Scam letter(s) from Isabella Kalugina to Patrice (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hello my lovely Patrice ;) I hope, you are glad to what I have constrained the morning promise and now I write you the letter?!? :) Howyou, my dear?! I hope, at you everything is all right?!? Than you are engaged now?! How your mood?!? Please,write to me... My darling, today, basically, as well as always lately, I thought of us, about our relations, about ourmeeting... When we will be together, I would like to spend set of time with you... I wish to be content witheach instant of your presence number. I hope, what you also strongly want it?!? I think that sometime when wewill be together, we will lay on the bank of silent lake, enjoying the friend the friend. Or we will go,keeping for hands, on pools. ;) Or we will play snowballs and to force down from icicle eaves. If certainlythere will be a winter :))). I dream that we will have our house. And in him there will be only our books, ourdisks with favourite music, our ware on kitchen, our pillows on a sofa, our red cat. ;) I hope, you do not havean allergy from animals?!? :). I thought of in what we will be engaged in evenings together... For example,verses and dialogue at a fireplace... Mulled wine in the winter evenings. Your warm and strong palms. My eyesshining by happiness. One armchair and a checkered fluffy plaid for two... And much many other things... I eventhink that sometime we necessarily will have disputes. For example, about books, films or, it is simple ontrifles. Probably, I will break a plate. :) And door probably slammed for you. :) And silent, but "forgive"sincere, when you will return back. We will tell him together. You - me, I - you... Yes, my favourite?!? Andour reconciliation will be more sweet a hundred times!!! :))). Then, we will wander on seacoast and torecollect with a smile those absurd things that spoke each other... :))). But all it will be only when we willbe together... Now, I can think only of it and dream. My darling Patrice, tell to me, you also think of us?!? Youalso dream what I write to you in my letters?!? Also what you think of it mine the letter?!? You like such mydesires, thoughts, the assumption?!? Or, I think of it only one?!? Please, answer me... It is very important tome to know your opinion. Ok... Again it is time to me to go for work :(. I wish you successful continuation of day. Please, care ofitself!!!! I send you my photo, with hope, that it will present to you my heat. It is a pity, that I cannotembrace you personally :(((( Yours Izabella...
Letter 2
Hello my dear Patrice... My today, beginning after my lunch break and finishing till the end of work, was simply not predicted!!!! It isa lot of work, it is a lot of thoughts and questions on us with you and practical any free minute :(... Howyour day??! I hope, what your day has passed much better, more easy, not as at me?. All the day, I thought that you have written to me in the letter and now, I very much wish to answer him... About a photo! I will try to send to you such information. Soon I will in holiday and I would like, that youhave written, where and when you wish to meet me?! In each my letter, I again and again write to you, that I very much want, that you were a number!!! Likely, youalready tired to read such my lines, yes?!? But I can do nothing with myself :(. Every morning, I wake up, withthought that in my life now there is you!. But where you?!? And why we cannot be content with presence eachother when our feelings it is so sincere and are mutual?!? You can answer this question?!? And why we were notborn with you in one city?! Probably, our meeting it is valid our destiny... Never you know, where you willfind and when you will lose. We have found each other... And now, I very much am afraid of you to lose!!!! Andyou, my darling Patrice, you are afraid to lose me?!? How strongly I became dear to you??! Please, answer me...Now, I need to know about it... I admit to you and I will tell frankly, that I never met the man more sincere and sensual than you, my darlingPatrice. I would like to be with you now, to touch you, to iron your hair, to embrace you for a neck, to feeltenderness of your lips and warmth of your breath... You know, my sweet... Loneliness - here that chasm whichtightens me now... And your name - the only thing that can resist to her... Is the truth! I know, you shouldunderstand me in it! The longer I remain one, the less to me that once we will be together is believed... Now,I can understand sense of words, that the love is capable to give not only happiness, but also very big pain!!!A pain of that we cannot love each other really!!! You understand me in it,))))?! I trust, what exactly you mylove. Patrice - you my pleasure, my happiness, my dream, you are created for me, you my man! You believe what Iyour destiny?!? You want, that our feelings, our relations at last have found more serious basis and, soilunderfoot, than only in letters???! I think, that at us time has come to think about the friend the friend... Ithink, that that moment when we should be together has come... Also it is not so necessary words, dreams andprobability. It is necessary to operate!. I very much hope, that you agree with me in it!? Please, answer me,what you think of it?! My darling, I hope, what you remember mine early lines in which I spoke why I have appeared here, on theInternet?!? And so, I will repeat again... I have appeared here to construct the happiness. To find the man whoalso wishes to be happy and to have a happy family. As to me I have found such man, you. And I am assured ofit. Now, as to you?!? Whether see you in me that unique woman with whom you would wish to try to construct thehappy future together?!? If yes, then we need to meet with each other... If you think, that I cannot be herthen it is better to us to stop our dialogue. Yes, you are possible is strongly surprised by similar my lines,but I wish to tell to you, that if till this moment, you still have not felt me the unique woman with whom youwould wish to be for ever together, then, you never will feel it. Also it is visible, I not that girl who isnecessary to you. I know, to me will be very sick, if it is valid so... But it is better to know the bittertruth and to try to continue to live... Than to love, but not to feel this love really!. Now, your answer,should put definitively an end in our relations... Or we will be together... Or, it is not fated to us of itabsolutely... I think, that is already senseless to continue dialogue under letters when all is already clearas white day... I with impatience will wait for your letter, your answer. I very much worry now because I donot know with what will be your decision. But know, what you would not make the decision, I will support you init. Because I want, that you were happy... I wish you only the best!!! PS. By the way, I would like to inform you, that in 3 days, I leave in holiday... Certainly, it would bedesirable to devote all free time for you, but I do not know, whether you want it??! I think also, that weshould not forget about our age!!!! Any more we will not be younger. But happy all of us still can be... I waitfor your answer!.). Sweet dreams...
