Scam Letter(s) from Irina Lapushka to Antoine (France)

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Letter 1

Hi, writes to Vam Irina.
I liked you!!! I very much would wish
To fix with you serious attitudes. I
I shall tell in more detail about me directly:
I Was born on November, 3rd,
1980, in city Kazan in Russia.
Kazan 800 km the east from Moscow. I
I live with parents, mum and the daddy. In three rooms to an apartment
Somewhere 47 Meter. My therapy of mum-doctor in hospital, it will be fast
Leave work above pension. The daddy works the turner above factory. In
The house with us lives a dog - "Shahter", to it of 10 years. I very much with it
Walk. I have finished research at university 2000, and now I work above
School - high schools, the teacher of elementary grades. My work
With children, very much to similar me. I try to give children
Knowledge with a heat and kind feeling. Children love me, try to
Understand me. From employment we go to release time on various
Excursions, we visit theatres and cinema. Actually my small pupils and
To all of them it is interesting. I understand, that YOU thought
During this moment, reading to my letter.
About my hobbies: to similar me melodious music.
I have left musical school in 18 years. Professionally I play
On a guitar. Everyone speaks, that in me very good and pleasant voice
And therefore when in me I sing good mood vokal a little.
It is pleasant to me and modern melodious music. In me it - a
Party of a hobby if we we shall continue the correspondence, I promise
Tell about me directly and about a life very much and in detail. I am tired
From loneliness. I very much would like to begin a new life with hope
In the future. I wish to love and a favorite the spouse.
If I you interest? I wait for love and understanding!. Speak please more in
Details about itself and family. I wish to know about YOU so
As far as possible. About your work, a hobby and a way of life and.... You
Really interested me. Very much I wait for YOUR letters. I wait
For your photos!!!. It is good to speak in English, thus dialogue will be
Not, to be a problem. I write to you with pure heart. I love business and
Serious People with good manners and sense of humour. Reliable and
The correct friend is necessary for me, I am tired from loneliness. It
It seems, that I repeat. Than you right now are borrowed? As carry out
Your free time? Inform please in more detail concerning your hobby. I
Very much would like, that you were for me the most interesting
The interlocutor also has in detail written about you directly. Yours country-
Describe it, beautiful city in you? That does you think rather a
Life IN GENERAL? Want I shall inform concerning our city. Mine city-
Kazan, Tatarian area. It is a lot of wood, on many km.
The city costs on the river "Volga". The river, not wide, but - is a lot of from
Zigzag and therefore beautiful. Write concerning your city, it
Very interesting to me to know it is more concerning that place, where there
There lives the person with whom I wish to continue dialogue. With
Impatience I wait your answer, sincerely yours, Irina

