Scam letter(s) from Elena to Guillermo (Argentina)

Letter 1
Hello Guillermo, I am very glad to receive your letter. Really it is very interesting to me to get acquainted with you.
The majority of my acquaintances have found love in the Internet. All youth now gets acquainted on the Internet. Here and I have decided to find love in the Internet too. At all I do not know that from this will turn out. Me warned that on the Internet often get acquainted for the sake of a meeting for one night. I wish to tell to you at once, that I search for the person for serious relations.
Friends have prompted to me that at registration on a site of acquaintances I have specified the European city. It should help to me to find serious relations. At all I do not know as it should help me, but I have decided to specify city London.
By the way, I congratulate on the last birthday, it is a pity that I have not checked up mail earlier.
I will strongly not tyre you with my letter and I will try to tell all about myself in a few words.
Sindi it is mine nickname. My present name Elena
Was born and live in Russia in city Kazan. In the winter here it is very cold, and there are very warm days in the summer.
Now to me of 29 years. My height of 168 centimetres and weight of 58 kgs.
I have finished college on a speciality of the cook. Now I work in shopping centre as the seller of youth clothes.
I live one, children are not present also I was not married. I had long relations with the man, but one year ago it has left to more beautiful and young girl. I do not like to recollect it.
I like to cook food, and then to invite friends and together to enjoy a fine supper and the company. I have a dream to open in the future small restaurant. There is such proverb "to dream dream should".
In the summer I like to go for a drive on a bicycle, and to ski or the fads in the winter. As I am engaged in gymnastics for figure maintenance. At leisure I like to be on the nature, to walk on streets, it is more to be on fresh air.
Tell about itself? Than you like to be occupied at a leisure? Your hobbies? A city in which you live? It is very interesting to me to learn more about you.
I will wait for your answer!!!
Elena. P.S. I hope that you liked my photo, wait for your photo with following your letter!!!
Letter 2
Hello Guillermo. I am very glad to receive your letter. When I have checked up mail, I have been admired, because saw the letter from you. How are you? as there has passed your day?
Today I worked all the day. I already wrote that I work as the seller of youth clothes in the big shopping centre in city Kazan. Though I was trained on the cook, but a trade of the cook in Russia is low-paid. To survive I has been compelled to find job with more worthy salary. Now I work as the seller and money suffices me to live. And in general I do not like to speak about money because they always do not suffice. I accept my job, every day I communicate with buyers. I like to communicate. Here for example now I write you the letter and it gives to me pleasure. I like to communicate with you. I hope that to you too.
Your letter has really amazed me. I see that your life is not necessary on a place. Your life like the rough river. Your letter is filled by bright paints of a life and the big portion of a positive. And at us it is valid much in common.
Thanks for a photo. These are surprisingly beautiful places. And it really heavenly spot for the enamoured. As on a photo I see the first check written out in your restaurant. And it was the beginning of your dream. I am very glad for you.
Now to me of 29 years, and I understand that I can remain one. But I do not wish to remain one. I can shortly tell about me directly - "I wish to like and be liked"!
It is very interesting to me to learn as you you represent your life in some years? What purposes you wish to reach? Excuse if I confuse with the question you, but I really very much would like to know it.
When there is a man and the woman they should love each other, trust each other, and understand. My parents have lived a perfect and happy life together. They were always cheerful and never lifted a voice against each other (if only on me) because I not always was the obedient child, but nevertheless I think that they were right. My parents were lost in a road accident 4,5 years ago.
I wish to find the man who can understand me, help me council and that is the most important in a family there should be a love and mutual understanding atmosphere, it the man and the woman depends only on that how much love each other. Possibly I speak about the future much, but I want it. I wish to show you my soul, my ideas and ideals. I want that you have understood me so well as you understand yourself!
I think, that we, can learn subsequently each other better, and I feel that we become good acquaintances. I think that all feelings begin from friendship and trust. You agree with me?!
Write to me as soon as possible, tell more about itself. Your way of life? What you like and what you do not like? What your plans concerning the future?
I send you in this letter my new photos. Also I will be glad to see your photos with the letter.
I should go to make a supper. Sometimes happens very boringly to have supper one. I very well cook food, and is possible once I can do for you a perfect supper.
Good evening
Letter 3
Hello Guillermo. I am very glad to see your letter. I see, that you the good person and me are pleasant to be familiar with you. I hope, what is it also it is pleasant for you?
It is very pleasant to see new photos. It is especially pleasant to see on a photo as you smile. To me too it delivers a smile.
Also it is pleasant to me to know that my photos too liked you. A pony doing not wash, this the Pony of parents of my girlfriend.
