Scam letter(s) from Alena Popova to Ruben (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Ruben,
I am very glad to receive your letter and get acquainted with you, I want us to become good friends.
If you have read my profile attentively you must have noticed that i am serious in my search, so we have one common goal. We can become close people only if we pursue this goal together. I think only good friends can share thoughts with each other easily. I won't keep from you that i am a little bit nervous at the beginning of our communication, but i want to believe everything will work well between us. I am filled by optimism and believe that our future depends only on us. I am youthful, energetic, burn with the desire to find my place in this life, meet my soulmate, whom I can feel the Real Love with and go through our life together! My dream is to be happy and make another man happy, whom I'll share my life way with. I am not afraid of barriers, I am ready to overcome any difficulties that can separate us. The man whom I am looking will be my single, the most loving, the kindest and the most careful, unique one in the whole world!
I am looking for such a man! Maybe it is you?
By nature I am an optimist and I believe my search will be completed happily, I am sure I will be lucky to meet my Only Love in this way of keeping communication. Exactly, I can see the true sense of my life in it. Many people don't fit for bold actions and they are satisfied by their life and what they have at the moment. To my mind they are just lazy people who scare of difficulties and complicated situations. To my mind we should not be afraid of following our intuition and making our dreams come true. If we go on the way of our spirit bloom, we'll become closer and can understand our inner world much better! This is the way of understanding each other!
But in my opinion it is the huge labor of our soul, isn't it? And if we are able to reach it, we will be deserved real human Happiness.
If you agree with me and look for the same, then our correspondence will be very interesting and excited.
I want to believe my letter has interested you and you will write me back. I would like to get to know more about you. Please tell me about your life, family, interests. What are your dreams?
What would you like to know about me? Feel free to ask me everything you want, I will answer with great pleasure.
I will be waiting for your reply impatiently, Sincerely, Alena.
Letter 2
Hello Ruben,
It is so nice to hear you back again. I am very glad that we became interested in each other. I will try my utmost to make our correspondence interesting and honest. First of all I want to congratulate you and your family! Merry Xmas!
I want to wish you and your family a wonderful Merry Christmas.
and may Peace and many blessings flourish with the abundance of love during this Holiday Season & through the New Year!!!! I hope you have wonderful Xmas celebration. I do believe that we both have to be open-hearted and sincere so as to know each other deep down and (well, you never know...) share our loneliness.
So, today i want to tell you a little bit more about me. As you already know I am 21, still the age that forces you to look at life through pink glasses. I desperately wish everybody is a little bit kinder in treating others, really well meaning. That would make this world friendlier and closer and change it for better.
I wish I can find a man, who would really need and care about me, whom I would pay off all his efforts in return, who would become my real soul mate in everything we would do. I am a student of the polytechnic college, i will work as an accountant.
But already I think about my future. Try to learn hard, read more, get more knowledge so as to perceive life objectively. All my life and family values originate from the way I was raised by my parents. I am proud that i was born in a big family. I have an elder and younger brothers, loving and caring parents, sweet grandparents. I live together with the parents and brothers in the flat. My family is the only treasure for me now. I try to keep fit - do a lot of gymnastics. It helps me to be in good shape apart from fun that I get out of it.
As a matter of fact i enjoy cooking various food.
My favorites are meat and fish dishes. I know so many recipes that include red and white wines. I try to use all the imagination and creativity here. Special attention is given to garnish. I especially like various exotic fruits and vegetables. This gives peculiar taste especially to fish dishes.
I also adore cooking sea food. But so far that I live far away from the sea, I do not sea food quite often, perhaps only for special occasions. Although I try to make exquisite recipes so as to make people feel that this occasion is really a special one.
