Romance scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Andukovich to Dan (France)
Letter 1

You know, I've just returned from the travel company...frankly speaking the news are not so good for me, I can say. Yes, tourist visa is really not a hard one to receive but anyway it's impossible for me to come and I am a bit sad about it now...It will be really great for me to see your country, to meet your relatives and friends and of course to see you, but I can't afford it...maybe it will be possible for you to visit me? Yes, it's still cold here and there are not so many sights in little Snejinsk...but I just want to see you, I want to touch the reality, I am sitting here now, thinking of you and writing you this words and I can see only a white screen in front of my face...but I want to see your eyes, I want to see your smile, I want to be able to talk to you and hold your hand and I feel myself totally ready for what can we do? What do you think? I will wait for your reply impatiently and please, write back soon...
All my heart,
Katya PS: Oh, attached few pics that I've scanned for you today and hope so much you will like them...
Letter 2

Dear Dan! I am writing you this letter in a very bad mood to tell you I will be going to Moscow with my father in a few hours, we decided to visit my grandma (my father's mother) who is living near St.Petersburg. My father called her today and found out she's in a very bad health here and wants to see me and Masha, Masha can't come because of her exams but I will go because I really miss her... so probably I won't be able to answer you for maybe few weeks, I hope you won't forget about me because I will be thinking of you for sure. I will write you as soon as I'll be back here or hopefully will find an internet cafe there.
Katya P.S:
Ankudovich Ekaterina
Ulica Sverdlova 4-12
Russia I just want you to know that because of my city being a military zone it's really hard to use international regular mail, the rules are strict about it here. So sending anything isn't a good idea I think.
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