Letter 2

Hi, my friend, it Irina.
Very much it was very pleasant to me to
Receive from YOU the letter to me. I cannot trust fortunately.
I wish to admit YOU I more for a life the person of the house, even
The idea to find to itself the close person - I idea. It is ALL mine
Girlfriend Nadya. It always compels me to go to cinema, theatre or
Dances, wants, or the spouse tries to find to me. To me even it
Ridiculous sometimes. I suspect that independently actually
Searches. To me it sincerely swears it for me. It is amusing for
Observe for IT;)
We could not start to search for 2 months to
I the spouse.
Why, thus it - is a lot of from?, actually I was able to not
To influence a computer. I teach pupils of the mathematician,
The literature and physical culture. Others the teacher teach THEM another
Knowledge. I have not got used or have weaned from dialogue with
The person especially such favourite as YOU. I start to believe, that YOU have
Interested me. That I YOU. With the great pleasure I send YOU one of
My photos. Today in me evening work above school. Now I to YOU shall tell
My list of work. I work all the week long long except for Sunday. I
Have sometimes night shifts. When parents of pupils leave it
Children to lead night at school. Evening change with work
Additional days by my future holiday and certainly support me also.
Now and dialogue with YOU. I have no house of a computer
And I seem to me therefore not urgently, I in a condition to address with it;)
. I use a school computer on work, in a cabinet of director. It in
Me - time after work (director has already left school) to write
YOU. Thanks for your letter I once again read it. I am simple very much
Want our attitudes with you. I from you do not demand to write to me
Every day, it is easier to write, how there will be in you a free time
And as it is probably frequent. I shall answer with pleasure everyone
Your letter. I think, I can sometime help you with studying of Russian,
You to me with English language. I want the silent future to me directly and
There can be to the future children Therefore me a question with YOUR work
In Russia a greater problem about alcohol and work.
I work, as the teacher and I see children, 70 their alcohols of parents
In there is a somnolence more, take. I do not want such future to
Family. If YOU do not abuse alcohol I in admiration which We have found
The friend the friend. You trust enamoured in front. I love YOU of a shower, but I
Wish to love heart, now to become YOU the close friend in a
I in the first letter have written to you, with us in my family lives
Dog "Shahter". We do with mum to clean an apartment. Shahter
The opinion of a dog probably wishes to help us with mum, but only it was
Confused, bit Broom and then a fire engine and a brush (which bit most
Ridiculous) in a working vacuum cleaner. Then has disappeared for a sofa.
We could not find thirty minutes. At last we have convinced to
Show us where Shahter has hidden this from a vacuum cleaner.
We have sent it with the daddy on walk by which it did
Do not prevent with mum to put in order things to me houses. Shahter
The clever dog, but likes to joke sometimes. Once there was such case:
When Shahter was eight months, my mum has bought to itself new boots and
Was not long glad. In one fine day Winter in a den them, has spoiled. Has
Probably confused boots with a sphere. O? Then has been very punished
Mum, but I protected a dog. It - very much pity to me when punish, I
Think what probably to explain ALL. Therefore Shahter loves me more.
Do not think, that Winter in a den a dog silly, there was one more history when it
Has rescueed to me a life. My grandmother was still alive, me 19
Years, I have arrived within a vacation on a farm and have taken
With me directly dog. We have gone to a wood on walk and have been lost. We
Have lost the way. Long wandered on a wood. I have almost broken
Voice. I shouted. I was very scared!!!, then has told to a dog
" Home! " Also there was a miracle - Shahter Smells, the basis has found
Traces also pulled for a sleeve of a dress, has deduced me from a
Wood home! With YOU there were histories? Not to ask
Something, that you wish to know about me .Im, has opened the book for you:
I not I have any secret. In me to you one million questions and I so
Would be desirable to divide much with YOU, I very much wish to study
From YOU very much, but it will seem to me, more practical to send me
From YOU, a photo YOU. You both the house. You and the native. You and
Kitchen. I have been possibly urgently lost in, dreams.
Sincerely yours the friend to

