Letter(s) from Cheryl Wiggins to Larry (USA)

Letter 1

Hi Larry,
How are you doing?I am glad to hear from you again..Let me tell you more about myself..I really do miss being able to have a warm hug and kiss after a long day at work. It is something that I look forward to again.Since my ex let me down, I immediately went into withdrawal from just about everything and everyone except work I had to continue to work, being single and having other responsibilities that go along with being single. It was then that I realized that I hadn't been taking care of myself. So I started working out again, and began to feel like myself again.Shortly after, I also realized that I wanted more in my life, companionship wise, so I joined match.com a week ago I think I mostly just looked for a while, cause I know how picky I am. In retrospect I am ready to start dating again when I joined. So, I kept going on the site and looking around.. When i saw your profile and its really caught my attention and touch the greatest part of my feelings, I can't say that I've met that special someone yet, but hopefully soon. I'm not into the club or bar scene. That's just who I am.

I have been through a lot dealing with my ailing mom and being her support system..
I lost my dad when I was only 13. He had a massive heart attack on a Thanksgiving evening after all the family was around.. I was his little girl and he was adored by all. It was so difficult to even talk about his passing for years for me. I learned the value of money early as I had to work while in high school to help support my family. I lost my mom after she went downhill after cancer. She was a wonderful woman and taught me how to love working with children.

We had two kids in my family with me being the baby. My oldest sister is 15 years older than I am, (passed away about 5 years ago) I have a great family and we love to get together although due to busy lives we don't do that as much as we would like.

I am not a drinker, never appreciating the taste for beer. I am a diet Pepsi and coffee drinker. I am an odd one since I have never done drugs of any kind including smoking. I am proud of that fact especially since I really do not want to waste any of the limited brain cells that I have right now.My favourite food..I like seafood,steak,mexican and italian...My favourite color is purple..When i am in a relationship i Like holding hands, couch cuddling, hugs and kisses, after dinner walks, telling him good morning and have a great day, a simple note saying I love you, or just opening a door for him when he return from work..Sex is very important in every relationship because its brings together two loving heart and bound them to each other...But it is called LOVE MAKING when it involves two lover.....
I have not been serious with anyone except my ex-boyfriend but it would be something that I am hoping for in the future. He was my one and only lover. I knew he came from a dysfunctional family before we started dating but I thought he would be okay with me at his side. He was pessimistic and I the ultimate optimist. He didn't like people but he did grow more outgoing over the years.

I am faithful, thoughtful, and extremely even tempered. It takes a lot to make me upset or angry. I do not like and will not put up with put-downs nor will I expect that of my mate. I am almost always smiling.
I just want someone who will love me even with my flaws, be there for support through thick and thin, have a positive work ethic, be honest to me, enjoy family, someone who I can be myself with, laugh with, be crazy with, and love unconditionally. I love a fun sense of humor, being silly, being quiet just enjoying the moment, taking drives to the mountains, ocean, or just to the nearby park. I enjoy silly things like balloons, fireworks, dressing up for an evening out, watching a favorite movie on the TV, and having my family over for dinner. I do enjoy cooking but my favorite thing to do is bake. I love to make pies, cookies, and cakes. I do have a sweet tooth but those things don't tempt me like ice cream and chocolate.

I live in the Vegas area. My house is small but it is mine.. I am not rich but I am able to support myself without problem. I am careful with my money but I do have one new vice. I just started getting my nails done as a reward for getting my masters program completed. I feel much more lady like with the silly french nails now. I always do my own hair so that is a huge splurge on my part.

I love to travel and I was lucky to be able to go on a cruise with my best friend who was my neighbor growing up. She was only 6 and I was 8 when we first met. She is still my best friend. She had a terrible year that year with her son almost committing suicide. He made it but she was so stressed that it was either get away on a trip or get a psychologist. She paid for my ticket on the cruise and we were in the Caribbean for 7 exciting, amazing days. I went to Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, and N.Y. City three summers ago
I think that is enough about me. Sorry about the blabbing on and on.I would love to hear more about you. Take care. Holding my breath to hear from you.
Warmest Regards
Thanks for making me smile,

Letter 2

Hey baby. haven't come back to you because I've been having a bad time so far. I didn't know this was going to happen to me. ,I went out for lunch, on my way back I didn't notice this kid crossing the road, so I ran into him and knocked him down. He bleed profusely and was rushed to the hospital. I'm so sad and in deep shit cuz the family are now on me. Everything’s been like a night mere for me, sweetie I have missed talking to you and have been thinking about you and how I was going to explain this to you .I’m sorry but I was carried away by the thoughts of when i'd finally be in my arms and how soon I'd love to rush back to spend the rest of my life with you Sweetie I'd call you in a shot while okay.. I just have to let you know what's going on. The Doctor would not commence treatment if I do not make an initial deposit, and I'm tapped out right now. I had just got done with paying for all my travelling papers and other bills and didn't know this would come up, now I don't know what to do. They will seize my papers if I don't do it, and right now I have to be at the hospital to check how he's health is...baby I'll be thinking about you more and will miss you.
I'd write you as soon as I return k baby

Letter 3

I am at the hospital right now and i am not really happy with my self, I am not my self so i couldn’t type well, I just want to let you know what happened to me on my way from lunch, thanks for your concerned i really appreciate it, right now everything is not fine with me and i really pray to God and you, i hope you understand that i have no friend since my ex let me down with my best friend and i hope you can help me out with little amount of money so i can make the deposit, the doctor want me to pay the bill's of $3,200 but i already gave him the $2,200 i have on me and he want me to balance him by tomorrow and right now am short of money if you really care to help me with the rest of the money or part of the money, i promise i will pay you back soon as we meet, please i don’t want you to look down on me because of the favour i ask you, i don’t mean to ask you for money before we meet but it was due to the circumstances surrounding me right now an i hope understand I am sorry for putting you through this and for bothering you with my problem.....Talk to you soon. I am missing you and thinking of you..
Love you and will always do