Scam letter(s) from Elena Guryanova to Doug (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my love Douglas!
I live only dream and ideas on you.
And I cannot live without you. I cannot live without you as it is impossible to live without air.
You are necessary for me, as air what to breathe and live is necessary.
I live only thinking about you and about our meeting, about our first kiss.
I want to kiss you my prince Douglas strong and passionately, and you feel all my fine feelings to you.
Love is a deep and serious feeling, i dont play with him.
It is impossible to play with love, and as with feelings and trust.
I think, its good to develop this feeling of sympathy and friendship to love and i like, that it is forever.
I really speak you with all my heart, I speak that I like and I want to be only with you.
Dear mine Douglas, today I went to agency, and there have told that for me it is necessary to legalize papers and what visa.
As I have studied cost and time of registration of the visa in agency.
My love, to me have told that visa is necessary for me, it is the visa of the tourist and she is valid in current of 180 days, we with you shall be together all this time and only you and I.
Tourist visa very convenient for us and her will let out in two or three days a maximum, her do very quickly.
Then I have asked how many she will cost also to me have told that the visa costs 390 dollars the USA.
From such words I very much was upset and have told that I have no this money.
Also has explained that I go to the favorite person and except for him to me who is not necessary.
I have asked why the visa costs so dearly and to me have told that the visa costs 210 dollars, 115 dollars medical insurance and 65 dollars the tax and completely all leaves 390 dollars.
After all I began to cry that I have no such money and the agent which has explained all to me has told that i have asked this the sum of money you and it has told if you really love me, will be necessarily to me to help to arrive to you.
My love, I love you and except for you to me who is not necessary also I very much I suffer for us, i all think as you there without me and you too so think of me. I want to be near to you and only with you.
Please help me to arrive to you. To me have told in agency as you can help me.
There is a system remittances worldwide, Western Union and you likely already heard it about it.
Dear I have no passport. But I have money for reception of the passport and I shall start to receive the passport.
Unfortunately I have no money for reception of the visa.
That I had all, it is money for reception of the passport.
Dear send to me 390 dollars the USA for registration of the visa.
As inform me all necessary information, that I could receive money in bank and start to receive the visa.
Reception of the visa and the passport will borrow time and I want to start to receive all necessary documents.
On this I would ask that you have sent me of money for the visa already now.
You should go in branch of bank Western Union and make to me translation into the visa, there to you will give ten-place code which you should send me and I shall go at once in bank to receive your translation.
Dear mine Douglas, the address where you should make to me translation into the visa:
MOSCOW, 121165
for name Elena Guryanova.
My love Douglas, is the information where you should make to me translation and as soon as i shall receive your translation we with you shall be together in some days.
We should not miss a gift of the god and destiny, that they have helped us to meet each other and we should be together.
Please forgive me, but except for you to me any more to whom to help and when I shall arrive to you I shall be To do you by the happiest person on the ground and a forage of you to me it is more who is not necessary.
My prince Douglas, please make to me translation today and in some days we with you shall be together and i of you when I shall not leave.
I send you the love and a gentle kiss!!!!
I very much wait for your letter and I hope for a fast meeting.
Your loved Elena.
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