Letter(s) from Evgenia Zaytseva to Jim (USA)
Letter 1
Hello my new friend. How - you today? I am pleased, that you have Written to me in a site. In my first letter to you, I want, speak To you about me it is direct. That you could present who I. My name Evgenia. To me of 28 years, my birthday in October, 8 1982. My attribute In weights. I live in Russia. I have been given birth in city Moscow and the ambassador That my family moved in city Volzhsk because my father is the militarian The person and it have been moved in this city to continue service there And I live now in Volzhsk, together with my mother. I was unique The child and I were always supported with love. My height - 175 sm and My weight - 59 kg. I hope, that you understand the Russian measurement From height and weights? Also I am blond, and my color of eyes is blue. My friend I hope, that you love my letter and now you can know a little It is more, who I. I want it, you have told to me more about you directly, That I can know you It is more. It is very interesting to me, know more About you. I shall be very pleased to see your letter and photos. I wait your letter. Care Evgenia.
Letter 2
Hello my friend. I was very glad to see your letter. Dear and me it is very pleasant to learn more about you and your life. In this letter I want tell you little more about my life and about me, I want tell to you about my city, that you could know how people live here. As you already know, I live in the city Volzhsk, it's the small city, but all people here are very kind to each other. I pleased, that we moved to this city when I was still absolute small. My city is approximately in 800 km from Moscow. There are many interesting places in my city. I very much like go on new shops, look what new there and buy something. Our city started grow very quickly and in this purpose population here becomes more. I don't regret at all, that I live in it city, because this simply good place. Also there is one place, which close to my home. It's park, which belongs to theatre. I very much like walking there, there are a lot of people every day, because it's almost center of our city. My friend I hope, that now you can present how to live here and my letter was pleasant to you. I want that you tell me more about place where you live? It's very interesting to me know about your city and his history. I was pleased to see your letter today and I hope to see your new letter soon. Air kisses Evgenia.
Letter 3
Hello again the my dear friend. How passes your day today? I was Pleased to receive your answer. It has told gratitude a little about it The place where do you, lives, it was very interesting to me, to study it From you. In it the letter I would like to tell to you more About me it on direct lines, family and work. I work as the seller in shop of female cosmetics. I am very similar to my work, I work 6 days, and I have one free day. I hope, what you loved mine a photo? Also I unfortunately have no any computer the house, I write Letters from the Internet of cafe. My friend I hope, that you loved my place of work, and I would want that you have told to me a little about That place where you work. I shall be very pleased, to study it from you. Also I want to tell to you a little about family, I think It to you will be interesting, to study it. As you already know me alive With mother and the father, we live in an apartment with three rooms, almost In the center of our city. My name father Sergey. To this now with 59 Years. As I already also spoke, my father - the pensioner, and it now works as the taxi driver. My mother The housewife, his name Elena and she now with 50 years. My mother worked Earlier in shop of groceries You have noticed, which my parents have distinction of age Among themselves? My mother spoke me always and Continues to speak, that the main thing not, that it in the person on The person, the main Thing, that, that in it in heart and I agree with it completely. My friend informs me a little concerning family, I shall be very pleased to Read it. I hope, that you will answer soon. I shall wait for yours The answer yours Evgenia
Letter 4

Hello my dear. How passes your day today? I so am pleased, to see Your letter in this morning, you cannot be presented in general, as I Pleased now. Today I want, which you have learned more about me and My last life. When to me there were 22 years then I have already left school and I have met the person with whom I had serious attitudes within several years and us already together with it required to have wedding and children in the future. I loved it the person. But in one evening we should meet in cafe. I waited for it there 2 hours, then I very much worried for him and began it to call. But it did not take a tube. The next morning to me have called from militia and have told that have killed it on work. After that I very much, also could not look at it bought to me gifts. After that I cannot find the person of the person for serious attitudes here in Russia. After that I began to search for the favourite person on a site. Here I shall be capable to find the unique person to have Serious the attitude and happy family in the future.. Dear you were pleased to see my answer? Also I want, which you have told to me about why you also arrived to the Internet for search of second half. Well? Now I shall finish the letter, and I with impatience shall wait for yours the answer. Yours Evgenia
Letter 5
Hello my dear. Dear yes I can represent us with our future children together, I think that it there would be a girl and the boy, and I very carefully would be engaged in their education, and you would have work till the evening and when you would come that I would prepare for a supper every day, and we would have a family supper, and children told to you as they carried out day, and that new they have learned today. I think so our family would look. Dear I dropped phone in a bath one week ago, and it under repair now, I very much would like to speak with you, and I could call to you from a public telephone booth or take phone from the girlfriend for this purpose. You could give me the number for that that I could call to you. Dear I shall look forward to hearing from you. I am glad to see again your answer. Yesterday when I came home, I spoke the parents about you. I told than you are engaged, where do you live. My parents have told, that you very decent the man and I were glad to hear it from them. My mother has told to me, that I should be very cautious with a choice of the of the man, but I trust you and you very much like me. My father spoke me, that I should choose the man with which I is capable to have serious attitudes, the family and it is possible children in the future. They have told that they want to become the grandmother and the grandfather very much. They hoped that I shall have children with former the man but as you already know our attitudes have not developed with him. Dear I think, that we have already well got acquainted with you and we should have a meeting. Because I am sure, whether that we not can solve we shall to have serious attitudes with you, receiving from each other it is a lot of letters. We should have a meeting and only after that, whether we can solve there will be we for ever together. Dear that you think on the account of our first meeting? I very much would like will get acquainted to you face to face. Well on it I shall finish the letter and I hope to see your answer soon. Yours Evgenia.
Letter 6
Hello Dear. How - you today? Yesterday after work, I have gone with The girlfriend to take walk on park. I already spoke you about this park. We have gone Slow down a step, and around concerning a bench young people which sat, many were Together, they have kissed, covered, and the ambassador which I felt it in mine Life there - not it it. I thought, as though it was good me if you There were close to me during this moment, and we had kisses with you. Dear I want to tell to you, that as I present the future Family. I want, which I had with the person serious attitudes which Will be under construction only on trust. I want to have Two Children, I want that one boy, and one girl was. I Confident, that my children will be the finest children on the basis. I want, That my husband has come in evening home after work, and me in it Time played with our children. My husband will always have very good I Sight, I shall be prepared to it every day for the best kitchen that it Was always full. Dear I want, in which our first meeting has passed Your country, that I could look as people, alive there. To look as you Alive, gets acquainted with your friends and relatives. Probably I shall stay with you Together, in your country for all life. That does you suspect The account of it? I very much want to arrive to you, and gets acquainted With you face to face. Dear I shall wait your answer soon. Yours and Only yours Evgenia.
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