Romance scam letter(s) from Anna Kurshakova to Patrice (Belgium)
Letter 1
Hello Patrice.
In this letter i'd like to give you more information about me. i'm 29 y.o. my weight is 54-56 kg and i'm about 171 cm high. i'm trying to keep fit so i'm in good shape. I live in city Kazan it is in european part of russia. i share the flat with my daddy and brother. i work as a teacher of art learning children how to draw. i love my job. it gives me a good chance to communicate with children as i don't have any myself. that's why i want to meet a person to create a family. I dated a person from russia but he deceived me. i found out that he had serious relations with another girl. that was rather hard to me.. . i don't want to deal with russian men anymore as they do respect women and very many of them are alcoholic or drug abused you might happen to know... i tell it to you because i want to be honest with you. i don't want any misunderstanding and mistrusting. i don't trust people since that but i'd love to try with you. i try to follow a proverb "don't wish a person smith you don't wish to yourself". it would be perfect if all the people followed it. i hope you understand my letters because i'm not perfect at english. i understand pretty well, either i can talk. i like this language i studied it at school and later at university. i try my best to have a good command of english. i think it's enough for the first letter. tell me what you think about all this. if you want to learn more you can write on my mail. i'd be very glad if you did so.
look forward to hearing from you
Letter 2
Hi my new friend Patrice! this is Natalya!I'm so happy to receive a letter from you. Franckly speaking, I didn'thope that such a man as you're would answer me. It's very pleasant forme! Now i'm going to tell you about my hobbies and interests.I like plenty of things. My favourite colour is a colour of red roses.I'm fond of reading stories about love. I'm rather romantic you see. Ilisten to different kinds of music. It makes no difference to me. Butthe music must be beautiful. I like classical things like Beethoven(especially " a lunar sonata "). Also I go for "Roxette", Celin Dion,Madonna. And I like "Scorpions", their song "The wind of change" makesme cry. At the same time i listen to pop music i like Avril Lavin"when you're gone" that's a thing! Sjmetimes i prefer R&B you knowJustin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado. Very rythmical music. I don't go todisco clubs often i prefer staying home making myself comfortable onthe sofa in front of TV.I like "Beautiful woman" with Julia Roberts. This story is worthadmiring. I'm fond of films where love wins, it is so touching! . Ialso love films about residual friendship (" We were the soldier ","the Blade ", " the Brotherhood of the wolf ", "Gladiator"). From acomedy I love comedies where plays Jim Carry: his unforgetable "Mask"," Silly and still Silly ", also love film of " Criminal literary dust"and film with Al Pachino " Aroma of women ". Have you watched them?What do you think about "The house of evil-1,2,3"? I watched them butthere're too many violence there to my mind. As for the leisure time,I keen on sport as i've already told you. I love tennis and badmingtonin the open air. Also i like swimming and just sunbathing. It's nicewhen you want to relax liying on the beach.When winter begins it'srather cold here. Children go toborganning and snowfighting. I'm fondof skating and skiing when the ponds are frosen over and the air isfresh. I also enjoy dancing. It's a wonderful way to have time. Yousee i'm a bit romantic so i'm fond of travelling though i can't affordmyself to travel a lot. I love sunsets and sunrises. It's amazing! Ilike reading, and I love children very much, and because of this Idreamed to become a teacher when i was a little girl. When I have freetime, I like reading. I love different books: about love and aboutrisk, sometimes I like detectives. My favourite authors - in generalfrom the Russian Literature are for example, Chehov, Turgenev andTolstoy.What do I wait from our correspondence? I'm a gentleandsociable girl. I want to be loving and to be loved. I wanttoreceive care and attention from the person I love. I'll givehim allmy tenderness and love. I'll admire him and our love.I want to share aremarkable life with beloved and all my private thoughts. I would liketo share all my private secrets with him. I search for the reliableand honest person, which loves me and estimatesme. I'll stay by himevery second when he requires me. I want to have steady family andchildren. I'll be a my family. I think, that the family will be for methe most important thing on the Earth. I search for the person whowill be mybeloved, my friend, my husband, and father of my children.And I wish my dream come true. I really dream from the future steadyfamily. I'll be a happywoman with such a family. But I should add herethat children are very important, but, first of all my attention willbe devoted to my husband as children become the adult, and, they willwork independently, while a husband - a unique person