Scam letter(s) from Nabal Salifu to Jose (Mexico)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend !!!!!
It is pleasant to receive your small letter to my individuality.
Riddik i thought of that as you can soon answer me, or is simple you will ignore me because of the big distance between us. But i am glad when has received your first letter. It would be desirable to tell small the note, that i badly could address with the Internet as i not i have experience in it but when i looked on profile which to me could to recommend earlier for a site of acquaintances, i could observe you. And has decided to answer you. I hope, that you have understood my first message. Friend it is very pleasant to accept your letter in my personal cabinet on place... I shall try to speak about myself more. In the answer that you could reciprocate...
Riddik, it would be desirable to tell a little about itself, my usual is Irina. To me 28 years, i never was married because it is very responsible the moment in a life, and i to it meanwhile am not ready a little. All because of that that i can not find the unique person which sympathized with me. As to my character, i think that i the counterbalanced girl, but happens such moments that i can be and quick-tempered when me afflict. I live with mum in two to room apartment. Also i have my favourite grandmother, which on days 78 years were executed, it is very big age. As to my father i not when could not see it. As i did not try to talk to mum about it, it not when did not speak me there is nothing that could connect with it. The only thing that i have from the father it surname. I live in remarkable city Zelenodolsk, it is located in Tatarstane. My city very beautiful but only in summertime of year.
It would be desirable to learn little bit more about you.
Riddik what works you have in the country? i children's psychologist the doctor in our hospital. I love the work as i have greater attachment to children. I do not know what to tell about myself but gradually you can learn i more increasing. Riddik you can It is more to tell about itself? I want more the nobility you and to understand as you think, some people speak that i the good psychologist, because i can always listen and help people good advice. This quality in to me my girlfriends appreciate. Me such question interests why you have solved to get acquainted on the Internet? Unless in the country to you will pick up sympathies? You observe little bit impudent question, what qualities in the girl?
Tell to me can you send for me 12000 dollars for my papers and trip with you?
You prefer send money for Western Union.
I with the big pleasure arrive with you in few days. Ask, that you will interest and all over i shall with the great pleasure to speak about itself.. I simply do not know what to tell about myself. That to you Interestingly? Riddik i hope i can receive from you the letter tomorrow.I send you a photo on as you on a photo could observe some my interest. As you could understand, i like to play on a guitar and certainly to compose some songs. In other photo, once i handed over on the rights, by this car. But this all in the past and only for itself.
My personal auto at me is not present..
When i shall come tomorrow to the Internet of cafe, i think that you can to send me it is more than photo? I shall wait for your letter.
Your new girlfriend Veronica Petrova PS: i think that you could understand mine english?
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