Scam letter(s) from Anna to Tim (Belgium)

Letter 1
I really appreciate your letter to me and I will try to be positive. I’m tall like a bird, with deep big eyes, with a Lovely hair, with deep and soft smile.(but I don’t like to tell such things about myself, I like that other people tell this). I'm a student of Pedagogical University. I study to be a teacher of English language and literature. Also I go to the courses of Nurse because I want to have some similar characters with my father, he is the medical assistant. I have graduated a school of translators last year. I know English on advanced level and a little bit French. My hobbies are my profesion. I like to read very much and also I like all what consists with medicine because I think that it's very noble to help other people. I'm looking for a man who will be a friend for me and lover for me. I think you will conquere me by your self-reliance, self-respect, correct and respective attitude to me. I will have realized you possess perception of outside and appreciate the women's beauty and beauty of love relation. Your romantic, tenderness and warmness will be aroused the feeling of love to you. I want to share with him grief and pleasure. I I think he will be my support and pleaseure. And I give him all my tender, warm and love which I can give and which are keeping in my heart withot nesessity. My favourite book is "Planet of People" by Sent-Exuperie. I think in this book is wroten all about life. About love, about human relations, about the sense of life. And especially I like such phrase as "We are response for all which we have tamed". I think this phrase is said too many. I am fidget. I can’t be lazy and I am easy to take part in any play. I like to go for a gallop, I like very much different kind of extreme sports, like parachute jumps, water skis. I like animals very much, especially dogs. I think that the dogs are the best friends for men. I had a dog which was calling Emma. It was a dog. I am missing her very much. I haven’t any bad habits such as drinking, smoking, drugs. I think it’s awfully. I’m sure that there are many beautiful and useful things in the world unless to waste time and health in vain. I think an ideal woman is woman who has her personal views, principals, intellectual wealth, firm purpose, and wisdom. She can forgive and understand. This is a woman who aims at creation warm and comfort in the house, who gives loved children and dear husband her care, love, tenderness. I’m not sure that I achieve such a harmony, but I want to be like ideal. Please tell me about you imagine of ideal man and woman. Who are you loking for?
What is your most important thing in the life?
I'll be waiting your reply.
Letter 2
After getting your letter I feel that you are very interesting and intelligent person.Its very nice I like your letter and want to communicate with you very much. If You want to know about my family. It means that you want to know about people who gave me life, who brought me up, who explained me what means everything in this world. I give thanks my parents. Those people gave me all what I have. My mother gave me my inside intellectual world, my own principal and ideals. This woman taught me how I can be a good housewife, how to keep house in clean, how to prepare delicious foods, how to be a patience and kind. I think my mother is wonderful woman. I think she is really can be an example for me in different matters. My mother is really woman who can forgive and understand. My mother gave me many warmness and love, which I will be carrying all my life. My mother is psychologist. She is 50 years old. She is very pretty and she doesn't look at her age. And this professional is really to help her giving me and my father advices in life. My father is example of really man. He is 55 years old. I want my narrowed will be similar to him. He is a medical assistant He rescues life of people. I think his professional is very noble. He taught me many very useful and necessary things. He taught me how I can be strong, how I can meet all difficulties and troubles which my life gives me. He always says me that I can love people and it returns me in a great deal. I love him very much. My parents taught me that I should be open and good-nature to people and on my life I will be met many good and kind people. But one thing that I think my parents miss is didn’t give me brother or sister. I am one child in family. Than I became more and more older I understand that I will be alone in this life without brother or sister. It is very sad and difficult. But I understand my parents. Life in our country is very difficult and expensive and to give worthy life and future two or more children is very difficult.
What's about your family?
And the most importtant things for me is to creare the good and strong family and to have the beloved man and the health children.
I will be waiting for your reply.
Letter 3
Thank you again that you didn't forget about me.What will be next you wonder Yes! I want to write you about my hobby. I hope it will be interesting for you. As you know my hobby is my profession. It' reading. I like to read different kind of books especially about love. I haven't yet love in my life before I had met you. But there are man are real knights and women are real princeses. Especially I like to read a historical novels about love. There are so beatiful!!! And sometimes I imagine myself in these situation, when I go with a real strong man who is my lover and support, who takes care me and tell me:"YOu're my queen". And sometime I think that I realy deserve this man who will come to me from my dreams and will be like from novels about love. And I like also to read classic romantic athuer like Daniella Still. Her novels always touch my heart very much,especially "Gift". I read them before I go to a bad. I have always been a good and correct girl. Also I like very much to read about different countries, about foreign people, about their habits and hollidays. I think it's very interresting. As for my profesional I should read classical books as my native authors either foreign. As for my native authors they are Taras Shevchenko, Lesya Ukrainka, and so on. Also it's very interesting to read some Russian classic writers like Dostoevsky, Tolstoy and so on. You can analise your personal behavior, you can compare your sitution of life an dyour desires and your emotions and so on. And also I like to help other people, to treat them and because of it I have gone to the courses of nurse. I think it's very noble profession. What do you think about it? What is your favourite colour?
Please write me all your thoughts and ideas.
You are really very unique man!!!!
I will be waiting your reply with impatience.
My 100 kisses!!!
Letter 4