I like to do a little bit work about my home. All the daily housekeeping routine is as always very time consuming, but I still love doing the job and on the top of it, it helps me to be always in a good shape and in a good mood. I presume charity, friendliness and understanding - all the things that would always be returned in a twice as much degree to you. What else... I wish one day I would plunge myself into world-wide journey - would see new sceneries, new cultures, new people. I love fun, love to entertain others and be entertained. I think i am always good natured, i like to smile and see smiles in return. I love to meet new people as it's always a chance to learn something new. I would be happy if you tell me anything that is new to me. At least you seemed to be an interesting personality and I am really looking forward to talking to you more. I would be happy if we both find out that there are a lot of things that are common between us. But this is a real challenge, isn't it - I mean to investigate, compare and imagine things. Anyhow, I am looking for such a guy, who would have capacities for doing that, would be able to offer me an interesting, full and meaningful life. Please, understand, I am not the type of girl who awaits for everything to be handed over to her on a silver platter. I am also committed to contributing so much to my future relationships, i think it's just the case of finding the right man.
I think it is enough for today, I will be glad to get your soon reply.
Please tell me about your life imaginations. How do you imagine new relations? What are your utmost goals and wishes?
Looking forward to hear from you,
Sincerely, Alena.
Letter 3
Hello, Ruben. First of all I want to apologize for my delay. Unfortunately for the last few days i felt not so well, i have caught a cold, as it has become very cold here. I was staying in bed for a few days. Luckily today i feel much better and at once i came to the Internet cafe to check my e-mail box, as i have no computer at home. I am very glad to continue our correspondence, i am ready to open you my heart and soul. As we get deeper into our friendship and create these virtual images of each other it seems more and more natural in opening up and talking to you about things. I also hope that whatever the future holds for us we can at least become forever friends. It would be great to look back in years to come and think how we met and became friends. I hope very much this is the case. As for other things we will only know this when we meet. Love is a very strange creature and we never can tell when the chemistry will be there or not. Still, to become good friends is a great start. As for me I have celebrated New Year with my friends and family.
We prepared very different salads and tasty dishes! We have very beautifully decorated an apartment in various beautiful garlands and toys! Then, we began to prepare a celebratory table with candles! When all of us have made and have prepared for celebrating New Year we have invited our friends When there came time to 12
: 00 nights we have opened champagne and have filled our glasses!In the street there were many people, all of them congratulated each other much!
Everywhere there were many beautiful fireworks.
I hope that 2009 will be a good year and that we will be together for a while to get to know each other.
Yesterday we had Xmas.
All holidays are over and it is tough time to get ready for passing my exams. Ruben, i will be very glad top hear your voice, my mobile number is +368 099 077 65 69. It is a pity but i do not know the time difference between our countries. How are you doing today? How is your work?
Ruben, I feel very sorry that you had to wait for my reply, i hope you have not lost your interest towards me and development of our correspondence. Feel free to ask me everything you want, i will answer all your questions with great pleasure, Wait for your soon reply, Tenderly, ALena
Letter 4

Hello, Ruben.
I am so sorry for my delay. I could not answer in time as I was also very busy with my study. At the moment I write my term paper, it must be ready at the end of this week but I have written just the half of it. I can not find enough literature in the library. I spend all days long writing it and preparing for the coming practise that will be in a few weeks. As far as you can see I am pretty busy. Of course if i had a computer at home I would have answered you at once but Internet cafe is situated in another part of the city and just today i have a little bit spare time. I know its' not quite the same as getting to know someone in person, but I think that in our case it is a very good start. I'm glad that technology has allowed us to bridge gaps, such as distance, so that two people who share the same passion may still be able to get to know one another. I try to keep things as simple as possible and let life take it's natural course. Sometimes good things begin with just an e-mail, and I would like to think that at the very least, we will be able to maintain the level of friendship we have been blessed with through our correspondence.
I truly enjoy corresponding with you.
Ruben, i was very happy to speak with you on the phone too. The connection was really bad but i am thankful to you for your attempts to reach me on the line. I think such telephone talks can make us closer. How was show in the circus? Did you like the concert? I wish i could join you too. I am sure you got lots of moments of pleasure. What is the weather like There? At the moment the temperature is -30 outside and you can hardly see any one in the streets, the cars and buses do not start, it was declared state of emergency because hundreds of dead frozen people are found in the streets. There is no light in our flat in the evenings and we have to spend cold evenings without light but with the candles around one heater and the temperature in my and living room is only +12. When I go to bed I put on two warm trousers, two sweaters and even gloves. Of course the schools and collages are closed too, I do not go anywhere and even today my Mom did not allow me to go outside but I could not leave you without my letter. According to the forecast such kind of weather will be up to the end of the next week and honestly speaking we do not know how we will survive in our flat without light and heating. We do not have heating cause of the quarrel between Russia and Ukraine, maybe you heard about gas problem in Europe. How are you doing in general? I have missed our letters a lot.