Letter 3

Hi my friend, it Irina!
Today I read your letter. It was very much
Pleasant to me to receive from YOU the letter. I feel the big interest
To the future, the problem will fall asleep in the evening.
I am simply happy, that YOU have written to me, I shall write to YOU to it to
At this moment in me on heart. I consider, whether owe it - necessary for us
Together in marriage to be for ever. Whether, But with this purpose we
Need to understand really we come nearer to each other. I was not present
Urgently interests, that YOUR financial position now. I worry about
The future is more! What do I search from a life? I answer, I want silent
And constantly arranged life with the person loving me more. I had was not present
Personal children, but I think, have arrived time to start to think about IT.
I had the groom, but I am free approximately in 2003.
I love beautiful music and a rock-and-roll, fast music also. I have written to YOU me
Are in a condition to dance and move to dance. As it not banal sounds, mine
The DREAM to find love. Today in me an easy approach on a computer
And I am glad, that I can to express YOU ideas freely. In me is not present
Always it is a lot of time and tries to write to YOU the letter. To
It not always I have access to a computer in a cabinet
Director. If my attempt is successful also long time, I am happy if I
Read through YOUR letter. Therefore I am happy if I to read through YOUR ideas
That there is I wish to be closer with YOU, and I study more about YOU. It
Would be very pleasant to me to read through YOUR letter constantly. If mine
Attempt of access to a computer has occured, during that moment from
YOU are not present any letter, it very much breaks me. Under yours
The letter I see YOUR aspiration to study always. Improvement
Professional skill. I think, and I understand your desire on all life.
It is very pleasant to me. One problem YOU the person, I the woman.
I do not wish to make all life independently to rush. In me on the future
More than family plans. In last my target relatives
The daddy from a farm has brought a lot of meat. I have made meat of parts with
Seasoning and lemon. I had long walk in a wood with pupils. I have made
It surprise. When we leave far (approximately 1 hour), I have
Offered to burn fire. All children have been placed around a
Fire, hot hands. I have bread, We fried meat on fire.
Admiration of children has heated up to me heart of a lot of fire. Was
Ridiculous to look at the person of children when there was a smell
Meat is a little. The saliva flied, almost have not extinguished fire.
After long very big appetite of walk. It was very pleasant to me
To see their happy people. I wish to study a life again to study a life, easy and air. I wish to receive other soul-
Let out. I thirst, that I had wings, that I could fly. And if to me it
Will be bad, I want, that the number was a native shoulder. I want
Is better, though I do not know, whether I have on this right. I wish to be
Strong but so that I should not struggle for it. I wish to be
Favorite, but favorite really. I want, which warm and the breeze has
Carried away me to you:) it is possible, it - is too much? To ask, that each of
Desires have been executed. But I have only one desire which, I hope, will be
Carried out? It, that sometime I to find love. As it is a pity to me,
I wish to write and write to YOU.
Your sincere friend to
Lady Irina

Letter 4

Hi my friend, it Irina.
Thanks for such kind and fair letter for me.
I want more photo YOU and YOUR family.
Yesterday I was at home.
Was engaged in housekeeping.
Looked soap operas.
I wish to tell more to YOU about MYSELF.
I was not the spouse,
I wrote to YOU at me there was a man. For a long time!
I have no as the children. Can be in the future .
I have got used to the work and have very much got used to dialogue with children.
Therefore I have written that I want the children.
I understand that beauty of soul this MAIN THING.
Hope we shall start to understand IT in each other.
When I studied in institute, we had a rate of physical culture.
I passed examinations of 5 years!
Gradually I know and I am able practically ALL a kind sports.
No, we have no baisball.
Will learn YOU to me very pleasantly.
I thought of YOU much,
Yes an interesting question: I the foreigner want YOU Russian OR I Russian want YOU the foreigner.
On mine sounds equally.
I think in the future we shall improve quality of our dialogue.
I very much would like IT!
My mum already a few old person therefore house business to have to do all to me.
My mum Elena worked the children's doctor, 2003 there has come pension.
Daddy Vladimir works the turner on big a factory where do the BATH, Jacuzzi, etc.
The daddy it will be fast pension, in 4 years.
I have brother Igor, at it the family.
It lives separately, in city Samara.
I think everyone want to me happiness.
I thought of you.
With pleasure I send you still photos.
Why that all good to be always so is far.
But for love I think distances does not exist.
How at you business of the house, how work?
Write, though and in the street clouds and it is cold, but at me in a shower from your letters the sun.
Your lady Irina