with whom I'llstay for the whole my life.My city KazanThe Kremlin - pride of capital of Tatarstan. It is unique in the worlda living Tatar fortress, and today serving by the center of statehood,and also the most southern sample of the Pskov style in Russia. Weshall find traces of all epoch, works of many generations ofarchitects in a stone of its constructions, centuries. Deeply underthe ground lay today ancient and shaft, the rests of wooden walls ofthe most ancient Kazan which has gone through new blossoming in XV-XVIcenturies when the rudder of government had khans of a broken upGolden Horde. The Tatar capital which has stretched around of highcape Kazanki, was one of the most beautiful cities of the Volgaregion, and Kerman (so referred to then a fortress) - itsunapproachable stronghold. It was the powerful construction reliablyprotected by high walls, towers, with many boundaries of defense. Herewere placed the government and religious leaders of the state, and innorthern part towered with the area before it. One of the brightestarchitectural constructions of the Kremlin dominating over a panoramaof city and riveting attention from any point, under constructionmosque Kyl shrif is. General idea Kyl shrif, worthy to be declared inits architecture, its historical value as main mosque of Tatarstan andthe Tatar people reviving the statehood is. Other leading idea- memoryof defenders of Fatherland. The idea of a temple as forms of thepolitical declaration is not new in history of architecture. Arethose, for example, Vasily Blazhennogo's cathedral in Moscow andMohammed-??? mosque in Cairo. Both these buildings which have appearedduring the critical periods for the states, dominate over a silhouetteof capitals, differ symbolism and forms, singularity of architecturallanguage. The complex of mosque Kyl shrif will be not so much cult,how many a cultural-educational complex and a centre of science: TheMuseum of Islamic culture of the Volga region, Museum of the ancientmanuscript are included in its structure with a research part,library.Here i would like to put some questions:Have you ever had serious relationships? If so, why did it stopped?Have you ever been married? What do you dream of? What is your perposein life? What do you expect from our relations? What kind of people isyour wife to be? I'd be very glad if you answer me. I hope that myletter is not too long. Didn't you get tired with reading it? Couldyou send me more pictures? I hope you understand what i write you.Hope to here from you soon! Yours sencerely, Natalya.
Letter 3
Hello dear Patrice!
I hope I can call you a friend because you seem to be a very niceperson. So I'd like to continue our correspondence to know you better.I feel you're the one I could have serious relationships with. I mustconfess therer's a new feeling in me.I remember it since I was in love for the first time. When I was 12, Ifell in love with one boy as it often occurs in school, but now whenhe became an adult he drinks a lot and is completely unreliable.Unfortunately, alcoholic drinks are an unresistable temptation formost of our guys. I don't understand it at all. I don't like having alot of drink, I don't smoke either. Though I can have some wine onparties. I prefer red wine. What do you like?I'm a person who desire to find true love and I believe that for allof us there's our second half in this big world. The only thing wehave to do is to start listening to each other. I'm so happy to meetyou, I want you to understand that I begin enjoying my life since ourcorrespondence. That's true. Patrice, all I want to tell you - you are anincreasingly interesting person and I really would love to becomesomeone you will trust and support. I'm a kind of person who makes herchoice only once and very seriously. Hope you understand what I mean.If you want such person to be with you till the rest of your life, youonly have to believe me , to try to understand me and to support. Ithink that you won't decieve me? I only need respect and estimation.You know today I was going home with my friend (she works with me) andI saw a pair: a boy and a girl. They were so happy! They were huggingeach other and smiling. I tought of you immidiately. If we wentwalking like them, everybody would envy us. I admire the ability ofpeople to love till the end of their days . You know I'm romantic, Ilike watching the stars and just the sky. Sometimes I wish I could flyto touch them. I'd be so happy if I meet a person who will care of me.Unfortunately, there's no one here. But luckily I met a girl whoadvised me to try corresponding via I-net. She helped me and I choseyou from thousands of men. You can see how I look like on pictures Isend you. Write me what do you think of it. If you don't like smth ,tell me honestly because I don't want us to have secrets from eachother. I won't take offences. Tell me more about you: your family,friends, hobbies. I feel crazy about you, I want to know more andmore! I think, that then our relations can become really serious andwho knows, probably, for ever. Write me back as soon as you can.
Have a good day!