I hope to hear from you soon,
Tenderly, Alena.
Letter 5
Dear Ruben.
First of all I want to thank you for your telephone call, I was very glad to hear your voice. Please do not worry that you called me when i was in the bed. At first I was a little bit nervous but then word by word i have had a feeling as we know each other for ages. I will be happy to speak with you again.
you are a close friend of mine. To some this might seem strange. We have never met in person, but e-mail we exchange. We have never had a chance to meet but i have a feeling as if we know each other for ages. I have come to conclusion that our friendship is unique. I have never given you a hug, I have never seen your face, but I feel that I owe you a debt. You have filled my soul with tenderness though we have never met. Ruben, thank you a lot for all wonderful pictures, no doubts the show was fabulous. I liked the photos from the circus a lot. i am sure everyone enjoyed it. Most of all i liked the photos with the elephants, they are great! as for me i have never seen elephants in reality. I liked the pictures from the park too. It is a pity but we do not have such parks for the animals in my country, we have got many zoos and circuses but not something like that. If you have more pictures I will be glad to get them. Luckily i feel much better today. though i still have a sick throat.
The problem is the absence of heating in the flat, I wish we could buy at least two heaters into the flat to keep warm. It is impossible to stay in the flat when the temperature is +12 while it is - 26 outside. It is a pity but we can't allow ourselves to buy the electrical heaters cause of high prizes they have.
Ruben, i wish i were there next to you where you can enjoy sunny weather all the year round! I fully agree with you it would be great and very comfortable to have a PC at home. I got to know i will be able to get the cable installed to allow me to get on the Internet when i have a computer at home, it will cost me $250. I agree with you it would be much better to have my own and use the money that i am spending on the Internet cafe to pay for my own access at home. Ruben, I can buy very good computer in my place but the only question is the financial one. I was pleased to read that you have had an idea to buy me a computer and send me it but i think it would be much better and technically safer if you could help me financially and i would buy a very good computer here.
How great it would be to have a computer at home. I have told mom about your wish to help me with purchasing a computer, she could not believe her ears and she asked me to tell you her best regards, she is very happy for me that I met such a noble and loyal man. Of course it will be very useful for my studies.
Moreover i got to know i will have to pay high taxes if i receive any package from abroad. I also want to warn you that our mail system is very bad. I just do not want you to waste money in vain in case if i do not get a parcel from you. So, you want to know about my lifestyle.
As for me usually, during the week I wake up at 6.30 and do my morning exercises, then I was myself and have my breakfast. I don' like eating too much in the morning. All I usually have is just a cup of coffee and a sandwich. I try to wake up with a positive thoughts and think that everything is fine for me and I'm a happy and self-sufficient person. After finishing my breakfast, I go to college about 7.15. My classes usually last till 17.00. in midday I have sometime to have a bite. After my classes, three times per week I go to the gym, I like workout a lot, it gives me extra energy and confidence. Sometimes in the evening I go out with my girlfriends, we usually go to the disco or to the cafe to have an ice cream. On the weekend, we usually meet too and go to have a walk. Weekend for me is the time when I can have some extra sleep and enjoy myself.
Yes, my weak point is that I just LOVE to stay late in bed. I would imagine my beloved one to wake me up with a soft kiss. This wonderful awakening needs to be practiced on a daily basis to be trained until perfection:)). This would be a real boost for the whole day to come. It's a simple thing, like dew on the flowers, like first rays of sun struggling through your windows... like early spring, but the spring that has come to our soul. Dear Ruben, i hope my letter was not boring to read. How things are doing with you? How do you feel? How is your family?
