Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Bolt to Hector (Chile)

Letter 1
Hello my dear!
Dear, I am asking that the petition could not answer you earlier because I broke my computer and just today, I repaired it. I want to say immediately that I am very pleased that you drew attention to me, and I hope that in future we will be able to fully understand each other, because understanding is half the success of sincere communication.
How would it not sound trite but I hope that we will only clean, frank, easy, and most importantly sincere communication. In this letter, I would tell a lot about myself, particularly what's inside me. But in reality, I certainly would like to know more your inner world, in return for this I am open to you.
In fact, personally for me in a novelty search, and generally build a life on the internet. Tale more, I have never welcomed this, and quite skeptical about the people who are waiting for that either sitting in front of the computer.
But my opinion the internet has changed my best friend. She once met on the internet and communicate with a foreigner.
To be honest I am very discouraged her from doing so. But recently she moved in with him to live abroad. She constantly writes me and tells about what she really found happiness.
I am sincerely pleased for her, and what I thought it worse? Why not. I have not found your second half in reality, maybe I'm feeling lucky on the internet, because I really believe in love at first sight.
I am a girl without complexes, but I want to say at once that not one letter does not replace a real meeting, but the real meeting - this is the result of a long dialogue, and only after we know each other well, but understand that we are ready to do so.
I think that now is the time to tell a little about yourself. I was born and lived his entire life in Russia. I'm not a big city with a population of around about 900,000 people, but it is approximately 4 hours drive from Moscow.
Schools and universities, I also finished in this city, by the way I would not like to brag, but I graduated university with honors.
All his life my mother was brought up as a father, I do not remember, he threw us when I was not and the year.
I did not want to be the first to write a letter about sad, but it's part of me and my life, and I think that you will understand.
My mother now lives alone, I very rarely see her, a few years ago she moved to another city, she has a husband and new family.
I'm very happy for her, I very much love her and would like to see it as a possible bowl. At the moment I'm working on the specialty manager, but it is not paradoxical in the way before the crisis, our company should go bankrupt soon and I again have to seek work. By the way, I could never lucky with work, another first year I became photomodel, but then abandoned this career, realizing that much I do not reach.
But I did not drop Do not be upset, because I believe that everything is done for the better. Now is a period in my life that I do not know what to seek, my mother does not live with me, best friend went to live abroad, the work day by day to stay in Russia, no one keeps me and my capabilities are very limited. It may be that the entrance part of the unfortunate events for me, and the desire to be loved, gave me the idea to seek his happiness over the Internet.
By the way I really would like to know why you are looking for a girl on the internet? How long have you doing this? Do you believe in love at first sight? What is most important to you in family relationships? What do you most value in this girl, and I would be very pleased to learn why, and what I am personally interested in you? Maybe I put a lot of questions, but I just wanted to know as much about you, your inner world.
I look forward to your reply. Before the meeting, your Katia
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