Scam letter(s) from Anna Krasotka to Jens (Germany)

Letter 1
Good evening!
Thanks for e-mail I want to be sure that it works. I send you a photo. I wait for news.
Letter 2
Thanks for so interesting letter! Thanks, that you have written me some details about your life, it was very interesting to me to read about it. Now I have more representation about you and your life. How there passed your time? As to me it of anything especial, just today I have received your letter and I can write to you. As to Saratov that it is 800 km from Moscow. You know something about Russia? Today I wished to speak to you more about my desires and that I want now. Most of all I would like to find second half now. Fairly I already start to reflect on a family and children. I have a lot of familiar which already have marriage and as children. And sometimes I am surprised, when I learn, that the next girl marries. Also you know in what paradox that usually earlier it happens at quiet and modest girls, it is possible well for men when they can manipulate such girl and it approaches for them as their wife is better. As to me I the fair girl and I have the point of view on all. Probably, therefore I am lonely, but though I wish to correct and find it the man of my dream. To me as you are interesting to know what girl search? What she should be? As to me I search for the person which will appreciate me, to give me the caress, care, in a word to love! I will be glad, if you pursue similar intentions and wish the same as I! Also something will be possible between us more than correspondence. Now I will wait your letter and your pics.
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Age: 29
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Name: Cynthia Forson
Age: 40
Name: Katie Stewart
Age: 33
Name: Susan Williams
Age: 30
Name: Jenny Nelson Kuru
Age: 23
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Age: 29
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Age: 26
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Age: 27
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