I will be waiting for your soon reply,
Tenderly, Alena.
Letter 6
Dear Ruben.
I am very glad to hear from you. thank you a lot for your letter.
Your words and the sentiments that you have shared with me will give me the inspiration to come to you and make our relationship a reality.
It's not always easy to express our true and deep emotions through words alone, but we have the ability to do it very well.
I really can feel so much from you through your words. The words we share through our letters are the basis on which our relationship will be formed. In the absence of eye contact, physical touch and the chemistry that we will experience in person ...
the emotion, dreams and desire that we express between us in words is the only way in which we can share these feelings. Dear Ruben, i can hardly find suitable words to express you my thankfulness for your wish to help me to purchase a computer. Like you have asked me I have done shop around and found out the average prise for a good modern laptop is from $500 (dollars) and higher, the prize depends on the functions, brand, size, speed, etc. I can buy a very good modern computer that does everything including play DVDs, with Blu Ray and HD vision in it. As for me I won't be able to purchase such a laptop by myself but i understand how much i need it nowadays , no doubts modern world is impossible without computers. I have found out to install the Internet connection costs $100 that is 700 Hryvnia(Ukraine money), after installation i will need to pay for the Internet connection and for the providers'
services about $40 per month but not more. Dear Ruben, i will be deeply thankful to you if you can help me with purchasing the computer, i can only dream about it. Since we are half a world away from each other, these letters are for now the only way for us to communicate. Until the time that we both spend the day thinking about the other, than we should meet in person and develop our relationship and see what fate brings for both of us. And then the distance or nothing else will stop us from being together, if that is the way we decide it to be. And i do not expect it to be easy. But i think, and i also think you will agree with me, when someone goes thru great difficulties to be with someone it makes the relationship even stronger. It erases any drought that may have been there about how the other person feels about the other. And i think it will make the relationship stronger, and the love even greater. How are you doing? I am waiting for your new photos from the park, i am sure they will be great like the previous.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Tenderly, Alena.
Letter 7
Dear Ruben. I am so happy to get your reply, i have been waiting for it impatiently. I am very sorry to read about your family troubles. I wish you all the best and i want to believe you will be able to cope with all the risen problems. Ruben, i understand your risen troubles and and i will wait for your promise patiently. Every time when you send me money i will save it for purchasing a computer. I am thankful to you for your help and care in advance. I will tell you about my family with great pleasure. As far as you know already i love, respect and value my parents, brothers and grandparents a lot. At the moment they are the only treasure for me.
My Mom is 43 years old, she has graduated from the medical college and right now works as a masseur in the hospital. She has a lot of clients, some of them even come to us to have a massage at our home. Mom loves her job a lot, she is happy to see other people smiling and healthy. But very often i see she feels tired a lot, at the end of the working day she has pain in her hands. I try to do housekeeping by myself as i don't want her to overdo, i love her a lot and want to see her healthy and happy. As for my father, he is 45 years old. He works as a builder in one private firm. Right now we do repair in the flat and Dad makes everything by his own hands. Like people say he has got magical hands.
He is also fond of hunting a lot,he can't imagine his life without this hobby. I would say hunting is self-assertion of his inner world.
We have two gun dogs at home, every morning and evening father grazes with them:o). You know my parents are the brightest example for me, i have never seen or heard them quarreling or arguing, they were always able to find common language or compromise.
My younger brother is in the military camp now and elder at the economical college. We defend with might and main for each other.
We live in the east of Ukraine, our city is called Lugansk. It is considered to be one of the biggest industrial cities in Ukraine! The last few days were very busy, i have been passing lots of tests and articles. Soon i will pass my exams and of course there is much work to do in the college. i have to spend long hours in the library searching for necessary information. Dear Ruben, please do not make me feel worries about you. If you want, you can call me, i will be happy to hear your voice.
Looking for your soon reply,
Tenderly, Alena.
Letter 8
Dear Ruben!
I was very happy to hear your voice yesterday, i like our telephone talks a lot, i understand you without problems and that is great we could find common language without problems.