Thank you again for your letter and your interest. I fell joy when I recieve your letters becuase my life is usual and grey .After our meeting in Internet it changed.Its not grey anymore . I get up every day and see my nusty town in which of its there are beggars and poor people. I was borned in place in which people are living very difficult. When I have met with my girl-friends and they began to speak only about their appearence and their clothes and their lovers which girls have never loved. It's all not interesting for me and I start to bore. I have thought about sense of life Very often. And I think about my loneless and how I feel bad because of it. I think that the God created the woman to live with one single man. The woman should be a good wife, she should born health beatiful children and give all her warm and love for her husband. But now many woman try to change this rule. They try to be independent and to work like men and to do all like men. But I think all it's wrong. The God know more of all us and we should obey the God. And I want very much you to colour my life, to allow me being with you and to give you all my tender and careness which I has. I think that the wise woman always can go to compromise with her loved man, also can concede to him.I think that the real wife will ba able to forgive and understand her husband. I think if more woman were patience and respectible for their man. I would like to know if you share my opinion about these subjects. My favourite coulor are red and blue the colours of love and happiness.
Letter 5
Again warm letter of you in my mailbox.
You know this letter was unforgettible Imagine yesterday I had the very busy day. It was a birthday of my father. I like to cook very much, to preapare and organise all family's holidays. I can say when I'm cooking I relax. I can put all my warm and love to the eating when I do it for my loveled people. The energy fulls me and I have done one to one dishes. I like to cook plov - it' a rice with a meat,fried potatoes, different kind of salad, than our national food is vareniki, golubzi, borsh, holodez and so on. I can't express how it can be at English, but if you want I'll try. Also I like very much to cook different kinds of betches, like pies, cakes, cookies and so on. And I like vey much when people are eating my cookies and saying "Oh it's very delicious. It's perfect." I think you will be like my cooking and I can to prepeare something from our Ukrainian cooking for you. Have you eaten ever vareniki or golubsci? Or anything like this ? Also I like to spend my holidays as you have understand with reading. I like to go sport. I think the phisical training is very nessecery for every person because it strengthens your health and keeps your body in good condition. I like swiming very much and I have often gone to swiming pool.I like go to gym club and go to callethenics and also I am joging in the morning. As for music i like every kind of music especially romantic music. I will be waiting for you as soon as possible. Please write me about what you like doing in your week end,what is your favourite dishes and favourite kind of music and sport. Do you like go to sport?
Your anna
Letter 6
Every day I go to the Internet cafe with big pleasure. Thanks for nice and kind attention.Look and Hear me now I want you to open me completely, to open me all your mysterious and desires. I am feeling a very big inclination to you and I am feeling you are so near to me. I want you to give a chance to enter to your life, to admit me in your heart and in your fate. I want very much you to allow me to say that there isn't your life and my life - there is only "our life". I want very much you my beloved man to recognize that nobody will love you so strong and selflessly like me. I will make all possible and impossible you to be happy. And I am really want very much to come to your wonderful country. You will be able to show me your favourite places. It will be so romantic. Now I have the holidays and I am able to come to you. My parents know a very good travel agency. And they trust them very much. Our family-friends travel through this organisation. This company is very reliable and has a very big experience in the market of travels.You can connect with the to organise my trip to you. Their e-mail is I hope you wil connect with them and we will be together very soon and enjoy each other and our love.
Your Anna
Letter 7
My darling man Happy to see you again
Look here, I want to see you so much please contact with tourist agency sending a letter to their email
I ask you to write them letter. They know about me and they will make passport for me. It is a tourist agency. They will give you all information about my trip to you.
I hope that you will contact with travel agency and then inform me about all details from it. I will be wait for your answer very soon.
With all my love and tender kisses,

Dear Sir!
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Yours,Yana Hnatenko
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