Letter 4

Hello my best friend Patrice!
Thanks for the letter back and for the shown interest in me. It is very pleasant for me, that you do not forget about me.I think that we're becoming good friends. I feel that our friendshipbecomes stronger every day. I'm glad I wasn't mistaken in you and I'lltry not to disappoint you. You know during this small period ofcorrespondence as you have already understood you became a part of mylife. I'm getting very upset when I have no new messages from you. Butif I have a new one , this really makes my day! It makes my spirit goup. I would like to tell to you about my family.My brother works in the furniture industry as a joiner. His name isAndrey. He is 31. He joins different parts of wooden furniture . Iwould call him "golden arms".I also have a grandmother, she is already in her middle eighties(84).When I was a little girl, I used to come to see her on holidays and insummer. I enjoyed staying with her and my grandfather a lot. He was 5years her senior. After his death granny's health worsened badly. Wetried to persuade her of moving to our place but she doesn't want to.She says she'll stay where she was happy with her beloved . We respecther feelings and we wouldn't insist on it but we simply worry abouther. My father works as a bodyguard in FSA ( Federal Security Agency)so I can't tell you more about his job- it's a secret even for me.Sometimes I behave childishly, I'm simply too trustful. So it's easyto deceive me. For example, I never go to buy things to the market. Ialways buy things by more expensive price than they cost. So I usuallytake a friend of mine with me. When I have free time I like be sittingsomewhere thinking about various things. I like dreaming about futuremaybe you are laughing reading it but I'm rather thoughtful person. Ilook at the world through the pink-coloured glasses. Perhaps, it isn'talways good. I would like you to write me more about yourself not onlyabout your passtime but your character, feelings. What are yourfeelings and intentions to me? I-net is a greatest achievment ofpeole. Due to it I have met such a nice person as you are. Isn't itamazing that two persons can talk to each other like this? We are sofar but I don't feel it. You seem to be so close when I read yourletters! Patrice, tell me how are you? Are you busy all day long? It's sobad I have no telephone! It's a problem in Russia unfortunately. But Isimply have to hear your voice! Maybe I would be able to call on yournumber from somewhere. I can't wait to talk to you personally!I always think of you. It makes no difference wether I work or free.I think of children, they are very important. Children bring happinessto our lifes. It's our aim to grow then as good-natured, kind andhonest persons. We should be examplary parents for them and show goodmoral traits of character. I dream of meeting a person who will be agood father for our children will take care of us and will be the mostloving man. You see I share all my dreams with you because I trustyou. Sometimes I think That I have met a person who will bringkindness and tenderness to our family. Patrice every day I wait for yourletters and miss you terribly. I write you with huge pleasure! Have anice day honey!
Write me please it's neccessary for me like an air.
Letter 5
Hi my tiger!
As usually I was expecting your letter with impatience and I'm happyto receive it! I hope you're not against my callang you a tiger?My frinds at work say I became absent-minded as if I had fallen inlove. I don't know what to tell them bacause I don't completelyunderstand me myself. I can't think about something else but you. Patriceyou've really became a part of my life and I can't imagine my lifewithout you now.I won't live without you I'll just survive somehow. My feelings to youare really very strong I want you to know this. I'd love to meet youto talk to you face to face. It differs a lot from correspondence youknow. My brother always ask about you.He knows that I wonna be withyou and he wants it too. He wishes happiness to me. And to you ofcourse. In yout letters I find smth I couldn't find in other men .Every time I receive your letter I feel much happier than before.I can't help thinking of you. You're so kind, intelligent andunderstanding... I admire you but in letters I can axpress nothing. Ifeel I'm so poor at english. Recently my brother asked me if I hadgone to the marriage agency but I anawered thee were no need in itbecause I had already found a man I wonna be with. He says you're areliable and honest person and I could be happy with you.I must ask you one question. Do you consider our relationships to besteady? I want it so much! You have to understand me correctly, Idon't mean taking you for granted, no. I want to be confident in you.It doesn't mean that I don't trust you. Just tell me what you feelabout me.My hear beats harder when I think of you . I thinkI'm becoming like acrazy little girl raving love. First I was afraid to confess in it. Ithought you would laugh at me learning it. I mean my feelings. BecauseI know nothing about your feelings. You may say don't know each otherwell enough but during our correspondence I began trusting you. Idon't keep my feelings inside coz I see you won't deceive me. Even ifI tried, I wouldn't be able to do it. Now I'm not shy to confess - I'min love with you Patrice and I'd love to spend my life with you. I feltill at ease telling you it but I hope you won't break my heart. Look forward to your letter back.
