Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Razina to Pablo (Uruguay)

Letter 1
Hello my honey!!!! Oh,my god, my emotions are overfilling me!!!
I can not belive that my dream can come true!!! I feel like a princess from the fairy tale and you are my charming prince!!!Or maybe we will compose our own fairy tale?!!
Darling, it is a really good opportunity for us to become closer with each other!!! Thanks for that wonderful chance my darling!!!But you must admit that you are doing it not for me, not for you, but for us!!! For our couple!!! You are so sweet!!!
You know I always dreamt to see your beautiful country!!!i remember from my childhood, i was reading some magazines about it, watching TV programs...and now you give me the opportunity to see it with my own eyes!!!Oh, i want to know everything...Traditions in your country!Your national cuisine!!!I want to see your daily lifestyle!!!it would be so nice to spend holidays with you!!!Oh, so many things to share!!!
But you know there are so many obstacles between us!!!You may be surprised but in our country it is so difficult to go abroad.Only rich people can afford going abroad on holidays. Unfortunately my parents are hard workers, they do not have means for travelling, neither do i!!!you know it is so hard to watch TV programs about foreign countries and realize that i do not have opportunity to see it in real. No!!!It was so hard, because now we are together!!!Well, i know that firstly i have to make my international passport!I understand that i had to do it earlier, when decided to search for the man from abroad in the internet. But i did not do it, because i was not sure that i make a go of my search.Just did not want to jinx my luck:)But i have finally caught this luck:)
Anyway all i know that to make a visa is very problematically and it takes some time!So I will go to the tourist company and find out everything about the possibilities to go abroad!!!Oh, i worry so much, honey!!!But your presence in my life helps me to be optimistic!i am sure that you will help me to overcome all the difficulties!!! You are my man!!!
Sweetie, I hope we will be together soon!!! Feel my kiss on your lips!!! With love, your Nastya
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