Romance scam letter(s) from Anna Kurshakova to Jose (Spain)
Letter 1
hello Jose I am very glad to receive your letter. I am glad, that you have answered On my message. It is very pleasant to me to understand, that I to you a little It was pleasant. I do such conclusion because you have written me the answer.
Now I can name you only the pleasant man. Because I You still at all I do not know, but at us it is a lot of time to learn
Each other. I the first had a desire to communicate with you. I
Has read all about your profile and has decided to write to you, you have answered
To me - I am very glad. I will tell to you a little about myself. I sociable
The girl, cheerful and cheerful. I think, that it will be interesting to you
To learn about me from my letters. I Russian, I live in Russia. My name
Natalya I like my name, I think it sounds
Beautifully and pleasantly. Now to me of 26 years. I live in a small city
medvedevo it even is not present on a Russia map. Because it very small.
But I like my city, it very beautiful, though also small.
In my city the big Russian river Volga proceeds. Here in some
Places very beautifully. I think, that you have to me 1 main
Question, why such girl how I, search for acquaintance on the Internet?
I the cultural and decent girl, therefore I search only for the serious
Relations. And I could not find the such in the small city
The man who would suit me. I cannot create with such people
The future family. I love children, therefore in the future I wish to have
Children, but only from the beloved. I think, that you a little
Know about Russia. But I to you will tell, that in Russia it is a lot of men,
Which often take alcohol. Therefore in the city to me not
It has turned out to find the worthy man for itself. I not the rich girl,
Therefore I do not have own computer in the house, I write
To you this letter from the cafe Internet. If you would like to communicate with me,
That I will be glad to see your new letter in the near future.
I will look forward your letter.
PS I ask you to send me your new photo.
Letter 2
hello my dear !!!!!!
I am very glad to receive from you the letter. I very much love you and I wait for ours with you of a meeting. I hope, that we with you a meeting will soon take place. I think, that you as consider.
My darling Jose today was in travel company on the ticket to me have told that the ticket costs 743 euro / my darling Joso I wish tell to you that I cannot to arrive to you because I would not have money what to buy it and me not who cannot help with this sum at me there are all documents for this purpose what to fly to you but at me there would be no money what to pay the ticket I do not know that to me to do I wish to be with you for Christmas and to be together with you I like what letters you to me write. It is very pleasant to me to read them. In them I see frankness, warmth after I will read your letters to me it becomes very good. Today I have come to Internet cafe and I had a free time and I have decided to read all your letters. I have re-read all your last letters to which you wrote to me about love. I took pleasure in your letters, to me was so well. When I read letters, I had a smile on the person. You to me write such sincere and frank letters, I feel it the loving heart. I wish to tell to you, that you completely reigns over my heart, I say you to thanks that you at me are, I did not have such fine and remarkable person as you and never will be. I you very much love also you I will always love. At you pure and kind heart and you have made me the happiest person on all planet. The love which we have developed between us never will end, because at us with you the present love and I know, that to us no obstacles and our love all are terrible will overcome. Our love for all life. I think, that you as consider.
I love you and I wait from you for the following letter.
With love yours Nataliya!!!
Letter 3
hello my dear Jose
I am very glad to receive from you the letter.
My darling Jose today I was in bank and learnt as you can send a remittance for this purpose what I could buy the ticket and to arrive to you in Spain it it is possible to make through the Western union to me have told it very conveniently and quickly I think all it will be good as I should know all your exact data. My darling today and all I have learnt into the account of the ticket I can already fly to you on Thursday the main thing to find money for this purpose what to buy the ticket. My lovely soon new year and I wish it to spend together with you after all I you I love and I wish to be with you. My darling I give to you all data
Name Nataliya
Surname Parshakova
The country Russia
City Kirov street Puskina 12-45
Index 42000
I very much love you and very much I want, that we with you were absolutely nearby that we could will touch to each other, I am glad, that I have you, my favourite person and I want, that between us there was a minimum distance. I very much like to read your letters as they are filled by love and warmth. To me it becomes very good, when I read your letters and when I understand, that I am not lonely in this world, that I have such fine man without whom I cannot live which is necessary for me. It is all about you, the darling. I very much love you and I want, that we with you were together. I wish to wake up with you, is near to you, all time cares of you, but while we I am far also I can not make all it in reality. We with you correspond long enough, and in due course ours with you feelings have become stronger also I has started to understand, that you that man without whom I cannot exist. I very much love you, I have understood it already from first our letters, I felt heart, that you and are that man whom I searched... I am very glad, that we could find each other despite huge distance between us. I very much am glad to it.
I love you and I will wait from you for the letter.
With love yours Nataliya!!!
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