Forever yours, Natalya.
Letter 6
Hello my precious Patrice!
I hope my previous letter hasn't cause your confusion.You might be surprised "Why is she so impatient?" I'm answering youthat I couldn't hold these feeling in me anymore so they escapedoutside. I didn't know how to tell you about it and not to look like alittle girl who has fallen in love with a prince on the white horse. Iwas afraid you wouldn't understand me. I've never felt this waybefore. I think God created you specially for me, and if you evenwanted it, you will be the only man I would belong to. You lettersalways bring comfort to my heart when I remember we're so far fromeach other. Those moments you seem to be so close to me. I'm sure thatit'll be always warm and comfortable with you even in the coldestweather. I believe you are the man I've been searching for all my life.. I'm so lonely here without you, I miss you terribly! I hold all yourletters with me printed. And when I feel lonelyness I read them andrealise that I'm not alone. That makes me a little bit happier.Sometimes I think if we met somewhen and stay together even forseveral minutes, it would be the happiest day in my life. That's theonly thing I desire. Is there any way for our meeting I wonder? I wishit was possible... Tomorrow I'll go to one of the travel agencies andfind out about the possibility of travelling to your country. I mustask you before- do you object my coming to you? Let me know what youthink of it, if you like the idea of my coming over there or not.To love all ages are obedient. I completely understand your characterand it makes it quite easy to me to open all my heart and thoughts toyou. I believe there're four sourses love depends on: these'reunderstanding, trust, honesty and respect. These are the mainprinciples of love and I think noone can create love without them.Maybe I write you too much about my thoughts but I want you to knoweverything about me. Of course, when two people love each other theycome across some problems, misunderstanding and disappointments. Butfinally they come to compromises and the Big Victory what is Love andTender Family. If you have love in your soul, you don't need anythingelse. Love overwhelms you and the only thing you need is to make yourlover happy. I think everyone desires such relationships. I would beso happy if you could call me you great love for ages!If you doubt abot me, you should tell me immediately. Maybe I say smthyou don't like and so on.It's important to be honest with each other.I'm confessing I have no reason to doubt about you. Your letters arefilled with such tenderness and support that I can't help trusting youin everything. I can't but say you're the most wonderful person I'veever met.I started feeling something more than friendship to you much beforebut I was afraid to confess in it even to myself. It's long time ago Ifelt a warm feeling of love to you I guess. I'm waiting for yourletter with impatience.
Tell me about your emotions.
With greatest tenderness,
Letter 7
Patrice, I'm so pleased to see your letter!And I think you'll be pleased to see mine also.I'm okay, work takes all my time but I'm not against- I love it.Otherwise, I 'd feel boring. I'm always happy getting a new letterfrom you. The only thing which makes me upset is that I can't writeyou as often as you write me. But I wish I could. I'd like to talk toyou all the time but you know it's impossible for you and me,unfortunately. I'm so thankful to you for your writing me. Yourfeelings to me are very important. I'm glad that both of us feel thesame way. It brings sence to my life and hope for better times. Ialways check my mail box expecting a new letter from you. I live withthese expectations. I dreamed of you a lot. I imagined I was talkingto you holding your arms and looking into your eyes. I'm absolutelyhonest now, that's true and I don't want to hide my feelings . I likedreaming very much. I don't know, perhaps, it's not good but I'm aromantic person who likes to dream.Since I was a little girl, I dreamed very much. I remember pretty wellour techer in school telling us to forget about our dreams becausethey won't do any good to us. She used to say "Draming brings onlypain and disappointment when you realise that they are not a reality"Perhaps, she was right here. Dreams don't always come true actually.Even if you do your best to reach it. It's insufficient I think.If you try to make your dream come true, it gives you a purpose inyour life. That's essential. Not everything depands on us in thisworld for success. There's a destiny. And I believe there's someinvisible power which makes events happen or not happen. But I thinkthat anyway you should live with a Dream. It brings Hope. You know- ifthere's a will there's a way. That's one of the principles of my life.Moreover, dreams help you to understand what you want from your life.You start thinking everything over, analyzing you behavior, choosingthe best way and making up your mind about your future actions. Andthen every success brings you so much satisfaction and hope that ithelps you to live. Even if it's a smallest step up to your Dream. Yourheart is filled with pleasure, belief and hope.It's better to remember your victories than things that had hurt youwhenever. That's why I'm fond of dreaming though they very seldom cometrue. I'm surprised i'm writing to you about all this. These are myinner thoughts. I think that's because I subconciously trust you.I've never had a person I could open my heart to, I could share myfeelings. But now you appeared in my life Patrice and I feel you'llunderstand me. I'm completely open to you and I want to repeat you area part of my life now. I must be honest I'm almost dreadful ,terrified with the thought I can lose you. Forguve me all my honestyand strengh of feelings. I'm sorry if I've offended you somehow orbrought any discomfort. Don't stop writing me every day if you can.I'm sorry I can't write you very friquently. I try my hardest, really.I hope you're ok and everything is fine. I'll wait for your letter.I can't wait to meet you.I'm still learning how to arrange all the documents to come to you.
