Scam Letter(s) from Natalia Dychko to Tom (Norway)

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Letter 1

hello darling. kiss. thanks. how are you? I live in Ukraine. I live with my mother. kiss. I love to travel. kiss. how are you? What are your hobbies? I am kind, faithful, sociable, I hate lies and treason. I want to love and happiness. send a photo? kiss

Letter 2

hello darling. kiss. thanks. I want you to come visit:) kiss. how are you? I like to cook to eat. I want to love. I hate lies and treason. kiss

Letter 3

hello darling. kiss. Thank you. I want you to visit, really want, I want to love. you are very nice, kind, honest man. I want to come and stay with you. kiss. but I do not have a visa: (how are you?

Letter 4

hello darling. kiss. but I want you to visit. I have never been abroad, I am dreaming. visa costs 145 euros. I do not have the funds for a visa: (sorry. kiss. how are you?

Letter 5

hello darling. kiss. thanks. how are you? I miss you. I wish to you. I have no money for a visa: (send me money through Western Union? we have today is a day of rain: (: (



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