I can tell so many qualities about you from the way that you express yourself in your letters. You are very articulate in the way you form your words and construct your sentences. From the quality of your letters and our telephone talks, I can tell that you are intelligent, mature and educated. I have been able to capture a sense of your personality from the openness of expression that you have shared with me. I sense that you are a very calm, sweet and down to earth person. All the qualities that I feel from you are indeed the qualities that I wish to find in someone who I will go to the ends of the Earth to make my dream reality. I still feel bad today, the temperature has not fallen and i have a sick throat. I did not go to the college again but i could not leave your letter not answered. I already consider you a friend and I know that we have to meet to put our doubts aside and to find out how compatible we are and to make sure we were sincere in our letters. Also, sometimes chemistry is not enough and not only do I consider you a friend I already like you very much.
by reading your letters I know that you are very smart. I am not afraid to admit that I already like you and I certainly feel some chemistry even though we have not met as of yet. I certainly think about you a lot and I dream of the possibilities. I am thankful to you for your open and nice letters. Dear Ruben, like you have asked me here is my full information:
First Name - Alena

Last Name - Popova

Street name - kvartal Yakira

House number - 4

Apartment - 44

City - Lugansk

Region - Lugansk

Post Code - 91000 Country - Ukraine I hope this information will be enough for you to make money transfer via western Union. I found out there are a lot of western Union departments in my city. Ruben, I am thankful to you in advance. I will be waiting for your soon reply,
Tenderly, Alena.
Letter 9
Hello dear Ruben!
As well as you I was very happy to hear your voice. I am always very happy when you call me, i feel we are becoming closer and closer. Like i have told you I was so happy to get your wonderful surprise, i have never received such surprises before. You are real gentleman, you know how to treat your woman. When my parents saw such wonderful roses of course they were interested a lot who presented them to me. And how much they were surprised when they heard that you did it specially for me despite the fact that you are living thousands of km from me. Mom told me she was happy for me, and wished us all the best in the development of our further relations. Ruben, thank you for your resent letters. I have not received them before. If i had i would have answered you. I feel confused asking you the following but have you changed your mind to send me money for purchasing my own computer? As far as I understood you were going to send me some, have you changed your mind? I see you are planning to come to Ukraine, No doubts meeting is very important in the development of our relations. I will be very happy to meet with you when you come to Ukarine, it is very pleasant for me to realize that you have chosen me among the millions of other beautiful girls on the Internet, that I could interest you. I am flattered to hear this. Meeting is a very serious step in the development of our relations, it will show us a lot whether we match or no. I want us to meet like close people. But there is one problem. If you are going to come here in a week then I won't be able to spend time with you. I will pass my practise in the firm for two weeks, that is my final studying year and i must prove my knowledge for getting diploma, when my practise is over i will prepare for my final exams. Of course I want to meet with you but at the moment i am too busy with my classes. I do not want you to feel alone when you come to a foreign country. I think it would be great to meet at end of spring, when I am totally free and the weather is great here. Perhaps my reply will disappoint you but i do nor want to lie you like others did. Please let me know what do you think about meeting at the end of spring? Will you have time for the meeting? Of course I will meet you at the airport, do not worry. Dear Ruben, i am sending you my last photos. Thank you for wonderful roses! I will be waiting for your soon reply,
Tenderly, Alena.
Letter 10
Dear Ruben,
I was very happy to hear your voice. I fully agree with that our telephone conversation make us feel closer and closer. I like your voice a lot. As for me i got used to our connection completely and most of all i am afraid of to lose the connection with you. But i do not understand what it is going on with the phone connection, why it is being interrupted so often? I want to thank you for your attention. Like i have told you I have not received money yet, i will go to the bank tomorrow . As soon as I get it i will let you know . I hope i will get money without problems. I am thankful to you for your help in advance. I promise you to collect the sent money for the computer. I am dreaming about purchasing it a lot. I know how it will be important and useful for me. It was very pleasant for me to get regards from yore father. I hope he feels better since he has lost his job. The same situation is in my country, thousands of people become unemployed. I can hardly imagine what is waiting for us in the future. My hobbies and passions are books, TV, fitness, nature and of course I can't help mentioning music.