Look forward to your answer. Take care, Natalya.
Letter 8
Hello Patrice, my love! How are you doing today? Hope everything is fine.I think that all people are lunatics in love. They depand on theirsecond halves completely. Love makes them behave like crazy people.Perhaps that's not bad. It causes strange actions sometimes. If loveis a poison I would prefer be given this poison every day. Only theperson who is in love can fullfill a bath with champagne for thelover, only he can give his beloved hundreds of roses and spend thewhole night singing songa for his love. That's the most wonderfulthing in the world. To feel that you need someone so badly that youcan't help thinking of Him every minute. To feel that someone need youto be able to breathe. Your letters are so tender and warm! I neverheard such words from anyone. I think that russian men simply don'tknow these word. Your words're so pleasant for me that it brings me tothe sky! Sometimes I feel so lonely here during weekends. I have gotsome friends but they're not you. Since I met you they are not enoughfor me. I can't emagine how I could live without you. You showed mewhat real life is, filled with emotions and expectations. I'm so happyI found you Patrice! I thought A person can live without love as I did. Ithought it's better not to love than feel hurt and humiliation oneday. But now I know that love can avoid disappointment. You tought mehow to be pleased with your life, to be satisfied with every day.Every morning when I wake up I think of you Patrice. And I know that noonecan hurt me because there's you in my life - so understanding andtender. I've been searching for a person who'll be worth trusting. AndI've found you finally. This person may be my second half I thinksometimes. I'll fill the emptiness in his soul, And in he'll be theone in my heart. Person needs several things to be happy and now Iknow that Love is the most important. I tried to find love here butiwas given only roughness and disrespect. It hurt me horribly.But inthe end I met a person who I can dream about future with. That's youhoney. Lie spoilts relationships. That's why I ask you not to deceiveme. You know - bitter true is better then sweet lie. I'm sure you'rean honest person and you'r not going to deceive me. Am I right? I hopeI am. I'm afraid of my heart being broken again. I really want to cometo you and to try to create serious relationships with you. This isessential now for me. I talked to the menager of the travel agency andtomorrow he is going to tell me all the details of my trip. He saidit's possible for them to organise my coming to you. They've alreadyexperienced such trips. I hope we'll come to agreement. This agencyseems to be very reliable. I'll write you tomorrow or the day aftertomorrow about our contract.It so is unexpected for me, that you would want that I became yourwife, I am simply happy, I do not have words, I in delight!!!!! MyANSWER: CERTAINLY I AGREE TO BECOME YOUR WIFE!!!!!!!!!! If love is rain, I'm looking for thunderIf soul is a ray, Im searching for sunIf loving heart is happiness, I waiting for you... Lots of kisses to you!
Letter 9
Hello my Patrice!
