Romance scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Tazio (Italy)
Letter 1
Hi! nice to meet you! would be great to know your real full name.don'tyou mind to tell me?i don't know what should i speak about.i am the lonely mother with the child. Her name is Darja. She is 5yesr old. We are alone for 4 years already. and we are looking for thebest friend/father for my angel and the best friend,lover and husbandfor in Ukraine not all men can take the responsibility of woman withthe child. I can understand it. I am looking for the responsiblecaring,wise man who will accept my daughter as a part of me.who is serious and want to create a family based on love,trust amdrespect.You can write me in English. i know it not bad.will be to know you more! the way of your life,your goals inlife,what do you want from woman beside,why are you alone...I will wait for your letter if you are really interested.if you just need a pen pal,or want to make fun in the internet,i am not for you, as i am 31 one and have no time for games. I want to have family and simple woman's happiness.
Kindly, katya
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