Scam letter(s) from Larisa Shubina to Don (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Don!!!!
Thank you for your mail. I was glad it to receive. Certainly, I want to know you better.
I am glad to that you want to know about me more. It is really good, and suddenly, we those two lost half, which we searched for all life. I want to meet the destiny. I want to love and to be loved!!!
I will give brief information about myself.
My name is Larisa Shubina!
I was born on December, 31st, 1967. I am 40 years old.
I live in Kaliningrad that is in the West of Russia.
I have light hair and brown eyes.
My height is 171 centimeters, my weight is 68 kg.
I have higher education.
I am bibliographer
I have the daughter, to it 13 years.
My interests include the sea, the nature, travel, needlework, reading, fitness, navigation, skis, theatre, cinema, exhibitions, pets and floristic. I like to prepare and create coziness in my home.
I like classical and popular music.
I like melodramas, mysticism, psychological and cognitive films.
I like the psychological, cognitive, mystical literature and memoirs of known persons of history.
I like the Italian, Russian, vegetarian kitchens, seafood, a barbecue.
I do not smoke and I drink very little.
I know English language a little.
I am quiet, counterbalanced, kind, close, gentle, sincere, opened, reliable, true, and cheerful, with sense of humor.
For me the main thing in a life is: family, children, the house, sincere harmony, and harmony with itself and with the world, creative realization.
I appreciate in people: honesty, sense of humor, decency, kindness.
I do not love: treachery, lie, greed.
I would like to meet a man kind, true, reliable, intelligent, decent cultural, serious and financially stable. Man who would like to be happy and to have happy family.
What kind of man are you?
I very much wanted to know about you more. Write please about yourself, about your interests, about you work. Tell me, that to you to like, that to you to not like. You appreciate what character traits in people. You would like to see what woman near to yourself. Write about the dreams.
I would like to know more about you, to be precise, tell me please how come you decided to place your ad at marriage agency?
What are you looking for?
I am looking for serious relationship leading to marriage and if you look for something else or simply didn't count on any difficulties developing relations with foreign lady, I think it's fair to inquire about it now.
The most I hate in this life is to waste my or somebody's time.
Next time I shall write the letter with the detailed description of my life. Please, ask to me questions which interest you.
What you would like to know about me?
I with pleasure shall answer all your questions.
So, if still interested, I will be waiting for reply.
Please send me your photos.
Take care
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