Scam letter(s) from Alina Sodava to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Thank you for answer! I am very glad to receive your letter!
I think we can become good friends and more than friends.
Now I will tell you little bit about me and my life.
I was born in Moscow and still live here.
As I told, I have traveled very much, and I can say that Moscow is not the best place in the world.
In the past, when I was study at university, I have lived short time in Europe.
Also, in university I have study english language. So, my english is very good.
Now I study german and french. For me always interesting to know something new!
I am work in privat company as manager. My company to sale wood.
You can write me anytime, because I have computer at work and at home.
And you can ask me any questions, will be glad to answer.
Will be wait for your next letter with impatience.
My best wishes, Alina
Letter 2
Hello! How are you? I hope you are well!
I will tell you about my views on relationship.
In Russia, especial in Moscow living self loved people.
They thinking about money, cars, job and amusements.
But do not thinking about people around, about partner.
Every woman need to love and be loved.
As I travel much, I can say that foreign man attentive and solicitous.
Therefore I have try to find my second half abroad.
I can say that I have receive very much letters from man.
But I am honest girl and I do not like play the game.
Therefore now I will communicate only with you. And I am waiting for the same from you.
I want to buld relationship based on trusting and honesty!
Also I will tell you about my family. My parents live in city called Bryansk.
I do not have brother or sister. My grandmothers and grandfathers has die.
My parents have dog and two cats. I like very much pets.
But I do not have this at my home in Moscow because I do not have time out from work.
Now I will finish and will be wait for your letter. My best wishes, Alina
Letter 3
Hi my darling!
I am just now come home from my work.
You know, I very tired after my trip in Bryansk.
But I am happy that I have seen my parents.
Yesterday we have great dinner in restaurant.
My parents very glad to be with me.
I have told them about you and they glad for me.
And now I want to ask you about meeting in real life.
Internet it is great, but people can know better each other only after meet.
From monday, 25 of May, I will have vacation, whole month.
And I will be glad to meet you in this time.
What do you think about meeting in the begin of June?
For me will be big pleasure to meet you.
As I have vacation, so I can visit you in June.
Let me know about your plans. I am waiting for our meeting with impatience!
Missing without you and thinking about you, my darling.
With all my love, your Alina
Letter 4

Good morning my lover!
I have been today in agence of travel!
And here was little problem.
The tickets cost very expensive.
As I told you, I have visa and passport.
I need only tickets.
But tickets to you and back cost 720 USD.
I have only 300 USD.
So, if you have extra 420 USD, can you send it to my travel agent.
My travel agent will contact with you in the nearest time.
I hope money do not will be problem beetwen us.
See you very soon.
With all my love, your Alina
Letter 5
My name is Sergey Zavoloko, I am main manager in travel agency Sigma Travel. In my agency today coming Alina Sodava and wanted to buy flight tickets. I have find for her very good proposal. The tickets with return tickets and tax cost only 720 US Dollars. But Alina Sodava has paid only 300 US Dollars. About other money Alina Sodava said that she will ask you. I think you have already speak with Alina Sodava and understand situation. You need to pay 420 US Dollars. You can do this via international payment system Western Union.
Information for payment. My full name is Sergey Zavoloko, full address is 254131, Moscow, Russia, Tverskaya 11, office 17. If you have some questions, you can contact with me by phone +7 905 1762831
Best regards, Sergey Zavoloko

TEL +7 4832 684092
FAX +7 4832 514996
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