Letter 5

Hi mine!!!!!!!
It Irina.
I have received your letter and I hasten to send you the answer.
I Write I to you because I for a long time wanted
To find the serious and clever person.
Which understood me and would concern to me with kindness and tenderness.
Your age for me has no value.
It seems to me, that the the person, the it is more senior more cleverly and more seriously.
In our city I did not meet such person.
You know, what country at us, at us the majority of men - malicious and dishonourable.
It is not enough good people.
I have thought, that you the person reliable, saw in a life much and consequently have decided to write to you.
For the husband I when was not. I shall tell to you about
To itself everything, that you interests, but also from you I wait for the same.
I shall tell about a youth: at school I was the good pupil, studied on 4 and 5.
Was many friends and girlfriends, but as always happens, after school all
Have scattered who where. I see school friends now very seldom.
At all the life. At whom that it has developed successfully, at whom that
Not so. Once in a year-16 of February, we have " a Day of a meeting of graduates ", this day all of us is met at our school and
We recollect school days, we tell each other about the life.
Going to school I the parallel studied in musical school,
Received music education.
There I have met the first love.
Our novel was prolonged three years.
We have left because of the big nonsense which has made my favourite.
I then already understood, that there will be no with the person which I
Deceives. And we had to leave. After school I have acted in pedagogical institute.
Became the student. Has completely borrowed
Study, for private life of time any more does not remain. To study in institute in me it was pleasant, study was given easily.
There I have got acquainted with best girlfriend Nadi of whom we are friends and now.
And at you the snow drops out? At us it is a lot of in its winter.
At us now temperature:-5 degrees on C.
We have greater entertainments in the winter. Skiing, skates.
I in the mornings always make morning jog in the street, and in target I Love on park.
I drink only good vino, and only on large holidays,
I do not smoke, and very categorically I concern to drugs.
For me who uses drugs - not people.
I so was brought up by my mum, and it gave time to my education much.
I do not understand your women, at our women on the first place - family, children and a cosiness in the house,
But only then career, and at you
On the contrary, at us it is considered, that the man should do career,
And the woman should be at the man good and reliable rear
And to wait for its house with a tasty dinner.
And what dishes are loved by you?
I often visit church, I the Christian.
Write please.
With pleasure I receive your letters,
I look forward to hearing,

Letter 6

Hi my favourite friend, it Irina.
I feel that between us there are very much good relations.
I am very glad to YOURS to the letter.
I think of our future life.
Many interesting cares for my future life, for example Russian and American cinema,
Viewing and discussion is obligatory together.
I like to read in the free time books.
Time is very a pity that a little, I read only when in a bed before going to bed.
I have for example read through ALL books Sidni Sheldon as YOU have noticed books about the Biography to me like more.
The ice on river Volga while is not present.
Tomorrow We all family go on to fish, it will borrow 2 hours.
It is very a pity that YOU not here.
The river in 500 meter from my house and to catch 2 kg of a fish for 2 hours very pleasantly.
Fresh river fish very tasty.
Travel on the nature and big to fish to me sports passion is very pleasant to like also the main thing to me.
Only it is necessary to rise early very much from a dream or to not accept a dream in general.
At us in Russia, Kazan is sports passion to collect many different edible grades mushrooms in August in a wood.
You do it?
Weather in Kazan good, the sun.
I continue every day run in a wood.
Clearly the sun, pure crystal air shines.
It is pleasant to run and think of you and about My probably joint life with you.
I have considered in more detail about the future life. Yes I dream a little.
I firmly convinced, I wish to try to change the life.
You know that at me it has not turned out to create family in Russia.
I am afraid to grow fond of the person in Russia.
I think you understand me.
I have understood under your letters you can grow fond of Me also as I you.
Therefore I probably hurry you with the letter to me and new photos for me a little.
I start to miss when I do not receive from YOU the letter,
Even irritation because of emptiness in my heart without dialogue with YOU there is some.
My dog Shahter had a misfortune.
Shahter In fight with other dog has damaged to itself an eye,
Leather around of an eye.
Eye the whole not damaged.
There was a lot of blood.
I drove Shahter in hospital.
I held its head when Shahter cut off a piece of a leather from an eye.
There was again a lot of blood.
The truth when cut off I has turned away.
But after hospital Shahter was very cheerful.
At me heart was delighted.
I have understood that health Shahter not dangerously.
All the same very strongly it is a pity.
On work all is good.
I see their happy persons in a vacation.
With huge respect YOUR lady Irina

