Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Ivanova to Patrice (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hi, dear Patrice! I am happy to get acquainted with you. Let me tell you about myself.
I live in Ukraine in Druzhkovka town,and i work as accountant.
I am seriously looking for someone to share my life with.. I will do everything I can make him and our family happy. That is what I want .
I am understanding, generous, communicative, adventurous, sensual. I can make a man feel special and can take care of his passions and needs. I have traditional values and consider myself a good role model. I enjoy listening to most music.
I like travelling, playing billiards. Most of all I appreciate in men intelligence , honesty, kindness and faith. It is the most important thing to have a person to whom you can come in any case and share with your happiness , troubles, joy and insults.
Patrice,i will give you some questions:
1.What do you think about love?Do you believe in true love?
I want to find someone with whom,for instance, I could stay with him quietly, being in his arms, we'd be listening to some music and looking outside towards the horizon and the sea, and just feel as if we were truly together and truly complemented each other... as if hour hearts were one. That's something that perhaps has been missing so far, i think that life is not meant to be lived alone, and very few people are lucky to find that person that makes them just give themselves completely to each other, to find a real love .I would like to write about love and my opinions. I think the life is meaningless without loving somebody. Do you agree,Patrice?
Always a chance should be given to love. Love is a magic that sometimes you make this magic to yourself. You accumulate your love inside by time,
then you meet a person and your heart starts to tremble.
i wait for your response with impatience.
And send me your photos Nadezhda
Letter 2
Hi, dear Pat! I am glad to get the letter from you.
I try to find my soul mate, my life partner with the help of the Internet and I have never thought that it would be so tempting to get to know a person through these means of communication.
I live in a small town, which is in the eastern part of Ukraine.
Pat, I would like to tell you about my family.
I live with my mum. Unfortunately my parents are divorced.
My mother is very nice woman. She is a pharmacist and works in some small chemist's shop.
Such job demands accuracy from the staff and wide specific knowledge.
I respect and love my mum for their kindness, honesty and friendliness.
I have many cousins who live in different towns of Ukraine, we meet each other often, communicate to each other.
I would like to ask you some questions, Pat, if you don't mind:
What do you value in women?
What woman would you like to see near you in future?
What I expect from man? Well, I'd like to find a man who respects himself, and others, loves his wife, but is also her best friend; and would put his family first in any situation. Enjoys being around others and friends as much as at home by the fire with me. Then again, he wants to go out for a nice dinner in the city sometimes. He has a sense of humor and just wants to enjoy life, but also knows when to be serious. Someone who is self-confident and will stand up for what he believes in. He is thoughtful and caring of others. He values communication, compromise, honesty and trust, he will love me as much as I love him I will close my letter to you here, I send you my warmest regards and I wish you to have a good day!
I am impatient to receive your soonest reply! nadezhda
Letter 3
Hi Dear Pat! I was glad to receive your letter.The main reason I try to find my soul mate through the Internet is because i want to start happy relationships with my future beloved man, i also do not want to be lonely, I want to be always with my beloved man. I must admit that the loneliness is the worst feeling.
A human being was created to live with his another half but not alone.
Speaking about my interests I can tell that they different. I like traveling.
I like nature and I think I will never understand people who never go to the country and always stay at home. I like sea and it is so pleasant to lay in the tender sun.
I adore cooking and some of my friends consider me to be good in cooking.
May be it is because I try to put my soul in all my dishes. Besides that I cannot imagine my life without music and my taste in music varies.
It depends on my spirits. I like to go to the theatre and visit museums.
Where do I see myself in the nearest time? I want to have my beloved man next to me.Pat, I want to feel that somebody takes care of me I want to press myself to your strong shoulder & fell happy. I'm sure that you'll do it without any problems & we will tell each other many tender words, nice events from our lives & even dreams.
I will make you happy, dear Pat,if we are together and start our serious relationships. My love does not have any sense without the man of my destiny. I am a romantic nature and life-loving, with a sense of humor.
I would like to meet a man who will value all my qualities. I would like to see a tender-hearted, loving, reliable man beside me. I hate being lonely so I want to meet a man who will be always near me. I want to ask you: What makes you happy?
What makes you sad? Where do you see yourself in the nearest time? I am waiting for your next letter nadezhda
Letter 4

Hi, my dear Pat! I want to say that I do like you,Pat, and think that we will have a relationship that pleases both of us, and that will especially be the case when we are able to be together.
People do tend to know who they want to be with even if they do not know all of the reasons for it.
Sometimes, it is a sense of well-being that is provided or it just feels right. And, that is what is happening here it feels right!
Pat,I think we would be a great match, I have always dreamed on working on one relationship that is such a strong union that know one could break it, that no distractions could interfere or weaken it. I would love a relationship where both of us would know each others feelings and be able to help and encourage each other completely.
I want a relationship where one can rely and trust upon the other completely.
This is something I know that I could give so much too as it is where my strengths as a person are. I think I am a great listener and comforter. I kiss you
And wait for your next letter nadezhda
Letter 5
Hi, my dear Pat! I want to meet you in person, as we will know each other better.
Pat,I feel that a meeting is the only way we are really going to know each other to make a final decision. I am really eager to see you in person and to touch you for real and not just in my dreams. Until think I think our correspondence with each other is vital so when we do meet we will feel we know each other. ‘Cause I want to know all I can about you. What brings you pleasure in life. What makes you sad. Everything, good and bad ‘cause none is perfect in life. I am also wanting to talk to you during good and bad times.
I want to come back home knowing that you are waiting for me, dear Pat. I would like to be able to sit down with you and have a nice dinner conversation or sit watching a movie on TV and cuddle, give kisses each other. I think about us sitting in front to the fireplace on a cool night sipping Champaign just holding each other to keep warm.
With gentle kisses and our bodies snuggled tightly together.
I have my vacation in april from my work,my chief gives me vacation, and that is why i can come to you in april, what do you think?
I kiss you
And wait for your soonest response nadezhda
Letter 6
Hi, my dear Pat again! How are you doing today? I am happy to meet you.
I take my vacation in this month and i can visit you.
I went to the office of the travel agency and I knew about my trip to you.
I was told that i need to form the international passport and travel visa.
If i apply for the international passport and visa tomorrow then this passport and travel visa will be ready in 5 -6 days. I should pay for the passport and visa 400 dollars.
I have no such sum and i have not ever been abroad and i will be appreciate if you help me so that tomorrow i would pay for these documents to travel.
you call me now dial the code of Ukraine-3,then dial the number which is 80663516234
We will talk about our meeting. I wish you a nice day, and i will wait for your letter and you call. i kiss you nadezhda
Letter 7
My dear Patrice,I am happy that soon we will meet and we shall be together.
Dear when i will come to you,you can buy me a short black skirt with long black boots,i will be very happy, and we together make photos.
I am thinking about our meeting, and soon i will be with you.
You wrote that you can send me money by Western Union, I called to the bank and knew about it in details.
The man at this bank told me over the telephone that to send me money you must know my surname and address, i will write you my surname- Skripnik,and address: Ukraine,Druzhkovka, Pushkinskaya street 50,26
At the bank they said that when you will send me money, you must write me the code by which i will get money.
You can send me money today, and today i will be at the bank to receive money then i will go to the travel agency to start forming the documents passport, visa for the travel. i kiss you
and i am waiting for your answer Nadezhda
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