There is no better way to relax, to dream, to think over either just to stay alone together with your thoughts listening to your favorite musical compositions. The first thing i do in the morning i switch on my tape-recorder. I enjoy listening music because it reflects my moods and emotions. I like watching music programmes on TV. My favorite singers are "Bon Jovi", "Scorpions", "Madonna", "Roxette".
As for me, I am fond of going to the cinema. It is a pity i don't always have time for it. It is an open secret that we live in a very difficult time now. But people do need something amusing and pleasant, something to laugh at. That is why very often i give my preferences to comedies.
My favorite colors are white, red and pink.
As for the animals, i think dogs and dolphins. One of my dreams is to see dolphins in real life,they are so clever and kind.
I like to wear clothes which i feel comfortable in, for example i like jeans, trousers and T-shirts. But of course i can't imagine my wardrobe without mini skirts and short dresses. I like to look attractive, I hope you have noticed it already:o). Dear Ruben, I want to thank you for your calls again. I wish you to have a nice day, Looking forward to hearing from you, Tenderly, Alena.

Letter 11
Hello dear Ruben,
First of all i want to thank you for your help. I have picked up money successfully, you are a very caring man. Thank you a lot. I am sorry for my delay but it was something wrong with my e-mail system. I have been trying to send you my reply a few times already but every time without result. Luckily a computer guy helped to cope with some technical problem. I expected that you would call me and I would thank you on the phone but there is no news from you for a couple of days already. i think you must be surprised thinking where i might have disappeared. Ruben, please forgive me that you had to wait for my reply. Thanks to you i am collecting money for purchasing my own computer, I believe when i have it at home there won't be some problems with our connection anymore. The day after tomorrow we shall have the International Women's Day. It is considered to be one of the biggest holidays in my country.
On that day men give
presents to their wives, mothers, daughters, girl friends, sisters and try to make this day the brightest and happiest. Men are showing their love and care to their women in absolutely different ways. You can see thousands of men buying flowers and presents for their women. As for me it is one of my favorite holidays. I remember every year on the 8th of March early in the morning i can discover the bouquet of red tulips near my pillow, they are bought and presented by dad. And he never allows either me or Mom to go to the kitchen to cook anything on that day, everything is cooked by him. Do you have such a holiday in your country? I am very happy that you liked my recent photo, thank you a lot for your nice words addressed to me, you are real gentleman, you know how to treat your woman. Dear Ruben, how is your father? how is your work? What will you do on the weekends?
I hope to get your quick reply,
with love, Alena.
Letter 12
Hello dear Ruben,
I am very glad to get your reply, thank you very much for your mutual understanding.
I was afraid of a lot that you might feel offended at me cause of my delay. I am glad that my e-mail works without problems now.
The photos from the festival are great. I wish i could join you when you had been there.
As for me, i have never visited such occasions. I see the weather is very warm in your place, it is warm and sunny. As for Ukrainian weather, it is very cold and still frosty.
I am waiting when spring comes, it is my favorite season. l am very interested to get to know you to see how far this relationship can be established. We are both on the road to finding a serious partner in which we can share our dreams and future destiny. We will have to see if both of our roads meet at the junction of life and both roads turn into a super highway of a permanent relationship. We can have the intellectual wealth and share it with each other.
We have the purpose to succeed and lets get to the junction and see what happens.
l am very happy that you have decided to keep corresponding with me.
I want to thank you for your care and attention one more time, I will collect money that you send me for purchasing a computer. I could never imagine that once i will meet a man who will make my dreams come true.
I am always very happy to hear your voice, I understand the time difference between our countries makes it more difficult for us to talk on the phone when we wish. But I am deeply thankful for your attention and patience.
Ruben, how is your father? How are you?
I am sending you my sweet kisses and wait for your reply,
tenderly, yours Alena.
Letter 13
Hello dear Ruben,
Thank you a lot for your letter, i was very happy to hear from you. Your letters are always the best present for me.
