Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia Syumak to David (UK)
Letter 1
Dear I do not know I is free but only in the evening. As at me employment in institute. I cannot pass them.
As I have not paid for training and me can expel. Or it is necessary to pay for training.
That I am free to me it was necessary to pay for training and then I can issue the sick-list at this time to be with you
Letter 2
I will try you to explain.There is a payment for year of training. It should be paid before session. I it have not paid as crisis in family and to me have resolved that I studied up to the end of year and have paid in July before graduation examinations. But under one condition that I should not pass employment. If I shall pass me to deduct from institute.For a year of training I cry 4500 a?eaai it about 450 euros. If I shall mourn over them then I can pass and not be afraid that will expel me from institute.After I shall mourn in a week after payment I can be free. It means that if you wish to arrive on May, 17th that it is necessary to pay on May, 11-12th. But already late. As today on May, 11th.
Letter 3
I can arrive to Kiev and to be with you there. If you want. But I then should extinguish debts in institute for study 4500 a?eaai. And I can arrive to Kiev and to be there.
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