Letter(s) from Maureen Williams to Michael (Ireland)

Letter 1

Hello dear Michael,
thanks for getting back at me privately..How are you doing? i am really so glad to read your email...Would love to meet up with you for a drink or dinner some time..But lets see how this goes with us..Dont worry we can do the business of antiques someday..

So, here is more about me. I'm 5'7" I have long black hair and black eyes. Alot of people have told me ve very soft skin. I love to experience new things and meet new people. I strongly believe that intimacy is a very important part of a relationship, along with honesty and trust. But, I want to know someone before I become intimate. After.I get comfortable with the person I'm with...then I want it all the time, hope you can handle it! hehe...

I feel a little weird looking through personal adds to meet a guy, but the ones that I've met at bars are usually just too busy tryi o act cool in front of their friends or putting on an act. Don't get me wrong, I'm an outgoing and social person but that scene is too tiresome.

I am originally from Poland but mom has been here in Ireland for a year plus, i relocated here to stay with mom as a result of the GrandMa's death last th,Though i am a week old here in Portmarnock but i like it coz of the nice environment.

Well, if you're interested then we should get to know each other better. Let's get together sometime? Maybe for drinks? Though i am a very busy Person especially now that i and Mom are about to travel to UK for art symposium next tomorrow being 9th day of May and we will spend some days before we come back to the Ireland, my mum use to travel to the shores of Af Malaysia to get some antiquise...not sure when I will have some free time, but whats your schedule like? Maybe we can figure something out..

talk to you soon

Letter 2

Hello Micheal
How are you doing and how was your night??am sorry for getting back at you late things are very difficult from my end and i feel so helpless at this point in time...now am been held hostage in the hotel because i can't come up with the outstanding bills of 900 pounds.

How wish mom is arround dont think i will be going through this hard time..i feel more worried about her were about hope everything is ok with her because she complained of weakness of the body..just hope she is fine and ok.please write asap..can i ask you for a favour??is there anyway you can borrow me the money??i promise to pay you back when mom's comes back..i dont want to sell my body to come up with the money..help me anyway you can i beg you in the name of God..