I am very happy that things are doing well with you. I hope your father will find a suitable job very soon.
As for me, I am doing not well now. I wish the situation was better in my family. The fact is that my Dad has fallen ill seriously, he has cancer on his right lung. He must be made very serious operation. All my family worries a lot about his state of health. But the doctors scare to operate him now as he has high blood pressure, his heart can stop working during the operation.
I visit father twice in a day before my work and after.
The hospital is situated far away from our house and it takes me about 40 minutes by bus to go to the hospital. Towards evening i feel tired as i have to wake up at 6 o'clock and during a day i run round like a squirrel in a cage.
Ruben, as for me i have never experienced such a horrible time in my life before. I can hardly look at my mother who is killed by grief.
I am going to look for some part time job to help my mom to pay for father's treatment. He is very, very weak and i am ready to do everything to see my father healthy.
I am sorry that i bother you by my family problems but you have become the close man of mine and i have nothing to keep from you.
I am sending you my sweet kisses and wait for your soon reply, tenderly, yours Alena.
Letter 14
Dear Ruben,
Thank you a lot for your mutual understanding and words of support and care. Frankly speaking i was afraid of a lot that you could decide to stop the connection with me after having received the news about my family and what we have to overcome at the moment. No everyone is ready to support a person who has got such a tragedy, some people are afraid of difficulties. But I am a very lucky person as i have met you, the man whom i can trust and rely upon when i need your support.
Thank you very much caring and asking about my father. Unfortunately he feels worse and worse. He has cancer on his right lung, an urgent operation must be made for ablation cancer cells. It is a pity but the doctors do not guarantee the result. After the operation (if it is successful) he will take the chemotherapy treatment and of course different medicine Ruben, such kind of operations are very, very expensive here and even not everyone can allow himself it as we do not have the system of insurance in Ukraine, people must pay for medical treatment by themselves. As you can see, our government do not care about its citizens. That is the reason why now we are looking for money everywhere to be able to pay for the course of treatment.
Thank you a lot for the additional information, i looked through the web site that you gave me. It is a pity but I am not a doctor and i could not understand lots of terms. No doubts the medicine is spreading and developing in different medical fields but you should not forget as well that a lot depends where you live and what medical care you have.
Of course i have heard about stem cells before but to make the operations using them cost thousands of dollars not less. I heard they are very effective but yet very expensive. Perhaps in the future people will be able to use them during difference courses of treatment but now such operations are very rare yet.
My father must be operated as quickly as possible, that is the only solution for him to survive. Dear Ruben, i want to thank you for your words of support and care once again, you are a very attentive man.
I hope everything is doing fine with you and your dad.
i will be waiting for the letter from you,
tenderly, Alena.
Letter 15
Dear Ruben,
You make me the happiest lady in the universe when i get the letters from you. You make my heart sing of joy.
It feels like I would shout it out and tell the whole world that there is LOVE in this world,just go and get it. You are truly the brightest shining light in the end of the black tunnel, that I thought was very long,but you have narrowed it down to a tiny little walk in the dark,just a few clicks and I'm out of it and can join with you my dear. This is great you and I, two romantics who are building the Castle of love,and doing a good job with it. I'm so glad that you have positive attitude towards me and development of our further relations. To my mind if a man does not think that tomorrow will be a better day he would have lost his faith in life.
I am happy that you are ready to give me the key from the door of your heart.
Ruben, i am very sorry for my delay but there was no Internet connection in the Internet cafe cause of a huge rainy storm in the city. The line was broken. I wish i could answer you earlier but as you can see it was not my fault. Ruben, i am thankful to you for your mutual understanding. You are quite right now I experience the most difficult period of my life.
Yesterday was very stressful day, in the evening after my classes i went to the hospital to visit Dad. When i came he was out and the doctor was making him an injection. Ruben, i can not explain you my worries when i saw him in such state of health. When he came to his senses he could hardly speak. I tried to get to know what has happened with him, he told me that he wanted to open a window pane as it was stuffy in the ward, felt giddy and after that he remembers nothing.
