Letter(s) from Julia Vinokurova to Stephen (USA)
Letter 1
Hello there,its me Yuliya here, how are you doing there ?
I was going to come here yesterday,but i could not because of being too much busy at work.I had to work for emergency last night, i work for emergency about six times per month,that means i do not sleep at night,just a little.
Yesterday i have told to my girlfriends about you,that we have met each other in Internet, they were really surprised and asked some questions about you, they asked were you live,about your job, family,i have told to my girlfriends that you seems to be a good man that i hope you are.They do care about me and want to be happy.They did not realize that it is impossible to meet someone throw Internet and they were interested about it, yes,i think that destiny play important role at this situation.
One of my girlfriend is florist,she work with flowers here and they have a website.Now please more attention.She told to me that you can choose flowers for my birthday,when you make your order, DO NOT PUT ANY CREDIT CARD INFORMATION BECAUSE IT WILL BE FREE, JUST WRITE ONLY YOUR NAME,THEY WILL KNOW IT IS YOU.
i told her your name and your email address,and they know my information also so it will be gift for me and you just need to complete form and put my information and you can write congratulations also : this is the address of website she work for :
I like red roses the most of all :) do not forget it is FREE for you and me,so please do not put your card here,only YOUR NAME,it is gift.
This is my address : Country : Ukraine,State/Province : Kiev, City : Kiev,Post Code : 01010, Street address : Gaitsana Mikovili vul.35,11.
my full name is Yuliya Vinokurova, provide me with your information just in case also. My birthday is on Monday(April 27), i am taking a day off from clinic.
I think we will celebrate my birthday at home and may be go to the restaurant or cafe,i would like to introduce you to my girlfriends someday in person and i know they will like you, because i like you :)
I have one question,do you like tea or prefer coffee ?
I want you to know that i am one man woman and i do not communicate with other man besides of you,i do not use any profiles in internet also,i am serious about you

I will write to you soon and i hope to come up with birthday pictures for you

Yours Yuliya
Letter 2
My dearest Stephen,its me Yuliya here, i have just finished my work and come up with some news for you, how are you doing ? do you miss me there as i miss you ? may be it is sounds strange to miss someone you never see in person,but you are always on my mind and when i am not here reading your writings,i miss you.It is how i feel.
Thank you for being honest with me,i impressed with your last writings and it got me in a special mood.
I have talked to director of our clinic only this morning and we tried to figure out about my vacation,my last vacation was the beginning of Autumn and i have been told that i can take two weeks vacation from May,13-May,27.
This is what is possible for now because there is a plan for the next time for other workers and there is no more chance for closest time,only by Autumn.By this way i am going to vacation now,i need to have some rest because i am tired too much.I talked to director about my papers and he has told to me that i can take it with me when i go to visit you there,by this way if we fall in love and find a job for me there,i wont be back here,may be the next year we will come here together to visit my family and friends.Or if i visit you there and we decide to take a break i can be back here and the next time to visit you in Autumn or you could come to visit me here at any time you wish.I checked with travel agency here and my flight is going to be around 700 dollars and it is not cheap, if you have any suggestions about it let me know what do we do ?
I will be getting my dog Gringo to Odessa and mommy will take a care of it.
By the way i do not smoke and i do not drink too much, i can drink a glass of wine sometimes and i am able to control my self,my ex had some troubles because of drinking too much on weekends, i was not happy about it,do you agree with me ?
i will ask my girlfriend to look for apartment here while i am traveling,i think it is necessary.
I am very excited about flying to you there, i belive that destiny gave us very big chance and we need to keep it in our hands.You are the the best gift i ever get in my life and i hope that we will be good in person.I am very glad that i can share my private world with you and that is important.
You gave me hope and made my days full of bright emotions.
Thank you for being in my life.I had very beautiful dream yesterday, I so that i arrive to you and it was rainy day,
My heart beat so speedy when i come out from plane looking for you, there were not many people and i run to your embrances and we begun to kiss each other, we stayed under the rain without umbrella and we were very happy,then you told to me that will never let me go and i begun to cry,it was tears of happiness. I wish my dream to come true and we just need to wait,do not forget about red roses, it will make me the happiest woman in the world :) i am going to send some pic from Cyprus With hot kisses
Yours Yuliya
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