Letter 7

Hi my darling,
Writes to you Irina.
Has received your letter,
Many thanks.
It is very pleasant to me to receive from you the letter.
I am not afraid of tests, but I want the true and reliable husband,
Which could provide family, and I would be for it the good wife,
Would wait for the house from work with it is tasty the prepared supper.
My husband in me will be never disappointed,
Because I love heat and a cosiness in the house and I wish it to create.
Likely education which was given me by my mum, and it at me very strict woman affects.
At us in the country of girls since the childhood bring up so that the good wife has grown from the girl.
At you in what are engaged the house of the working woman is able each woman,
But it on the contrary at us is considered plus.
On our concepts, the good wife, is that,
Which can make a tasty dinner and which will hold the house in cleanliness and the order.
How are you? And I with girlfriend Nadi we wish to go to have a rest to it on a summer residence.
She is my best girlfriend and we know each other for a long time.
I with impatience waited for day to go on the nature.
While weather allows.
The summer residence to be for 20 km. From city in very picturesque place, on coast of the river.
Beside a wood, and air there very pure. After city vanity, you feel there yourself very well,
My girlfriend is engaged in cultivation of colors and on a summer residence it is very beautiful in the house.
And how you spend days?
Write to me more about your family.
Whether it is a lot of at you relatives?
My parents consider, that too it is time to me to arrange private life,
But I concern to it very cautiously,
As many men are very artful and not all can be trusted,
But by your letters I have understood, that you the person serious.
Write more about itself.
Send a photo.
I wait for your letter,
Yours faithfully Irina

Letter 8

Hi my dear. It Irina.
Your letter again brings pleasure and happiness to me. I am glad, that you not
Has forgotten about me and has written to me. I very much waited for your letter. I hope,
That your day too has passed successfully and all is good.
In last days, I often think of you.
I much that have learned about you. You to me
You like. But I would like to learn more about you. At you to have the secret from
Me? To have something, what you hide from me? Tell to me, please.
I do not have from you secrets. I can speak with you, about what
I want. I do not know, why, but I think, that you understand me. I do not love
Lie, I do not love people, which Say lies. I since the childhood am brought up,
So not to say lies.
To me my girlfriend on institute - Sveta promised to arrive.
We with it together studied in institute.
When have finished institute, it has left for city Moscow to work. Has married there and has given birth to two children.
We with it in institute had it amusing history:
When we handed over session have agreed with it to learn examination cards so-half it learns, half I.
And at examination to sit down together and to help each other.
But it has turned out so, that at examination us have seated in different places.
We strongly were frightened, that to us will give not those tickets which we learned.
But thank God, to both of us has carried and those tickets which we learned have got just.
We with it have passed examination and then long laughed at this case, but more so did not do,
On following examination learned all tickets.
Here such amusing there was a history at us with it.
And how you studied?
Tell please,
It is very interesting to me.
Betray huge greetings to your family.
I hope, that you do not get tired of my letters and questions. I want
To know about you it is more, you more and like me also I more is glad, that
Has met you. I already spoke you it. But I hope, that you are not tired
From me. How to you my today's photo?
I hope that is pleasant. I shall wait for your letter...
Your princess - Irina

Letter 9

Hi my friend, it again Irina.
Your letter as the beam of the sun warms my heart and lifts mine
Mood. You like my photos? I like you? That in me
It is pleasant to you?
I wish to ask you, very important questions for us. I want
To learn from you about your last attitudes with other girls. If
To you painfully to recollect it then so to me and tell. I any more
You I shall ask about it. But I very much would wish to know. I
I shall tell all about myself. I communicated with guys, but all that they want it
Only sex what then to tell to the friends, that it was engaged with
Me love. I do not want so. I want love, sincere and gentle. In
College I was friends of the guy who very much liked me. I to it too
Liked. But it with parents had to leave and I cannot find in any way
It. Its father militarians and they have left for other part of the country and did not write and
Did not inform anything on itself.
Then I at me was the guy, which, having learned that it is loved by a daughter
Rich the man, at once has left me and in a year married on that daughters
The richman. It loves money and more nothing is necessary for it.
Then there were others, but many drank, someone simply wanted sex, and I
Has decided to wait for the the man. Now I communicate only with you, and you to me
You like. I cannot touch to you, but I can to feel you
Under your letter.
You can tell in detail about the attitudes?
You Sometime looked at stars? You walked at night? I would like
To go along the street, to hold you for a hand, and to talk under night
I send you a photo,
I with impatience wait for your letter.
I send you the gentle kisses, and I hope, that they give you
The feeling of tenderness, caress and you is good.
Up to a new meeting,
Yours faithfully Irina