I was not in the hospital today yet but the doctor told me yesterday that we must hurry to buy necessary medicine for the operation. If we are able to buy it he will be operated next week. Of course i worry a lot about my dad and i will try to do all the best and possible to help him to recover. Thank you a lot that you allowed me to use those money for father's treatment. The whole sum of money that we must pay for father's treatment and further course of treatment is $600. For my family and me that is incredibly huge sum of money. As you know we wanted to take the credit in the bank but we were rejected as credits are not given anymore. Telling the truth i can hardly imagine where we shall take this sum. Dear Ruben, if my further request can hurt you, please do not feel offended but if you have got some opportunity to help to save my father's life - any kind of help will be very important for my family. Please forgive me if i have written anything wrong.
You know i will take into consideration everything you have told me about the stem cell information. I will speak with the doctor about it but in any case the operation must be done. That is impossible to cope with the risen problem without it. Ruben, as i have written to you already, i am very happy that i have met you, i value our connection a lot.
I am sending you my best wishes and wait for your soon reply,
with love, Alena.
Letter 16
Dear Ruben. How things are doing with you? I have not heard from you since my last letter. I hope everything is doing fine and you have not lost your interest towards me. I miss hearing from you.
And of course I wish you happy Easter holidays. Easter fills us with hope, joy and warmth. It is a time to get together with friends, family and loved ones and celebrate this joyful time. Reach out to all your loved ones and renew your ties. So, the only wish I can possibly make for you today Is that some small measure of the joy you bring to others Will return to you now to brighten your Easter and Spring. I hope to get your soon reply and to continue the development of our correspondence,
Tenderly, Alena.
Letter 17
Hello dear Ruben,
As well as you, i have missed our correspondence a lot. Luckily I have fixed up the problem. I have had the problem with my e-mail system that is the reason why you did not get any of my recent letters. It is a pity but none of my sent letters had been saved. Moreover the manager of the Internet cafe had told me that the our correspondence has been suspended cause of nonpayment. I have asked my mother to give me some money to pay for it and I am so happy that I can write you today.
I was so happy to hear your voice last time. You are such a caring and loving man and I am thankful to my destiny for our meeting. I am deeply thankful that you care about my family and me. We all are facing such a difficult period of life and i can hardly find power and ability to cope with all the risen problems. As for my birthday, it was a special holiday, which was being waited with all the anticipation that comes along with it. That was a day of nice words, bright dresses, holiday table, sea of flowers, compliments, nicely decorated tasty food and big birthday cake with candle. For me it means excitement, explosion of emotions, tenderness and limitless gratitude. My close friends and relatives tried to make this day a special one, which would not resemble any others. Of course, this is a happy and pleasant moment of joyfulness, when in my chest, in my heart I felt a mixture of emotions- joys and sorrows, delight and sadness. I was in the centre of everybody's attention, all the words and gifts were out there for me. We all sat down at the table and I heard out all the toasts and wishes of health, love, limitless happiness, peace and cheerfulness, beauty and smiles. That was the brightest day throughout the whole year. Birthday cake and candles attached a special piquancy to it - this moment was awaited by everybody. My mom made a birthday cake, the recipe is kept in a secret away from me, so as it was a surprise. I blew out the candles , I like to arrange this day so that everybody is happy and content, as I think that routine and problems are overloading our life nowadays and this sparkling events give memories, that could be later retold to the whole world.
I hope next birthdays we will celebrate together. I live for the day that I can sit next to you and whisper into your ear and tell you that I need you, and kiss you ever so lightly but passionately on your lips, and to look into your beautiful eyes as you take my breath away. I live for that first look into your eyes, that first passionate kiss, that first embrace . Dear Ruben, i will be deeply thankful to you if you have an opportunity to send me some money. I won't keep from you that your help will be very important for me. I can hardly describe you how much I want to help my family and moreover i need to pay for our further correspondence as it is the only way for us to keep in contact. I hope to get your soon reply. I believe there won't be problems for you with getting my letters anymore.
I am sending you my sweet kisses and wait for your soon reply,
with love, Alena.
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