Scam letter(s) from Inga Loban to Karl (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello it is Inga. Well i' m new here and frankly speaking don’t know how to start our communication. But I hope you will help me with this. First of all thank you for your answer. It will be great to begin our correspondence and get to know each other better. I am interested in you and hope that you will like my features of character and we will become friends or even more! I will tell you a little about myself. So! I’m 24 years old. I live in the Ukraine in a famous city Kherson. I’m looking for an interesting nice man and partner. I’m very opened and easy going person who looks for something new in my life. At the moment I am living now with my parents. My dad is a miner, he is working so hard under the ground, but seems he likes it, but I really doubt. My mom is a nurse in the hospital for disabled people. Also I have a younger brother, his name is Andrey, he's 9 and he’s so nice!!! I'm very proud of him. I always try to help him in studying. My Mom says he gives me good practice how to bring up children. Our Mom is very busy with her work, so sometimes I think I'm already a young Mom!!! All my free time I do everything to relax or maybe just for fun. I have a lot of hobbies but my favorite one – figure skating. Three times a week i go to the skating classes, sometimes take part in figure skating competitions. I like to dance on the ice. At disco or even at home I like "move my body" at any time. I think I am a passionate girl that is why I like to dance. I try to be honest with people. I always do my best to be better. Probably, it will be interesting for you why I’m looking for my soul mate through the Internet? The answer is easy. Nowadays there are lots of technologies for nice communication. We can get closer and have a free correspondence. My last experience in relationship finished so lamentable. Anyway I’m here to find my future and not to think about past. I think that foreign men differ from ours by mentality that is why I would like to try it. I hope we will continue and become friends. Hope i didn't make you feel bored? I really hope for that! So, if you want to read for even longer letters - then answer me! I will write you! Maybe you want to know something about me? And please tell me more about yourself. Photos will be also very good. I would like to see you in your everyday life and to know about you, your family and hobbies.
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