{I see that your life is not necessary on a place. Your life like the rough river.} It is my awful English. ;) I wished to tell it, that your life very active. You do not sit on a place. You constantly travel, go in for sports, job. You it is constant in movement. And it is remarkable!!!
To create are Russian restaurant in Bariloche sounds for me a fairy tale. Is required many money to create the restaurant. Before it is necessary to work much to save up a seed capital. In Russia it to make very difficult.
About as it is a lot of children. ;) I thought how much children I would like more few. I am small thought of it because first of all I think of maintenance of the future for children. And it is pleasant to me to read that you consider your future together with me. Because recently I also think of the future together with you. And it is pleasant to me to think of it. At us much in common, at us one purposes, at us identical desire. Between us there is a unique distinction, - between us the big distance. But I think that for us it not a problem.
Yesterday in Russia there was a great holiday. Yesterday all Russia celebrated day of a victory in the Great Patriotic War. Practically in each city on the main area there passes parade. And thousand military men of different divisions participated in parade, sportsmen, cadets, schoolboys, veterans. It probably the biggest and significant holiday in history of Russia. The military technics and even aircraft participated in parade, it was a tremendous show. I with the girlfriend have spent all the day long on a holiday. It was perfect day. In the end of day also in all cities there was a solemn salute. This day has overflowed me with emotions. But I did not have not enough you glad with me! I have come back home more close by midnight.
Tell to me more about that place, where do you live. People? A way of life? I could learn about it on the Internet, but I would like to know your opinion, your sights at a society which surrounds you. So I can learn more about you.
We are in the various countries, and our cultures differ. The society differs also. But all over the world there is one that connects all people - love, aspiration to create a family. We so far apart, but it is pleasant to know that at us much in common and one general aspiration to create a house family cosiness.
By the way tell to me as there passes your usual working day. Here I rise in the morning of hours at 6.00 I do a few gymnastics, souls, a breakfast, and I go on job. In the morning usually there are not enough buyers, therefore morning passes in conversation with fellow workers. Becomes closer to a dinner of buyers more and I persistently try to sell clothes :) the Dinner I prepare houses and I take with myself on job. At me the dinner of 20-30 minutes also lasts. Further there are more buyers and I again try to sell persistently even more clothes ;) And at last the working day comes to an end, and I with good mood go home. The house me is waited by a shower and a breakfast (a breakfast I has prepared even in the morning because after job to make a breakfast tiresomely). After a breakfast I meet the girlfriend and we together spend time. If the girlfriend is occupied, I go to walk in park. I am a little having walked I go home and I do house affairs. Here approximately so there passes my usual working day. Now I would like to see as there passes your working day.
On it I will stop my small modest narration.
I think of you
Write to me back, I very much wait.
Letter 4

Hello my dear Guillermo. You have made me today again happy, and my day became sated by bright paints, after reception of your letter. When you write about yourself, I represent you what you are actually at once! Before I have met you, I checked my e-mail once a month. Now I try check up mail every day.
I know, that you the perfect person and I would like to get acquainted with you more close. I like to write to you letters and to read your letters. I am very happy, that have met you, and I am glad to each your word. I am very happy, that you have responded to my first letter. And now I know that you the remarkable person. I like our dialogue with you!
Write more about itself all that you want. I will be always glad to your letter!
I apologise that could not respond earlier. My computer has been hurt the Internet by a virus. It was necessary to call the expert to repair pc. And I am glad that your letters managed to be restored. Now I with the big pleasure continue to write to you.
Thanks for files in your letter. It is very beautiful also to me it was pleasant to look.
lenochka - This diminutively caressing declination of my name. Such spelling does Russian words more pleasant and gentle. My full name as in the document is Elene. But you can name me Lenochka, to me it will be pleasant.
I wish to tell about the daily life a little more. More often, when I am tired by job, I go to go in for sports. I well remember, when I was small, my parents have sent me in figure skating school. I studied at that school four years, and constantly came home with bruises because sometimes fell, and to me was very sick. But I aspired to that to become the world champion on figure skating. Probably strange dream for the eleven-year girl - in that to be the world champion ;) In due course at me there were other interests. But I am happy, that parents have directed me to this school. Trainings have helped me to create a good figure. Have and more accustomed me to watch the body and health. Now sports an integral part of my life. Each my morning begins with gymnastics.
You sometime skated on ice? Earlier I went often to an ice palace, but now I practically do not skate. Now I prefer in the winter lick or a campaign in pool more.
Here I write you the letter and I send. And me you will pleasantly know that you to read it. I even represent as you receive my letter. You read it and from time to time smile. From these thoughts to me it becomes pleasant on a shower. You in my thoughts.
On it I will finish my letter. Good evening Guillermo.
I think, that you can quickly respond.
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