ask for more such questions.
If I offended you, please forgive me.
I would like to know more about some of your desires and dreams.
How do you make its future?
You would like to have children in the future and if so, how?
You can see my new photo.
I look forward to your reply with impatience.
Sincerely yours Lilia!
Letter 6
Hello my dear!
I once again pleased to receive your letter, once again!
Dear me, I always am pleased to receive your letter.
My mood has become even better after I read your letter.
Your home will not be against what I was arriving to you?
I would not want to create for you any inconvenience. Today I visited the travel agency.
They said that their firm can prepare my trip.
This will require about 7 days.
They will prepare me a passport, visa and insurance.
The agent said that the visa I should reach to Moscow, and then your embassy.
They said that they can make sure that I could get a visa without any problems.
Then the agency would be obliged to reserve for me a ticket and a more convenient route of flight.
I told them that I probably will sign a contract with them for my trip.
Tomorrow I will examine the details of the cost and necessary documents.
Today I had a little free time from my work also failed to examine all the details.
Thus, I will talk with my parents, asking them to help me pay for this contract.
I hope very much, my beautiful, that everything will be fine, that we will soon be with each other.
I often think about it.
I have various imaginations concerning us two.
My parents could not help because the poor people, and I do not ask very hard not to worry their finance.
I hope that some money for our meeting will not be a problem for you.
But if your financial situation does not allow, I will try to look for itself to solve this problem.
Write me soon.
I love you.
Your whole Lilia.
Letter 7
Hello, my love!
I received your letter, it is full of emotions of warmth and affection towards me.
I begin to realize that my life has no meaning without you, because I love you.
I think that during that time that we write to you, to each other, we have experienced a lot together and between us there sense.
I think that we need each other.
I constantly think about you.
I talked to my parents about that, perhaps, I uedu, it only pleased for me, she thinks that this is my happiness.
Today I all day thought only of you, how we with you meet.
I submit that you, as you meet me at the airport, we are looking for, each other's eyes, to find and cast into the arms of one another.
Today I went to the embassy.
And as soon as you decided to write about that they told me.
Unfortunately, I will not be able to you some time to come, because the application for
visa and registration of certain documents, such as
passport, medical certificate and other documents
needed the money, amounting to 445 euro.
I do not know what to do, where to find them, I ask your help.
I am hoping that I see his favorite person, but, as you know our government is famous for their greed and they are issued, what the new laws, only in order to collect as much money from ordinary people.
I do not know what to do, I so badly want to see you. We have only one chance to see.
Until then, I have not asked where none of money, but I can not be either a choice, I ask you help and send me 445 euro, for a visa. Today fine day, but I am sad because we with you so far away from each other.
I dream of you meet me at the airport with a bouquet of flowers. I have no minutes so as not to think about you.
You're always in my thoughts. During that period, that we communicate with you via the Internet, I loved you very much and can not to live without you, my love.
Great distance between us, but to think I am with you.
I love you forever in your thoughts. I wait your letter it important for me.
Forever yours Lilia!!!
Letter 8
Hello my love Jose!!!
My dear here I am again reading your letter!
Dear me, my pleasure to read your letter every time you write to me.
To me, this is a great pleasure!
My dear how are you? As the weather with you?
I'm all good, and the weather is pleasant for us to walk.
But I do not have enough for you this walk.
I very much want that we with you walked together.
My dear, I send you all my data to you.
That you could send me money so that I could pay for the documents.
Dear behold my me completely: My country - Russia.
My city - Cheboksary.
Petrova, 5-1
My name-Lilia.
My name - Pavlova My dear Jose you better send the money via Western Union money transfers.
This is the easiest and safest way to transfer money.
As soon as you send me money, you should totally write me all your data.
1 - the country where you live!
2 - the city where you live!
3 - complete your name!
4 - complete your name!
And most importantly do not forget to send a ten-code MTSN:
Without this code, I can not get money in the bank. Just do not forget to specify the full amount that you sent.
My Dear these data are very important.
I repeat once again that, without these data, I do not withdraw the money in the bank.
My dear, I hope that you all understand.
With much love to you.
Your Lilia!
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