Scam letter(s) from Yana to I. T. (Greece)

Letter 1

Hello my darling Ioannis! I'm touched receiving your message. It is a big luck to realize that such an interesting person as you are have paid an attention on me. I'm very serious in my intention to find a real partner and a real soul-mate for me. I completely understand that it is impossible to start to create relations without realizing what a person you are and what am I. And as a beginning let me introduce myself. My name is Yana but I don't like my name in this way. As far as my friends and my family call me Yanochka I want you to call me Yanochka too. I'm 24 years old. I live in Lugansk city that is situated in the eastern part of Ukraine. I live with my parents in two room apartment. My mother Ludmila and my father Sergey are invalids cause the state of their health. My mother suffers for rheumatism. My father took part in Chernobil as a driver and now he has a difficulties with lungs and respiratory tract. They can't give me some financial support in life but I know that they have devoted all their love and treatment to me and I love them very much. As for my occupation at the moment. I have finished sewing college and now I work as a seamstress at the garment factory. I love my job very much but I set myself to become a designer as an object. I want to enter the university one day and to make in reality my dream. I love the world of fashion, I enjoy looking to different works of famous designers. I am said that I have a good sense of style and manners. I want to be surrounded by beautiful things and atmosphere of calmness, tranquillity and peace. But I completely understand that any good furnished and well decorated place can't compare with the real happiness inside me. That is why I value most of all the beauty of one's soul than the good looking appearance. Cause of I'm close to the world of fashion I'm accepted like a nice doll or even like a handsome thing very often. It is not my goal to be like a beautiful addition to my man. I want my future husband to value me like a real person and friend. May be cause of this I have decided to search my soul-mate abroad. I know that foreign men are tired from the feministic women and financially oriented creatures. In my turn I promise you that I can be a real support and friend till the end of time. There is no any important obstacle to impede me in my search for a real husband. Even that fact that I don't know English language will not stand in my way to be happy and to make happy the man of my dream. I'll start to learn English as soon as possible to have an opportunity to hear your sweet voice one day. At the moment I use the firm that provides me with the translation and sending letters to you, my dear. Now I'll finish my letter with the hope to get a reply from you as far as I'm interested in continuation of our relations very much. With the best wishes, Yanochka.
Letter 2

Hello my dear Yannis! It is a great pleasure to hear about your intentions to go to Lugansk in the end of June. But I have one very important question. What is the mission of your trip to Lugansk? Did you arrange a meeting with someone else? I don't want to be second reason of your trip. I want to be the one and the most main reason of your coming to Lugansk. It seems to me that your intention to go to Lugansk has appear much more early than you have met me. Please tell my honestly and I will think. I don't want to be the third person. Excuse me if I have offended you with my words. But I don't want our relations to be based on lie and distrust. Take care and I will be waiting for your sincere and soon reply. Your,
Letter 3

Hello my dear Yannis! Thank you for your honest and sincere reply. And thank you for your compliments as for my interesting profile. But frankly speaking I'm not corresponding with other man. But you are right I have received a lot of letters but most of them were full of cruel intentions and obscene proposals. Most of men try to invite me to the Crimea or at least to Odessa. And I can guess what do they want from me. But they don't know that I'm not interested to spend some days under the Crimea sun and will not see them after this at all. I much more interested in creating a solid relations which will lead us to the family relations. And I don't know why all the men don't want to correspond at least with some letters. All of them want to meet me right now and not in my native town. I think that if I agree to meeting after the first letter I will be not honest. I think even for meeting we should be prepared. I don't want to play any games and I don't want to waste my time and the time of my potential partner. I want to know at least base information about my man and some points of view. I think that the first meeting is very important and I don't feel my self uncomfortable. And one more important thing. I have received several proposals and each of them included an invitation to Kiev or to Odessa. And each of invitation had a definite time and place of meeting. And even more some of invitation allowed to meet the man from one time to another time. It means that the author of this letter has arranged at least 10 meetings a day and I'm allowed to meet him only in definite time. As for me it is awful and it is inappropriate. It seems to me that my country Ukraine is market, Ukrainian girls are goods and foreign men are customers. I don't want to be a good in this *****-trade. I'm independent person and I want to make my life by my own hands. I want to have a meeting with person whom I like and who is interesting for me. But I can't make such a decision after the first letter. And where is the chance that after first meeting you will say that you like me. What if you will not like my appearance, my voice or something else. But after our corresponding we will be more prepared for our first meeting. I will know your main features of your character, your likes and dislikes. I know that in America there is one interesting custom to have a meeting blindly. I didn't use to have such a meetings. I have eyes, I have brain and I have at least some thoughts. I want my choice to be conscious and I want my decision to be well-founded. I don't want to imitate my sympathy for man whom photo I have never seen and whom thoughts I have never heard. And one more important moment. I don't know English and I use the help of translating firm. My letter are translated and yours ones are translated for me too. And you should know that our first meeting will be with the help of interpreter. Please tell me honestly this time too and I will wait for your reply and for your photo. I don't want to play any blindly games. I want my life, my relations and my future family to be open minded and to be clear. but thank you for your honest reply on my last letter. I value it a lot and you should know that you are the one with whom it is very pleasant to communicate. I appreciate your honest approach and I'm sure that you will not lose your honesty in future. We are people but not slaves or animals and we should respect and treat each other. I think I'm more than just honest with you and I ask you for the same. Your Yanochka with big Ukrainian hope.
Letter 4

Hello my dear YANNIS! Thank you for your letter as usual. Of course you are right that we should meet one day and I want to meet you very much. It is good that you have a serious intention to come to Ukraine next month. Of course I will be more than just glad to meet you. But you are right with your statement that meeting is beyond writing. I think it will be very useful for us to discover each other through the correspondence. It will work for our favor and we will be prepared for our first meeting. I really want to meet you and I don't want to waste our time. Your Yanochka.
Letter 5

Dear YANNIS, Please take into your attention next information. Yanochka uses the service of our firm in translation your letters and for sending her letters and photos to you. As far as she doesn't know English language and she doesn't have a computer at home she can't realize the correspondence with you without our help. At the beginning of your correspondence Yanochka paid for our service herself. Now she doesn't have an opportunity to pay cause of her financial performance. Now she is waiting on your last letter with impatience and she is really interested in you. If you are really interested in continuation of your relations with Yanochka too and if you want to help her we can send you the information about our service and payment. Sincerely yours,
Director of "LugaPrim"
Vladimir Kulakov.
Letter 6

Dear Yannis! Thank you that you have found the time to write us this letter. We have already informed Yanochka about your intention to visit her here in Lugansk. And she asks us to tell you that she doesn't agree to meet you without at least some time of correspondence. At first she wants to know you better and only after some time of correspondence she will meet you in real life. Sincerely yours,
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