Scam letter(s) from Lisa to Tazio (Italy)

Letter 1
Hello dear. I am very pleased to write to you. I hope that my letter would be a good beginning of our conversation. Perhaps our meeting is not coincidental?) I do not know this now. But I want to believe it.) I have reviewed your profile, and I would really like to know you better. I just recently looking for your second half in the internet, but it seems to me that to write you was the right decision. I want to find a loved one that can love me for this. I am a romantic person, and these feelings are very important. I think that letter, a good start to communicate, but they can not substitute for real communication, I hope you understand me. I do not want to write to each other indefinitely. Indeed, the letter will not be able to convey these sentiments. If they arise.) Now I would like to tell you a little about yourself. I was born and raised in the city of Omsk. This northern city of Russia. But I love it. I now live alone. Mama, I do not remember. Unfortunately it did not when I was quite small. I grow a father, it was difficult, because I am not a person.) But I am grateful to him for a happy childhood. But now, my dad got married and went to live with his wife abroad. It was hard to part, but I was ready for independent living, and of course I knew my father. I graduated from university and now work for a manager of a manager in a large furniture factory. I know the English language through special courses. Therefore, I will be able to support the dialogue. I just really want to know more about you. I am interested in how you live, your interests, your thoughts and views. In addition, I am very interested to know how long you are looking for a woman on the Internet, and why. I will wait for your letter. Your Lisa
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