Letter 10

Hi my dear, it Irina.
Your letter again to bring pleasure and happiness to my heart.
You like to go on a beach?
And with whom usually you go?
In advance having prepared for all the most necessary we go on a beach.
I like to sit down sometimes with the girlfriend behind a cup of tea and slowly to look through old photos.
Earlier Had a rest pair hours on a beach,
But unfortunately to people on a beach was not so much, probably because it was week-day.
But fortunately the boat of local rescuers past floated and they could not give up to us.
At me simply remarkable girlfriend on a floor,
We quite often spend time together,
But unfortunately it very borrowed the person and to gather at us it turns out not always,
But all the same we try to meet on a thicket.
Usually it is the organizer of all actions and certainly the main character too.
We rather cheerfully spend time together.
As you think, how would put
Has changed, if I have arrived to you and was with you? What is the time
We would be together. I would like, that we would spend time together,
Could enjoy our love and passion, kisses. Would like, that
We every day would wake up in embraces of one another.
As you think, how there will be our first kiss. I
I think, that it will be fine. I can feel your love and yours
i?eeanaiey, your tenderness and passion. I very much would wish to try
Your kiss. I am assured, that it is fine.
Do not worry please,
How to appear free minute or I simply I shall start to miss on you, I shall necessarily write.
Up to a new meeting,
Your loving Irina
While, While.

Letter 11

Hi my dear, it Irina.
I am glad to your letter, I very much miss you, and I think of you
Constantly. You always in my heart. I feel, how my heart
To knock, when I think of you and to me it is good. I do not know that with me, I
I do not understand, that occurs.
I hope, that you understand that I feel to you. I do not know
What is the love, and I feel, that to you at me other attitude.
Other feeling. I do not know how to describe it, but I think, that it
You likely have very beautiful places.
Your house to be far?
Near to what it is?
I on the sea was only once.
When to me there were 17 years, I with parents went in Krym,
In city Sevastopol.
I liked this trip.
We lived in sanatorium on seacoast, in very picturesque place.
I then have for the first time seen a present palm tree,
The truth bananas on it do not grow, heat does not suffice them.
Sevastopol beautiful city, I liked " Columns quay "-it one of beautiful places in city.
About this place, it is direct in the sea, there is " a Monument has sunk to the ships ".
It is interesting to you to hear it?
I shall continue to tell it.
Directly in the sea the heap of stones, on them costs a column, and on a column a greater stone bird.
Me the huge quantity also has amazed a landscape and with what not Compared appeal of gold beaches,
Where I spent a lot of time,
Under beams of the sun.
And what there evenings, the rustle of a crone of acacias and gentle sounds of birds did each my day of stay there, simply not forgotten.
But most of all to me celebrating day of Navy fleet was remembered, it is celebrated on last Sunday July.
As Sevastopol it first of all base of the Black Sea fleet of Russia here celebrating of this day has reached the greatest scope.
Beautiful, tightened also build sailors in ideally smoothed out form have filled avenues and lanes of nice southern city.
Then I was very impressionable child, and now probably have remained such,
This day I have remembered that up to the smallest details,
And word Sevastopol associates with these memoirs.
I feel, precisely I feel, that I love you. I as wish to know, with
What feeling you concern to me. Tell to me. That you think
About me? What you feel, when you read my letters? I am not assured of that,
That it is love. That, which I searched. I am not completely assured. But I
Precisely I know, that you that the man with which to me it will be good. I
I think, that you of whom I dreamed since the childhood. That prince on
White horse whom I waited all life.
I hope that you will not force me to look forward to hearing from you long.
I miss you and your letter.
Very much......, Irina