Letter 3
Hello my dear Patrice, With me everything is all right! :). Especially, now, when I have received and have read your letter!!! :)...For me it is very important to read your lines and to know, that you care and worry about me. Please, do notworry about me. Ok? I promise, that with me all will be good. Especially, now, when I have met you and you havefound me! I very much hope, that at us with you, all will be remarkable... How you my darling?! How your mood?! I hope, what at you and with you all in a full order?! What weather inyour country?! I hope, what the spring sun warms you the heat?! How your relatives?! I hope, what with themalso all in a full order?! Transfer them my warmest wishes. I very much wish to arrive to you. But before I to start to find out all about my trip to you, I have somequestions and I would like to set them to you. Please, answer them... And then, we can start our meeting. Ifyou are really serious in the intention to meet me?!? Ok...- I would like to know, when you plan to meet me??!- What is the time, you would like and can remain with me??!- You promise to meet me at the airport when I will arrive to your country!? I hope, you understand, whatexcept you, in your country I have no someone else? And me it will be very terrible in case you will not cometo meet me on station...- Where I will live, in case I will agree to arrive to you??! At you at home, or, in hotel?!?- And whether you can help me?! To my regret, I do not have money for such expensive trip. Moreover, I shouldadmit that fact, that I the poor girl and such things as a trip abroad for such as I, are accessible, but amvery rare and exclusive on circumstances. If you do not want to help me I certainly will understand you...Unfortunately, I should admit the following fact, what not all men are interested by dialogue and the relationwith the girl from a poor family. I would not wish to think of it, but it is valid so! I very much love you and I want, that we were together. I wish you fine evening and excellent mood!!! Please,care of itself... Yours Izabella.
Letter 4

Hello my dear Patrice! How are you?! How your morning mood?! I hope, what it same fine, how at me?! Whatweather in your country?! How your relatives?! I hope, what with them also everything is all right?! Pleasetransfer them my warmest wishes. I am very glad to see your letter. Thanks big for detailed answers to my questions. Now it will not be terribleto me to go to your country. You have written, that can help me. What sum you can help me?! I would be verygrateful to you, if you have helped me with money for a trip to your country. I very much wish to meet you andI want, that our meeting has taken place as soon as possible. I hope, what you also wish it?! I with the bigimpatience will wait for your answer. With warm and gentle embraces. Yours Izabella.
Letter 5
Hello my love the man, mine Patrice! How you, my dear Patrice?! How your health?! How are you?! I very much hope, what at you and with youeverything is all right?! Answer me! I'm fine. I feel perfectly. Lately, my fine mood have noticed all who me surrounds. And all this happy aura,good mood, the laughter, all it starts with depth of my heart. From that place in which you have lodged. And Ihope, that you will remain forever in it. ;) I will be frank. I am really happy, that have met you. I any more did not trust in a miracle. But as it hasappeared, the hope always dies last. And I have met you. And I would like to present to you all my love andheat which saved all this time only for my unique and irreplaceable man... And as I was convinced now, Iprotected it for you! :) And I with pleasure am ready to give you it. Concerning money! I am very glad to read and to know about your desire to help me. Thanks, for it. I will bevery grateful to you, if you help me. I went to bank and tried to find out, how I can receive your money. Allhave explained to me... But, Patrice, now there is a financial crisis in all countries. And I think, you knowabout it. Yes?! Therefore, if you send money for my name it will be very difficult to me to receive them. Mygirlfriend who to work in one of such banks, has informed me, that at present, people who have the money inbank, with big difficultly receive them... I have been grieved, having found out about it. But then, mygirlfriend has suggested me to make more and more easy. She wishes to help us with you!! :)! Also has offeredme, that if you will not be against your money, it could receive itself personally. You understand me in it,Patrice? That fact, that it works in monetary branch "Western Union" in many respects will facilitate to us aproblem. It with ease can receive your money, and I should not stand in a queue hours. I very much hope, whatyou not against it?!? You should not worry about money. It very good person and I completely trust it! Now, Iwill write to you its data:Tatyana IvanovaPlease be attentive at remittance filling:Tatyana - first nameIvanova - last name.Also, I would like to know, when you will be capable to send me money?! Still, my girlfriend has informed me,that when you will make out a remittance me from you to be necessary the following information. It:- Your full name!- Your home address where you have been born. I very much love you and I hope, that we very soon will together. I very much count on your help. As soon as Iwill receive your money, I will begin official registration of papers. I will wait for your answer. I wish you
fine day and remarkable mood. Yours Izabella.
Letter 6
Hello my dear Patrice! How are you?! How your mood?! How there has passed your day?! I am glad to read that you are going to help me. I would be very grateful to you. You ask me about the sumwhich is necessary for me for arrival to your country?! I have found out. For arrival to your country 710 eurosare necessary for me. This sum includes cost of the ticket, the visa, passport registration. You can help thissum?! Answer me. You go tomorrow to bank to send me money?! Please do not forget to send in the following letter to me your fullname and your home address. Also send to me please a copy of the receipt from "the Western Union" that you havesent me money. ok?! Please do not forget it to make. I wish you fine evening. I very much love you! Yours Izabella.
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