I think of you all the time missing you. You're so neccessary for methat it's difficult for me staying here alone without you. If only youhappen to know how badly I wait for the time I'll be able to read anew letter from you!Now I know I'm madly in love. I want to come to you, to hug you tofeel you're real and it wasn't just a dream. I wanna be yours. My dearPatrice I can't wait to be together with you. If we menaged to creatserious and trustful relationships, I would be the happiest woman inthe world. I like everything in your character. have very seriousintentions to you. After a long time I feel I've found someone who'llcare of me and support. I'm absolutely honest with you now and Ireally want to spend the rest of my life with you. My feelings to youare so strong that I'm scared to death to lose you. I appreciate youso much! I need real love, trust and honesty . I begging God to giveme a chance to meet you. I want to know you better and experiencehappiness. Maybe then we will want to creat a family and to betogether forever... I talked to the menager. He was very polite andhelping. I decided to sign the contract with this agency. I've alreadypaid them the first part of money for their service. That's for visaand all other neccessary documents for my trip. It was more then Iexpected. I thought it would cost about $200 but unfortunately itoccered to be $500 because of some difficulties I wasn't aware about.That's not a very good news. It means that maybe my funds won't beenough for the trip. I feel shy telling you it but maybe I'll needyour help with paying for the other part of the price. I still havesome money left: my own and my relatives'. I'll have to pay for theinsurence of the flight and for the tickets. The price of the ticketsis unknown now because travel agents have to make up my route. Theprice depands on the distance for expence. It's difficult for me toask you for help but I want to be honest - I don't earn much. I hopeyou'll understand me. I've never asked anyone for anything like thisso I feel ill at ease. The only thing that makes me do it is my greatdesire to be with you. I hope it won't be an unsolvable problem foryou. Our lifes depend for happiness on money. It's so unfair!So that's the progress of our meeting at the . The menager says theyneed further information about you: your full name, home address,calling number and the nearest airport to your city. I'd be verythankful to you if you could send me this information as soon as youcan. The sooner, the better.The menager says they are responsible for all the people going abroadusing their agency. After I give him all information about you he willtell me the total price of the trip. I'm sending you my address as anexample of what you should send me. Russia.republic Tatarstan. city: Kazan Kirova, st. 4, apt.36Postal code: 420094full name - Skrebatun Nataliya Kiss you my love! Wait for your letter!
Letter 10
Hello my dear Patrice!!! How do you feel? How your mood? I am glad, that we have found each other, that the destiny has united our destinies!!! I think of you every second and I can not be from you on distance. Remarkable dream as we have met today has dreamed me and spent together time as I got acquainted with your close people. Walked on city and you showed me the city. We enjoyed the friend the friend, embraced and kissed. Know that I intention are serious. Between us there should be a trust and understanding, in fact we are each other nice. I want to carry out and connect my life with favourite my person. It is necessary for me yours full the information (your full name, yours address and call number, and also city with the nearest airport for you) this information is necessary for me to find out full cost of air tickets up to you. I completely shall inform you on all occuring with my documents for arrival in you. Also I want know what time I can to arrive at you. I want to cast in the lot with you and with anybody more, you my unique and unique, I feel to you and you to me not without are various! I completely trust you, I believe in you and in our relations, we communicate already enough long time, our dialogue has developed of our trust each other, understanding, on our feelings which we test.

I shall wait your letter.
I like and strong strong I kiss Natalya.
Letter 11
Hello my darling!
How are you today Patrice? Is everything alright? I hope you're ok.I'm glad to read your message and to learn that I can hope on yourhelp in payment to the agency. Dear, I feel a little uncomfortablebecause I had to ask you for help. I always considered myself as anindependent person who can solve any problem. I'm so sorry I wasmistaken thinking I'll be able to pay for everything myself. But I'mhappy, that now there is you Patrice - a man who can come to help mein my life. After our meeting a lot has changed. Earlier I consideredmyself as a strong and independent person and it was pleasant to feelthat I can care of my life myself. And now I feel simply as a womanwho needs support. But it is pleasant for me to feel the support of aman who protects me from all troubles of life! Patrice, I have toldthe menager the destination of my flight. He considers that my tripwill cost me 1244 $, this price includes: The insurance: 250 $ dollars.The international passport: 240 $ dollars.2 way air ticket: from 754 $ dollars. I still have money after payment for the first part of my travelcontract. It is about 200$. And now it is necessary to pay about $1044in 3-5 days for the second part of my travel contract. I hope dearthat this money is not a big difficulty for you and you can help me topay it in 3-5 days. After I pay for my travel contract, agency will give me visa,international passport, the insurance and 2 way air tickets. 