Scam Letter(s) from Lola Martini to Frederic (Canada)

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Letter 1

Dear Frederic,
Am happy for your prompt response to my email.I really don't know how to say this to you besides, i don't want to put my burden on you but I had to take pain to write let you know as am having no shoulder to lean on.I believe our relationship has been established already by God though i understand we have not yet meet in person but I truly believe things would work better for both of us .I truly want to be yours,I like who you are and you are of a great personality.I have developed a kind of strong feelings for you and sincerely I want to join a life with you when i get back ,I know life will be so beautiful with you in my life .
I have tried all my best lately to see if i could get any remedy to my problem without any need to bother you but all was failure and at the moment i have no shoulder to lean on .At times, impossibility might become possible , I understand we hardly know each other but i wouldn't want you to feel embarrassed seeking your financial assistance when we have not yet met in person but i just want you to believe that i will never let you down and would always remain faithful and honest to you,just want to ket you know that this is just circumstances beyond my capacity.My journey back to Abeokuta from Abuja was interesting but the sad story of it is that i lost my wallet in the luxury bus i boarded, the last $3050 I have on me which was kept in the wallet. On getting back to my Hotel I nearly fainted when I realized the wallet was missing on me and now am seeing no one I could turn to for help.There is no way i could recover the lost wallet due to the poor situation of things in this third world country,lack of security and at the moment am having a problem with the hotel management, they have been pressurizing me on the payment of the bills am owing them and i intended to pull out my wallet so i could settle my bills with hotel when i realize it was missing,i felt real embarrassed and dumb in front of the hotel manager.Meanwhile , my promoter has not yet returned from his China trip, he told me he is very busy over there and it would take some few weeks before he could get his mission accomplished over there. That is why am seeking your assistance. Am owing the hotel some $2000USD and I would be able to raise some $250 selling my Gold necklace to make some part payment of the bill. Now i don't want to miss my flight,i am very eager to be with you and i would want us to remove this obstacle and not let this money issue be an hindrance towards us achieving our dream together as one,Am scared because my return ticket would get expired very soon .
The hotel management are not ready to listen to any explanation and has threaten to seize all my traveling documents if am unable to pay their bills on time. In fact, their pressure is too much on me and am just tired of everything here, i was supposed to relax and sleep because i was exhausted after the long tiring journey but i couldn't sleep i was just crying and i don't know what else to do . Having informed my boss about this,he declared he has been paid but for now he doesn’t have enough cash on him in China and concluded to send my payment in check form to me here in Nigeria , meanwhile the check cant be cashed here in Nigeria except when i get back to Canada .At the moment i will need your financial assistance ,even if you are to lend me some money i will refund it back,with an interest when i get back home and promise never to let you down.
I don’t want to waste much time here in Nigeria and really want to make sure i get back home safely in soonest time .At the moment am just hopeless and helpless,i really in need your assistance i want you to understand that I will never let you down and would always be faithful to you .Pls, try and get me out of this horrible condition first.These days everyone know money is not easy to come by and if you tell me to fuck off I will understand you very much but i promise to make you happy and make everything up to you when i get back .I would be forever be grateful if you could get me out of this shit . Hope to hear from you soon!!!
With tears,

Letter 2

Hello Dear,
Glad to hear from you, i want you to know that I''m not happy presently. I''m really facing hell right now,am confused,i don''t know what to do at the moment,this is getting beyond my capacity. Sorry i have to make this short. I will be Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Letter 3

My Dearest Frederic,

Thanks for your heartily concern towards me, i am very happy to know that you will do all your possible best to help me with the fund needed.
Everything you have said therein is fully understood, I did not lost my credit card with the wallet but my money in cash. Transactions with International Credit cards are not possible here in Nigeria meanwhile I’ve tried to contact my credit card company but was informed they do not make transaction in some African countries including Nigeria and they are working on extending their services down to Africa soon. I felt really disappointed and helpless but your email has brought smile to my face knowing that you would try all your possible best in assisting me. I have made several efforts to solve this without involving you but all effort was not successful, I have contact the consulate and was instructed to check back in 3 months time because they are busy attending to lots of similar cases and I cannot wait in this horrible black country for the next 3months,its absurd!!!

I am owing the hotel management $2000 and I have made necessary inquiries on how you can get the money sent to me here in Nigeria which is the WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER, It is the easiest, safest, fastest and most secured means of sending and receiving money across the world. Below is my information that you would need in sending the money to me here in Nigeria through the western union:


I will be expecting the copy of the western union receipt or the information to pick up the money as soon as you send it in my email hopefully tomorrow. I hope that everything work out fine for you and would be able to assist me with any amount even if you cannot afford the actual fund needed, any amount you can afford to assist me with will be duly appreciated. I will be looking forward to hear from you soon.
All my love,

Letter 4

Sorry I forgot to tell you about my parents, they died long time ago and it hurts so much to remember them again having mentioned them in your response, how I wish they were still alive now…cryingggggggggggggggggg



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