Letter 12

Hello my dear!!!!!!!
I am glad to receive your letter. I am glad, that you understand my feelings, and I
Is glad to learn yours. Your letter has again warmed my heart. And I am glad, that
It is familiar with you.
You know,
Today at night I dreamt.
It was remarkable because I saw you.
We with you were on island and all world belonged only to us to two.
The sun was so bright, that blinded and burnt the beams.
And water was blue and transparent, and we laid on sand,
And I knew that it is necessary to me to stretch a hand and I to touch to your hot body.
There were no cares, and we enjoyed the friend the friend and made love over and over again,
Opened the most secret places to deliver pleasure.
It was a remarkable dream!!!!!
I know, that if something to dream it because it want.
And I understand, that I really very strongly wish it.
I trust, that sometime it happens, and the happiness overflows me when I represent it.
I send you the most gentle and sweet kisses, and I hope,
That they warm you and your heart, and you feel better. You
Looked at the sky? Saw stars? I send you so much kisses,
How many stars in the sky. With each star and if you will look on night
The sky they will begin to sparkle to you, transferring my kisses.
I wish to be with you very much and I hope, that you feel as.
Write to me more likely, I shall look forward.
Your lady.

Letter 13

Hello my dear!
You know, I at all do not wish to think, as well as of what, I shall write.
It as if in a dream.
I am completely given the sensations and slow movement of own fingers on the keyboard.
They will write everything, that I feel, and that I wish to transfer you.
So it is interesting …
I miss you, and I wish to be with you and only with you.
Looked yesterday at stars? You have received my kisses? I have recollected history about
The volume, that when the person is born, there is a new star, and when
Dies, one star falls. One star - one life. I looked
On the sky also searched for our stars. It is very interesting to me, that occurs,
When two persons, enamoured one in another become together?
How you think? I think, that they are united. Also become
It is more and more brightly. I hope, that written English you understand mine and
You understand my feelings.
I simply print that occurs ….
In a breast such fluffy feeling, because, that somewhere beside, or far is the native person.
Sometimes I even almost physically feel your presence.
Today I went on an apartment and for some reason it seemed to me, that I shall come, and there you….
This idea became such pleasant, that I at all did not begin to dissuade myself, and on the contrary,
Began to represent, that I would make, it appear you actually at me …
… I have recollected your smile and at me in a breast have intercepted breath and there was a sensation of inexpressible happiness,
It completely fills me …
I would throw the arms round to your a neck from a threshold, you would embrace me strong and gently as soon as you one are able,
Also would kiss so quiveringly as soon as it can be.
Even for an instant I cannot present, that I shall begin to do, if I shall lose you.
You for me are more, than all my life.
Sometimes to me to become terribly,
Because up to a meeting with you I did not think, that the person can SO TO FEEL!
So fine feeling grows in me, that sometimes it ceases to seem a reality.
And, nevertheless, the reality is severe to us.
The truth in that the human world is rough and ruthless to tenderness,
It cannot admit existence fine without its contrast,
And then I appear as if in a sticky dense fog from which at times to not get out …
But you, you so magnanimous, that, not deliberating, give me the boundless heat and breadth of soul,
Such about which shoot a film and write books, you give me tenderness which people store and preserve from another's.
You open to me eyes on that,
That I could not see and notice earlier in any way,
In spite of the fact that it was beside.
I am grateful to you for it.
And let by parting I shall feel the strongest pain and disappointment,
For me it is not so important in fact at me there is you.
I hope, you too will accept all tenderness which I can give you, everything, without the rest …
Your lady



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