2 way airtickets are neccessary because the agency will have to inform Russianembassy in your country about my coming and the time I will staythere. Manager explained me that visa would let me stay in yourcountry for 6 months and then it will be necessary for me to go backin Russia and if we decide to be together for all our lifes then weneed to go back in Russia together and begin preparing my documents inBelgium embassy in Russia together. I hope that we'll come to Russiathen, I want to introduce you to my family, to my friends, to my livehere. It is wonderful... you make me happy, I can't lose you, I'll doeverything to be happy with you, I want to be happy in the end and Ifeel that finally I found my happiness. I want to be with you, you area very special person for me. Patrice I miss you so much! I think of us all the time and about lifewe'll have together. I want to spend the rest of my life with you sobadly!... I would give the PASSPORT ID to my agent that he started to legalizefrom me papers, therefore you will need to send money through bankWestern Union addressed to my girlfriend ANNA OZHIGANOVA, she hasagreed to help to receive to me your help.My love I now shall explain all to you as you my agent should send thehelp as has told, me. Patrice you should go to bank where there is amonetary system of translations Western Union you should send me thehelp for a full name of my girlfriend ANNA OZHIGANOVA as my passportID is at my agent , to tell to me the exact sum which you to me sendand to give control number (MTCN) which to you will give in bank. Allmy arrival up to you costs 1244 $ from them I has paid 200 $ and Ineed in your help 1044 $. I needed to pay this money in agency toarrive to you.Also I send the full information of my girlfriend: Russia. republic Tatarstan. city: Kazan Korolenko, st. 14, apt.11Postal code: 420014First name: ANNASecond name: OZHIGANOVAI hope, that you have understood all as it is necessary to send moneyfor my arrival. My visa lets me stays in Belgium for 6 months and I want ask you: howdo you think? how long will I stay there? I think about all 6 monthsand then we may go back in Russia together... how do you think?
I wait for your leter Patrice!
Thousand of kisses.
Your Natalya.
Letter 12
Hi my loved Patrice.
I am glad to receive from you the answer.
I today have arrived from the grandmother and have first of allchecked up your letter, I was glad to see him.The grandmother transfers you greetings, and is very happy for us withyou. Patrice I do not understand your mistrust to me, you that think Iwith you in what that is not fair? Well I have made a copy of mineRUSSIAN PASSPORT ID, now I think will arise what problems withmistrust.Patrice I think so if we have made such big step to our meeting, weshould trust each other, on trust and relations are created. When Ishall come to you that your friend will be probably surprised to seeme if he thought that I in what that am not fair with you.All this days I think about you. When I dream about us I feel betterand my mood rises!! We found each other in this world. I tell youabout my feelings because I trust you very much and think that you arethe man who will make me happy. I'll make you happy my dear. I showyou my heart as best I can. To have someone to come home to that wantsmy hug and kiss, who cares about my day and, shares her day is good.That makes for happy people that can enjoy their love making...It was my dream and I hope it will be true soon. I think you want tomeet me not less than I. I trust you my feelings, you can trust me allfeelings, dreams and thoughts about me. I want to tell you, I had asexual dream about us yesterday. It's difficult to explain by wordswhat I feel. I want to try it for real. You may thought about it? I wait for your help tomorrow, my agent already knows that I shall paymy travel contract tomorrow as soon as he will give me all detailsabout arrival to you, I shall tell to you, I ask you find time to meetme at the airport. I very much love you my future husband. Kiss you Natalya
Letter 13
Hi my loved Patrice.
I am glad to receive from you the answer.Patrice I am surprised, what you do not trust me, it so have affectedyou your familiar? I not so want to hear that your friend respondsabout me poorly.Well I shall send you pictures in mini-skirt, but Patrice I would wantthat you trusted me.To me to wait for your help today?As I have told to the agent that I shall pay travel contract today, Iwent to him and have told that probably I shall pay tomorrow.I enjoy every letter I get from you and re-read them every night. Iwant to share my life with you, I want to be always with you, to feelyour warmth and care. I am a very emotional, passionate, hot-temperedwoman and it is usual for me to show my feelings. May be it seemsstrange for you, we haven't met with you in the real life, we haveonly letters which I cherish but I have the feeling that we know eachanother for ages. Hope you understand me. The most important in therelations between two people, man and woman, love, of course, mutualunderstanding, respect. Two people should trust each another at first,understand, care about each another. His life will be my life and Iwill give him all my love, care and tenderness.
Kiss you Natalya
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